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Issue 32: Added features "copy pose", "mirror pose" and added sort to pose and sequence lists.
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Reported by, Oct 13, 2012

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
PyPose/NUKE 0015 on XUbuntu 12.04

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Added sorting to the pose editor's list of poses
Added sorting to the sequence editor's list of sequences
Added a "copy" button to the pose editor.
 - Select and existing pose
 - Click the copy button ( a text entry dialogue appears )
 - Enter in a new name for the copied pose
Added pose mirroring to the pose editor.
  Pose mirroring being the ability to easily create a mirror image of and existing pose.
  There are 2 parts to this, mirroring and mirror mapping
 * Mirroring consists of looping over all servos in the project and applying the difference between the existing servo's position and 512 in the opposite direction.  ie. a servo position of 600 would become 424.  512 - ( 600 - 512 ) = 424
   To skip mirroring a servo, uncheck the checkbox used to relax a servo (existing functionality was not touched, the servo will relax still).
 * Mirror Mapping is an enhancement to standard mapping that allows the user to define a paired servo relationship where the servo values are swapped and then mirrored.  This mapping is saved when the project is saved.  This allows you to have a pose of your robot leaning left, create a copy with the copy button, then hit the mirror button to have a leaning right pose.
Usage (assuming a project is loaded):
 - Click "mirror map" (a dialogue window with the current list of servo relations appears).
 - Select a servo to pair with another and click "OK" (double clicking the servo is also valid and a new dialogue window just like the previous is displayed)
 - Select the second servo in the pairing and click "OK" (The updated relationship list is printed to the terminal)
 - Repeat for all pairings required 
 - Select an existing pose you would like to mirror (probably a copy of another pose)
 - Click the "mirror" button

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Oct 14, 2012
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