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This plugin is a simple wrapper around the Glassfish asadmin command and aims to provide maven integration for glassfish maintenance and administration.

asadmin-java-0.3 and asadmin-maven-plugin-0.3 was released on 02 23 2009

asadmin-maven-plugin-0.3-SNAPSHOT was deployed on 08 12 2008

A bug preventing starting/stopping a domain was present in the 0.2 release. A 0.3-SNAPSHOT version of the plugin is deployed in the snapshots repository for use before the 0.3 release.

asadmin-maven-plugin-0.2 was released on 07 20 2008

It added the following features :

  • Issue#1: support for maven projects with "ejb" packaging
  • support for (un)deploying to remote glassfish instance (thanks to Larry Sanderson that provided the patch)
The following issues were fixed :
  • Issue#2: asadmin is not found when only glassfishHome is specified and glassfishHome/bin not in PATH (thanks to streifi that provided a patch)
  • Issue#3: asadmin:start-domain hangs on windows (thanks again to streifi)

asadmin-maven-plugin-0.1 was released on 04 06 2008 it provides start/stop and deploy/undeploy/redeploy goals

To learn how to use asadmin-maven-plugin, go to the Usage page.

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