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  54560 Defect New ----   Camera SurfaceTexture and Image Texture   SubcomponentOpenGL 2  
  54419 Defect NeedsInfo   Android 4.2.2 -> GLSurfaceView$GLThread.onPause( deadlock   SubcomponentOpenGL 1  
  53135 Defect Assigned   glTexSubImage2() very slow on Nexus 10 after upgrading from Android 4.2.1 to Android 4.2.2   SubcomponentOpenGL 30  
  52723 Defect Assigned   emulator: glDeleteShader() should not delete shaders which are attached to programs   SubcomponentOpenGL 2  
  43812 Defect New ----   Too many draw calls show clearcolor   SubcomponentOpenGL 1  
  43029 Defect New ----   [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]"   SubcomponentOpenGL 1  
  42733 Defect New ----   The browser crashes the emulator on vista 32bit machine   SubcomponentOpenGL 4  
  41815 Defect Assigned   "Hard crash" when invoking Canvas.drawCircle with a radius of infinity with hardware accelerated rendering enabled   SubcomponentOpenGL 1  
  38170 Defect New ----   VAO objects seems to not working properly in some devices   SubcomponentOpenGL 4  
  38132 Defect Assigned   Stencil buffer attachment "breaks" framebuffer render target on emulator.   SubcomponentOpenGL 1  
  35703 Defect New ----   Android ndk opengl es 2.0 using singal buffer drawing glFlush() not works   SubcomponentOpenGL 1  
  32260 Defect New ----   GLES20.glLinkProgram() does not return   SubcomponentOpenGL 4  
  24118 Defect New ----   Kernel panic from drivers/gpu/pvr/sgx/sgxutils.c on Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2   SubcomponentOpenGL 14  
  15078 Enhancement Assigned   eglSwapInterval is not exposed to Java and doesn't have an effect when called through jni   SubcomponentOpenGL 4  
  14835 Defect Assigned   FBO Usage in LiveWallpaper   SubcomponentOpenGL 4  
  12378 Defect Assigned   EGL_BAD_ALLOC in the wild   SubcomponentOpenGL 34  
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