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Asterisk is ported on OMAP.Beagleboard is used for this project provided by Texas Instruments. The aim of the project is to design a low cost soft pbx. The complete features of Asterisk is functioning.As beagle board is a powerful embedded development board it is efficient and highly capable of running full featured asterisk

The quality of call through asterisk on beagleboard is generously awesome and comparable in all aspects with asterisk running on PC.


The complete project documentation and configuration particulars can be found at wiki page of this project. Users are assumed that they already run an operating system(Linux) on beagle board. If not check for other resources and come back here. Regarding this project Angstrom operating system is preferred.


This project is hosted here to help beagle board users running asterisk on it. All the issues related to asterisk running on beagle board is tracked here.

Other Resources

This project is developed dealt with various resources. For complete resource regarding beagle board development click on beagleboard bring up. To know about asterisk click on Asterisk an opensource soft PBX.

Other useful links.,

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