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June 2013 UPDATE: The ArduCopter manual has now moved here. The manuals here are for legacy hardware and will no longer be updated or maintained.



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ArduCopter Electronics

The ArduCopter UAV electronics platform is based on ArduPilotMega autopilot board, APM IMU Sensor Shield, I2C Magnetometer and the MediaTek GPS (you can also add an optional wireless telemetry kit).

Details on the APM hardware are here.

Comment by, Oct 12, 2010

Can I get firmware for atmel 45db161d (ArduPilot? Mega IMU)? and what baro on board? BMP085? thanks!

Comment by, Oct 13, 2010

there is no "firmware" for the falsh memory. there are code examples in the libaries

yes it's the BMP085

Comment by, Oct 18, 2010

I am confused with the link above to buy the "Oilpan" IMU. When clicking on the "BUY" link, it takes you to the DIYDrones "Oilpan" v1.0, however, all the documentation states we should be using v1.4. After researching, it appears that the 2 most recent "Oilpan" versions are FOXTRAP 2.2 (OLD) and HOTEL 1.0 (NEWEST). So it seems the link is correct, but the version numbers are confusing. Is there something I am missing? HW vs SW version maybe?

Comment by project member, Oct 18, 2010

Link is correct, it takes you to OilPan? Rev.H v1.0 which is latest model called Hotel 1.0

Comment by, Oct 26, 2010

Can the Main components list be updated to include links to buy the XBee Pro, XtreamBee??? board, and the cable?

Are these the right links?

XBee Pro -

XtreamBee? Board -

Cable - ?


Comment by, Nov 8, 2010

And at the moment, supported by i2c ESC?

Comment by, Nov 21, 2010

There's no link for the power distribution board is there a store that sells that?

Comment by, Nov 21, 2010

not yet DIYdrones store will sell it

Comment by project member, Nov 21, 2010

@AlexOguap? - i2c ESCs are on the roadmap (see "Software Roadmap" on this page and one member of the group is looking at it but no specfic estimate on when it will be done or available in one of the stores.

Comment by, Dec 15, 2010

How I understand item "Con Headers (you need 2): Buy here." dont need, because "ArduPilot? Mega IMU Shield/OilPan? Rev.H V1.0 (sensor board): Buy here." pack contain them ?

Comment by project member, Dec 15, 2010

VGorunov: good catches. Fixed.

Comment by, Feb 7, 2011 seems to be down / removed?

Comment by, Feb 13, 2011

Ok that is great but I wonder why is it possible to use solar powered battery? Thank you

Comment by, Mar 4, 2011

Anyone know where to buy the power distribution board? It's not on diydrones or jdrones.

Comment by, Mar 8, 2011
Comment by, Apr 6, 2011

Is there any news on supporting the new APM with ATmega2560?

Comment by, Apr 7, 2011

ACM will support it

Comment by, May 30, 2011

I'm about to order one of these. Can anyone recommend a good radio set to go with it?

Comment by, Jan 17, 2012

Any idea how many apms the APM, GPS and sonar all draw. I'm looking at using a 5v regulator instead of drawing 5v from the ESC. but it is only 3amp and not sure it this is enough

Comment by, Mar 11, 2012

We are selling an arducopter in Spain:

We can negociate the price.

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