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Updated Aug 23, 2011

GPS Input

Instructions: This shows the output from the GPS module, which should be plugged in the GPS port on the ArduPilot board or shield. Typically, it will only be meaningful if you're outdoors, with a clear view of the sky. Some GPS modules will get sat lock indoors if you're in a wooden house without too many floors between you and the sky, but it's very unpredictable. Typically GPS modules require as much as 15 minutes to get sat lock if they're "cold starting", which is to say they haven't been powered on for a day or more.

Typical data:

Troubleshooting: If you're outside and have given the module time (at least 15 minutes) to get sat lock, causes for no data can include:

  • Problem with the cable (check to make sure the pins in the connector aren't bent)
  • Corrupt GPS firmware. Instructions for reloading the firmware are here: uBlox, MediaTek
Comment by, Nov 22, 2010

Help?! I am working on the debug with a group of students. We are using the Ublox gps from sparkfun. We were able to change the baud rate and had it giving real time lat long in ublox software but will not connect to the autopilot. We are plugging the gps into the v2 board the blue one. But the light just keeps blinking blue even when plane is left outside for and hour with clear sky view. What should We do? Any ideas why we are not getting a lock? When we run the other debugs everything seems fine. help?

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