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Self Primitive Datatypes.
Phase-Implementation, Featured
Updated Nov 12, 2009 by

Self Primitive Datatypes


<!--#include file="JSON_latest.asp"-->
Response.Write toJSON(1989)


<!--#include file="JSON_latest.asp"-->
Response.Write toJSON("やあ")

date & times

<!--#include file="JSON_latest.asp"-->
Response.Write toJSON(Now())

single dimension arrays

<!--#include file="JSON_latest.asp"-->
Response.Write toJSON(Array("a","l","i"))

multi dimension arrays

<!--#include file="JSON_latest.asp"-->
Dim x(1,1,1)
x(0,0,0) = "threedot"
x(0,0,1) = 2

Set x(0,1,0) = jsObject()
x(0,1,0)("nickname") = "threedot"
x(0,1,0)("age") = 19

x(0,1,1) = 6
x(1,0,0) = Array(Date(), 19, "threedot", True)
x(1,0,1) = False
x(1,1,0) = 10
x(1,1,1) = "やあ"

Response.Write toJSON(x)
Comment by, Aug 13, 2009

above you said that json2 would have a json to asp object but I cannot see one in version 2.0.2?

Is it there? Is there an example of using it?

Comment by, Apr 27, 2010

Thanks for this library! Is really fantastic!

Good Work!

Comment by, Dec 8, 2010

Thank you for your library. You saved my day !

Comment by, Aug 3, 2011

thanks ,but can you make a json object to jsobject?

Comment by, Sep 20, 2011

json object to jsobject? JSON is a JS Object. Set your json string to a variable and you have a collection of objects easily manipulated...

Comment by, May 20, 2013


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