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Issue 218: IDE Error Check For == vs. = in logic compare statements
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Reported by, Mar 10, 2010
The IDE does not notice the difference between:

if (x=1) 

and the correct

if (x==1)

Just an enhancement.

Mar 10, 2010
Right, no compiler does this.

The compiler the IDE uses would put out a warning (I think) if it weren't called with
option -w which supresses warnings.

This is one of the things you always have to lookout for as a programmer.

It is not a bug that could be fixed in the Arduino-code.

Mar 10, 2010
Yeah, this is completely valid code, though it is rarely (if ever) what the coder

A workaround (other than providing a place for warnings to go, so we can leverage the
intelligence of the compiler or preprocessor) would be to leverage the GUI code
highlighter to make this a special case.

I can see an argument for making this one of those places in the GUI where we warn
you you are doing something you probably don't want to do.  Given the target audience
of the GUI, anyway.
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