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LockInfo 6

My plugins are not compatible with LockInfo 6. David changed the API in the latest release and I do not have an iOS device anymore to update my plugins with anything significant. If someone is interested in picking up where I left off, please contact me here. If I end up getting a new device, then maybe I'll pick it back up, but that isn't something I've planned for so far.

It's been a fun project and I'm glad I could help so many of you improve your productivity! Until later!


Help Me Out

Hey everyone, I started off wanting to just do this for fun, but it's getting harder and harder to motivate myself to support all the requests coming in. If you like my app and want to help me out I've set up a Pledgie account for donations. I work >40 hrs a week doing software and it's hard to come home and want to sit down and do the same for free! Any motivation would be great but not expected.

How much ohloh says my project should cost...

Total downloads (Appigo Todo and 2Do) off MMI 129,615 (9/7/2010)


You should be using the latest version of Appigo Todo or Appigo Todo Lite from the App Store as well as the latest version of the plugin.

The latest version of the plugin (1.6.0) should be compatible with all versions of Appigo Todo and Appigo Todo Lite.

If you just upgraded Appigo Todo from the App Store and the plugin is not showing any or not showing the correct items you need to do the following:

  1. Disable the Todo Plugin (Settings>Lockinfo>Plugins>Todo>Enable=False)
  2. Uninstall Appigo Todo (App Store app). You'll probably want to sync first.
  3. Reboot just to be safe.
  4. Re-install Appigo Todo (App Store app). Sync your items back.
  5. Re-enable the plugin. (Settings>Lockinfo>Plugins>Todo>Enable=True)

Now you should be good. If not, please submit a syslog and an issue here.

General Info

To use this plugin you must have Appigo Todo or Appigo Todo Lite from the App Store. Any todo items you enter in either of these apps will show up on your lockscreen to give you quick access to your information.

Anyone interested, here are some download stats for this plugin over at ModMyI

What's New

  • Added hiding of due dates
  • Added override for SQL statements by editing sql.text in the plugin directory (Advanced users only)
  • Support for iPad version as well as newer and older versions of Appigo Todo

Known Bugs

  • Mark Complete for repeating items does not function as expected
  • Scrolling details in preview screen


  • Better language support (next minor release)

Compilation Info

When you try to compile you'll be missing the file "../../Plugin.h". This file is dashman's Plugin API. I am not including that because he maintains this file at . From there you can download the file and either place it at ../../Plugin.h or you can place it in your project directory and change the line to "Plugin.h"



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