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Issue 83: Allow apps to supply alternate components to the media streaming subsystem.
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Reported by, Jan 24, 2008
If I understand correctly, at the moment audio/video steaming models only
allow data to be sourced from files. There are many use cases where the
application would like to supply the data without creating a file. A simple
example would be playing video/audio from a server over the network.
Although this might be so obvious that a few protocols could be supplied in
the core, there are many others that could be proprietary or need
specialized code.

Other components may also need to be enhanced or replaced such as support
for different renderer's or even different types of data sinks in the
streaming subsystem. But at a minimum the source component must be
replaceable with the application being able to supply a stream of buffers
and a way to select which renderer is needed.
Jan 25, 2008
well it is true .but is it possible of streaming a video file from server using
android..i tried a lot but still many problems are there...
Jan 25, 2008
This Issue has been reviewed and accepted.
An engineer will be assigned to work on it according to its priority.
Status: Reviewed
Jan 28, 2008
Well Thank you for ur response...but how much time it will take to resolve that
issue...i really need a sort of guidance in that direction...well thanks again..........
Jan 29, 2008
Could anyone confirm me if Audio Streaming is currently possible in Android latest
version or not.Audio streaming and listening means the something like streaming music
from shoutcast itself.please help me out in letting know this  i'm working on this
and not able to find a solution for this.If anyone has the code..please share it with
me in my mail id..

Jan 29, 2008
hi kevindorson

i made a sample application of streaming by which i can stream 3gp file from server .
the sound is audible and buffering is 100% . but i cann`t able to display video of
that file.. i am send code to u at ur gmail.u just try it and if possible solve it....ok
Feb 4, 2008
Ankur, have u ever tried streaming from a Streamign servers wherein We Actually
require the concept of Streaming.Servers Like Aol music, Shoutcast servers which r
more popular wherein we can continuously hear Music.
Your Model of streaming actually workd only for a Statically kept file in a server
wherein there is no streaming.Try out streaming from streaming servers.I'm also
working on the same..but found till now No support is  available yet.If u find
something..Please let me know

Feb 5, 2008
#7 eocanha
I'm also very interested in this issue being solved. If at least the Android SDK
source code was available, we could try to find out how the MediaPlayer works inside
and try to solve the problem and suggest a patch.
Feb 5, 2008
Hi Kevin,

The link that I have used in the code is of some streaming server, becuase:
1. The code written is for receiving streamed data, and play it asynchrounously.
2. I am able to get the audio playing even before complete file gets streamed, i.e.,
when I analyzed the logs of android, I was seeing audio being played even when buffer
status was 15-20%.
Is there any way to find out if the URL I used was not of a streaming server?
Feb 7, 2008
Hi, Ankur
  I think you are playing a file through a URL rather than a stream, such as .m3u,
playlist, icecast. You can try to open that url in ur browser. Normally your browser
will try to download that file or play that file. In that case, you can see the file
size or sth. like that. However, for a pure audio stream, you cannot view the file
size or download the file, coz the browser will continuously play it.

Feb 7, 2008
Hi qinminusc,
             Actually what i did,just specify URL for particular file then make a
connection and perform buffering thru code.means suppose URL is   So make connection with it and Stream it.
What u think ,is it the proper way. Give me some ideas..

Well Thanks in Advance. 
Feb 20, 2008
I just have to chime in on this feature request.  I've written classes to parse out
meta data from a shoutcast stream and just need a way to send my buffered audio
stream  directly to the media player.  I think many developers are looking for a
similar solution from reading the groups online.
Mar 31, 2008
Well I submitted comment for Video Streaming at 25 jan so i would like know tht what
is current status of tht issue.
Any new release abt this topic is available.How much time it will take to resolve it..
Well inform abt it..

May 15, 2008
Right now I am working for Android Browser applications like Downloading a file from 
a link and streaming the data (Audio/Video Streaming).
I am a beginner in this aspect.
So can u please post me the Source Code for Download a A/V File and stream the data.

Thanks in advance,
Jun 24, 2008
Hi all,

i gone thru above discussion.. so at last what is conclusion is ?
can we have support of audio / video streaming feature available with latest release
of android SDK. or not ?

Nov 2, 2008
Greetings, I have implemented a simple streaming server which is able to read mp3/ogg
files supplied in an InputStream and pass it into the MediaPlayer. The code may be a
bit obscure as it is tailored for my needs, however you are welcomed to find an
inspiration :) Just checkout the code [1] and search for the StreamerServer class.

Nov 21, 2008
Hi all,

Do you know if it is possible to support a MP4 video streaming ?

Dec 5, 2008
Hi Ankur, i m new in android development and working on audio can u send
me the code in my email id pls...
thnks a lot. :)

my email id is

Alpesh Harsoda
Feb 6, 2009
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Apr 14, 2009
Hi All,

I have a couple questions regarding to audio streaming/progressive download over
HTTP. Could you please help me?

1. MediaPlayer supports progressive download according to the developer guide from
this link ("If you're
passing a URL to an online media file, the file must be capable of progressive
download."). As far as I understand progressive download means media playback during
download process with saving media file to file system(SD card or internal FS) after
the downloading is finished (if it's file, not a stream in the passed URL). 
So, I tried to set the following URL: setDataSource
( Playback is fine, but the file isn't saved to
SD card or internal phone FS. Can MediaPlayer saves media content to file system
after downloading is completed? Is there a way to turn on such capability?

