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see also: holos

NOTE: svn is currently non-working! we're updating and changing some low-level base classes... we'll be back in a few days.. have patience

...almost done...


temporary doxygen docs (updated)

list of feature for axonlib v.0.1.0


  • c++
  • binary format abstraction for vst plugins and excutables on linux and windows
  • common look, feel, functionality among platforms
  • few external dependencies
  • compile scripts with simplified command lines for the gnu gcc compiler
  • tiny and compact binaries with no big, external libraries needed
  • cpu efficient, code prepared for compiler analysis and optimization
  • options to disable code or functionality that is not needed
  • flexible axl license, (generally gpl w/ exception for proprietary use)


  • builtin fast memory allocator routines (and leak detection functionality)
  • builtin routines for low-level string and memory manipulation
  • heavily optimized mathematical functions and approximations
  • intuitive debugging functionality & helpers
  • static and runtime assertion


  • hierarchial gui, flexible, skinnable, auto-layout, sizeable, moveable etc
  • resizeable window/editor (in plugin hosts as well)
  • low level gfx (gdi/xlib) canvas, surface, bitmap etc
  • partial support for antialiased, transparent lines
  • support decoding 32bit pngs from memory or from an external file
  • scalable, alpha blended bitmaps
  • mouse cursor shapes, hovering hints, mouse capture, modal widgets


  • polyphonic voice manager and event scheduler
  • modular audio graph with connectable dsp modules
  • rbj filter bank
  • basic oversampling container
  • chamberlin state variable filter
  • rms approximation
  • envelope follower
  • basic waveform generators


  • lots of included example vst plugins
  • simplified creation and use of parameters
  • easy host tempo/sync handling for audio and midi
  • can load external files directly from plugin folder on both linux and windows


  • basic read/write access for external files
  • utility methods for bit manipulation and conversations
  • scripts, stack-based, 4th inspired, rudimentary compilation (bytecode)
  • builtin, random number generators
  • mersenne twister implementation, customized for small binary size impact
  • fft implementation
  • much more...


video capture, gui test (win7, 30.apr.2010)

older video-capture test (13.apr.2010) (4.7mb)

standalone/vst-plugin library for linux/win32


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