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Issue 584: suggestion to modify appearance of the locationbar
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Reported by, Aug 6, 2009
i wasn't too happy with the look of the locationbar, neither indicating a https connection (too light 
compared to white), nor the progressmeter (gradient, rect always mismatches almost any style due 
to the rectangular shape), nor color behavior (esp. on dark styles) 

therefore i wonder if i can interest you in changes more towards the direction as done in the 
attached <strike>patch</strike> <i>file</i>...
(i'm terribly sorry, but after "git commit" "git diff" irgnores the changes and "git format-patch" creates 
no output... i <i>hate</i> git :-(

if you're however interested in this direction i'll try to improve the patch (the current way is simple 
but not the most performant way to do it) and if you've any hint what i could have done wrong, i'll 
happily attach regular git patches next time :-(
Aug 6, 2009
#1 cebywan
git format-patch takes a commit as an argument. It will give a patch for each commit
after the commit specified. So to make a patch for the last commit do "git
format-patch HEAD~"
Aug 6, 2009
just (i mean this very moment the mail entered my inbox) figured myself (ok, i 
asked google...), but many thanks ;-)

so no attached is a usable patch =D
Aug 27, 2009
Project Member #3
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Oct 7, 2009
better patch i wrote some time ago ;-)
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