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Issue 972: Ethernet won't work on a Current Cost Bridge platform for sketches compiled with v1.0.1 of the IDE
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Reported by, Jul 1, 2012
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open up one of the Ethernet example sketches
2. Build and upload it to a Current Cost Bridge device
3. Observe the Ethernet traffic

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Expected to see the some network traffic as specified by the sketch but none exists. The lights on the Ethernet socket (link & traffic) should be on or blinking, but they both are off instead

What version of the Arduino software are you using? On what operating
system?  Which Arduino board are you using?

Using Arduino IDE v1.0.1 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS. Using a Current Cost Bridge device (a custom Arduino board with an embedded Wiznet 5100 ethernet controller). 

Please provide any additional information below.

Jul 1, 2012
It's an Arduino Pro compatible board running on 3.3V @ 8MHZ AtMega 328. Using a STKv2 compatible programmer to upload the sketches using the ICP pins.
Jul 29, 2012
Project Member #2
This one:
The site doesn't SAY it's Arduino compatible, nor do they publish a schematic to check.  Why do you expect to be able to upload arduino-ethernet based sketches, and have them work?  (and why do you think it's an arduino issue rather than a CCB problem?)
Jul 29, 2012
Aw shoot! Apologies, I should have been more clear in my post earlier...

The bridge is based on the Arduino platform:

There are resources on the internet that shows you how you can re-purpose it. For example:

And also, I've been able to successfully develop software for this platform for some time now. My sketches use the Ethernet library and they work fine when uploading them with v1.0, but stops working if I upload them with v1.0.1, hence the assumption that the problem probably lies with the new release. Also, "Stops working" here means that the bridge appears to freeze around the call to 'Ethernet.begin(mac)'. (I know this because I've traced the sketch in my efforts to figure out what was going on). I also have did an upload a simple test sketch that didn't use any (additional) libraries and that seemed to work fine. 

Though it may not mean much, I should also mention that, in my feeble attempt to troubleshoot,  I've copied v1.0.1 Ethernet library code over a clean v1.0 installation and uploaded the Ethernet sketch using v1.0 and that seemed to work fine.

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