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The main goal of this project is to share all ports, apps, ideas, drivers, etc... to create a functional uIP port for all (or almost all) AVR microcontrollers.

Hope to help and receive help!

This project is based on:

  • uIP tcp/ip stack from Adam Dunkels (
  • ENC28J60 driver by Pascal Stang
  • KSZ8851 driver by Ag Primatic, bug fixes by Andrus Aaslaid

This project is not the same as the uIP-AVR project hosted at

This project has included ideas and fixes from the uhttpd-avr project hosted at


At the moment SVN contains a working port of uIP to the following boards:

  • TuxGraphics (atmega168, atmega328, atmega644)
  • A project based on the atmega1284
  • A project based on the atmega644
  • A example project based on the atmega168 and ksz8851 network chip
Support for various other, or just bigger custom board, is meant to be added in the future.

Currently it's mostly a rewrite of uIP build system to enable multiple projects/boards to share the same codebase. Other changes to the uIP stack include:

  • Support for having multiple TCP apps in one image
  • Fixes for DHCP on noisy networks
  • Web server which stores most data in PROGMEM instead of RAM
    • CGI page system re-written to compile in only what is used in webpages
    • Support for per-platform webpage dirs


Buildbot is used to check that the code compiles for a subset of the platforms after every change is checked in. The results may be found at: (this location may change at some point)


More features, suggestions, etc are welcome just join the mailings list and start writing...

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