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  ID Type  Status  Owner    Summary + Labels Stars  ...
  33330 Enhancement New ----   Web browser improvement. 2  
  29480 Enhancement New ----   folder option for organizing internet bookmarks 1  
  27273 Enhancement New ----   Internet Browser 1  
  27266 Enhancement New ----   Browser interface 1  
  22379 Enhancement New ----   autofill 2  
  16324 Defect New ----   CP1251 problem: Android internet browser works incorrectly with most russian web sites 8  
  16312 Defect New ----   addJavascriptInterface: No type check done when Javascript passes arguments in to Java 4  
  16311 Defect New ----   addJavascriptInterface: Numeric and String argument from Javascript to Java gets passed in as null 4  
  14412 Defect Unassigned ----   WebView auto-linked text does not display as a link 8  
  14288 Enhancement Unassigned ----   Android device should able to download non-supported files from net. e.g. .exe 4  
  11577 Enhancement New ----   Edit text suggestion 2  
  10842 Defect Assigned   Android 2.2 / Froyo bug in display of pages with embedded frames (frameset scrolling problems) 14  
  9947 Enhancement Assigned   Browser: Highlight the active text area 5  
  9819 Enhancement Assigned   Browser lets you start typing without cursor 6  
  9446 Enhancement Assigned   Browser: Ask to repost or not when going Back 4  
  9312 Enhancement Assigned   Support XSLT in browser 25  
  9226 Defect Assigned   Regression: Passing functions via JavaScript interface to WebView fails since 2.2 16  
  8880 Enhancement Assigned   Keep open URLs/windows on shutdown or crash 6  
  8527 Enhancement Assigned   WebView should not try to cache when memory is depleted 3  
  8484 Defect Assigned   WebView click behaviour different for touch event and the D-Pad click event 13  
  8316 Enhancement Assigned   2.1 Browser problem: No close current window 5  
  8290 Enhancement Assigned   Ability to disable browser zoom buttons 29  
  7939 Defect Assigned   WebView setAppCacheEnabled() causes core dump 11  
  7884 Enhancement Assigned   Java Applet support in browser 36  
  7522 Defect Assigned   "Stop" in browser takes forever to actually stop 13  
  7260 Defect Assigned   WebViewDatabase.clearCache() encounters disk I/O error 44  
  6399 Enhancement Assigned   Save current web page 10  
  6220 Enhancement Assigned   Word Breaking in browser for complex language like Thai 61  
  5866 Enhancement Assigned   Browser should autocomplete standard form fields. 10  
  5477 Defect Assigned   IDN not supported in Android web browser 10  
  5297 Enhancement Assigned   Fullscreen Browser 33  
  5269 Defect Assigned   Synchronous XMLHTTPRequest to Proxy does not work in Android's WebKit browser 27  
  4992 Defect Assigned   New downloads from the browser aren't passed to the media scanner. 15  
  4952 Defect Assigned   Screen tap (click) results in scrolling to the bottom of the screen 64  
  4641 Defect Assigned   navigator.language reports wrong locale 14  
  4448 Defect Assigned   Regression: Browser app and WebView can no longer load fonts 29  
  4114 Enhancement Assigned   Browser should have a minimum font size setting 14  
  2887 Defect Assigned   WebView does not call shouldOverrideUrlLoading() when following link to current page 39  
  2622 Defect Assigned   Browser behaviour with clearing history and back button changed 26  
  2340 Enhancement Assigned   Unable to prevent WebView from displaying error page 30  
  2248 Enhancement Assigned   Non-US addresses and phone numbers are not clickable 12  
  1733 Defect Assigned   WebView.loadData() forgets to encode some crucial non-URL-safe chars 38  
  1715 Enhancement Assigned   Right or Secondary Click function in browser 11  
  1559 Enhancement Assigned   Browser does not apply user name and password when downloading links 13  
  1145 Enhancement Assigned   RFE: Bookmark management 74  
  742 Enhancement Assigned   WebView has no way to call JavaScript from Java 14  
  740 Enhancement Assigned   WebView - no way to create custom CacheManager 34  
  368 Enhancement Assigned   WebView should provide a means to access the DOM from Java 54  
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