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ArduPlane Instruction

June 2013 UPDATE: The ArduPilot manual has now moved here. The manuals here are for legacy hardware and will no longer be updated or maintained.


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Updated Dec 22, 2011 by

Sensor Testing

With MAVlink connected, move the APM board and you should see the artificial horizon move accordingly.

Remember how artificial horizons work: when the aircraft tilts to the right, the horizon tilts to the left. (Just tilt your head and you'll see what I mean). This is normal! Please don't tell us it's reversed ;-)

In the below example, the aircraft/APM board is tilted a bit to the right, and the full sensor data display is shown ("Tuning" checkbox selected).

Unless you have the GPS module connected, are outside and have GPS lock, the map will not show your current position.

Raw sensor display

You can see the output from all the various sensors by clicking on the "Tuning" checkbox on the bottom right of the display (circled in red in this image). This will bring up the graphical sensor display. If you click on the legend at the top of it (also circled in red), it will bring up a window that allows you to choose which sensors and data outputs to display.

Comment by, Nov 12, 2012

Hi, I've APM 2.5 with airspeed sensor. I'm beginner. Still in set up at home. When airspeed sensor is NOT active, if I put the board on te table, graphical sensor display of pitch and roll are stable, but when airspeed sensor IS active, graphical sensor display of roll is stable but airspeed and pitch are irregular +/- 1.5. If I blow to the pitot, airspeed goes up to +20 AND?? pitch goes down -20. Why?? (the APM board is still fix on the table). Is it normal??

Comment by, Nov 22, 2012

Hi DS... Since the airspeed sensor requires ram air pressure to function properly, it's normal to have small irregularities in the sensor's reading when air isn't being pushing (blown) into the pitot tube. These fluctuations will go away at speed. Regarding your downward pitching when airspeed is about 20, I think we'd need to know what flight mode you were in. I'm new to this as well though, so perhaps someone else can give you an answer based on the info you've already provided. (My wild guess: I suspect the downward pitch is the APM's attempt to reach your target cruise speed (by descending) which, depending upon your mode of flight, that routine may not be activate at near-zero (< 3 m/s) speeds. (??) Conversely, if the pitch was going up, I'd say that the model was trying to return to a slower speed. I'm guessing this might be relevant to your question since pitch controls speed and throttle controls altitude.) Good luck!

Comment by, Nov 23, 2012

Hi Quietsta, I've tried to flying on the field and it was PERFECT!. It maintain alt wery well. In nav mode it snakes a litle but it is the first time and I must trim the PID params. Best regards.

Comment by, Dec 9, 2012

hi plese help me. i startup my apm2.5 but i dont understand how to set dual rate the servo ??

Comment by, Dec 18, 2012

can you give me a file ,thanks you!

Comment by, Dec 23, 2012

I do not understand this "tuning": against what data am I tuning? I mean, which is the reference?

Comment by, Jan 20, 2013

Hi, when I boot up my ardupilot at my flying field the altitude shows 256m... Shouldn't it be zero? I have a minimosd and would like the altitude to display relative to the ground or relative to launch altitude, not altitude above sea level. Is that possible?

Comment by, Feb 16, 2013

Hi, on APM 2.5 the artificial horizon works using arducopter 2.9.1, but with arduplane 2.69, the artificial horizon never moves. What am I doing wrong? The GPS fix does work and I see updates on the altitude and position. But nothing else. What is the pre-requisite to be able to bench test the sensors on Mission Planner. Thanks for the help.

Comment by project member, Feb 16, 2013

@enerstat What board do you have? Please try the CLI tests of the ins from version 2.69 and compare them with the results in 2.68

Comment by, Feb 16, 2013

Thanks for the tip. I did the test on 2.68 and it all worked fine, then tried again on 2.69 and now it works?? I had never tried the ins test before, maybe this test fixed it. I appreciate the help. thanks again.

Comment by, Feb 20, 2013

Hi, I can report the same behavior as enersat had: APM2.5 + Mission Planner 1.2.35 + ArduPlane? 2.69 - The HUD did not move, although all the other variables were alive. ins in CLI did report correct attitude values though. I tried to return to ArduPlane? 2.68 and the problem was fixed. Back to 2.69 and the HUD works as well ... that is black magic:-)

Comment by project member, Feb 20, 2013

@ptr This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next few hours. See the 2.69 release thread for a work around.

Comment by, Mar 24, 2013


i have a problem with failing accel calibration showing me: calibration failed (-2.3 0.5 1.7 1.0 1.0 1.0) - what can i do ? please email me at:

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