2. Does MediaPlayer support HTTP streaming? I tried to use also AMR, AAC
audio stream over HTTP on the local server, but playback does not work. For example,
RTSP streaming works fine with AMR and AAC. 

May 11, 2009
I tried streaming a video to a file and then playing it using the VideoView by
calling setVideoPath(). It kept on giving me cannot play file. I was able to play the
same file when it was saved in the sdcard is there a issue of files which are made by
streaming videos ?? The video is of .3gp format. If any1 has got any suggestions
please let me know.

Thanks in Advance,
Jayshil Dave
Jun 7, 2009
What is the situation with android and shoutcast?  i saw a posting from an android
employee saying it should be out soon (which was in feb 2009).  

If there is support for streaming audio (i.e .pls files) please guide me in the right

Very vague documentation out there on streaming audio from a server like shoutcast.

does anyone have any source code to send (with instructions to use) so I can try and
dig it up?

Jun 23, 2009
Does anyone know any source codes for a shoutcast streamer or any simple online radio
app (like nagare)? I already have the nagare source code but it's so buggy so I can't
even run it in my emulator. I also have ambient source code but I wanted a simpler
shoutcast streamer like nagare. thanks.

Aug 24, 2009
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Nov 2, 2009

I have gone through the discussion above unable draw a conclusion whether is it
possible to play audio/video from http/rtsp. I have tried to play from local file
system and no issues with that. But I have problem when I give  setDataSource("http
or rtsp url");

Immediate reply with a conclusion will be a relief for my mind

Thanks & Regards
Dileep Kumar
Nov 8, 2009
yes, it is possible to play both audio and video from an http and rtsp server.

however, streaming through an rtsp server is not supported by the emulator (cupcake
Nov 8, 2009
I am able to play media through http. But not able to play it from an rtsp source....
I get an alert saying sorry this video cannot be played. As you are saying that 
streaming through rtsp server is not supported by the emulator but why is it like 

Thanks & Regards
Dileep Kumar

Nov 12, 2009
Has anyone been able to play an audio .pls pointing to shoutcast?  It just hangs on
the prepare() call when I try it.  (I tried prepareAsync() too - however no data is
downloaded from the shoutcast server)   Not sure why - is it because the Shoutcast
server isn't recognizing the user-agent that the mediaplayer sends, or am I missing
something else?

Nov 17, 2009
Can Android handle live http streaming ? How about adaptive streaming where the bit
rate changes similar to other devices like the Iphone.
Nov 18, 2009
Hi All

any one say surely that android support "live video streaming" or not?
if yes than how can u able to do that?

Dhaiwat Bhavsar 
Nov 26, 2009
#34 jwusch
Well, I know it is bad to point to a porn example, but as usual, they lead the way in 
video technology.  Go look at the website in your android 
browser.  They have streaming video working to the android.  Not sure how they are 
doing it, I am investigating it myself for a video tutorial project I am working on.  
Jan 4, 2010
live video streaming using rtsp as a transport protocol is working using VLC as a
streaming server. I got this running using EyeTV -> CyTV -> VLC -> DSS in my LAN. DSS
is not necessarily needed. 
The backside is that the Android Video player is only supporting UDP and not TCP
fallback. UDP is not playing nice with NAT which means I cannot stream from my LAN
via 3G to my Droid.
I haven't found any way for adaptive or progresive http streaming which would solve
my NAT issue.

vc -v -I dummy
Mar 23, 2010
reading this issue, the same kind of problems I had. I made an audio streaming
application, and all right, I'm playing on demand. I made it with an array of Files
(3 parts). The problem now is I tried to develop a video streaming application and
when I downloaded  the data (video) in parts with Inputstream I lose the format (with
audio this portion keep the format), but with a video (3gp or mp4) lose it. How Do i
do to keep the format or reformat that portion of video?.... any help i will
appreciate you. 

Note: I'm trying only a different way to streaming with a media player class. I know
a little about the rtsp and videoview problems (sometimes).
May 12, 2010
Hi Ankur

I am developing app for audio,video streaming. can you send me your code. as i do 
not reincarnate the wheel.

Jun 9, 2010
Hi Ankur & all;
I have just joined the community. I am new to android. I am trying to make Video Streaming Server and client for android 2.1. Can anyone share me the code so that I can take some idea. Secondly, any refernce stuff in this regard (specially about streaming with your own implemented Server on android)

My email is:
Sep 25, 2011
can you send me your code
Oct 2, 2011
Android has had some difficulties with this for sure. There are a few good examples pointing to some quality websites but another one with a great mobile option is and it seems to have been working great. Anyone know when the same compatibility will be available for blackberry users?
Oct 25, 2011
#41 007SALMAN007
can you sen me the code
Nov 6, 2011
Well, I know it is bad to point to a porn example, but as usual, they lead the way in 
video technology.  Go look at the website in your android browser.  They have streaming video working to the android.  Not sure how they are doing it, I am investigating it myself for a video tutorial project I am working on.  
Nov 30, 2011
Do you know if it is possible to support a MP4 video streaming ?
Go look at the website  in your android browser.
Dec 24, 2011

do you know how it is possible to support a MP4 video streaming for ?
Dec 28, 2011
Hi I think so!
I have done it on and its working.
Check with your android or iphone..
Apr 18, 2012
Well, I know it is bad to point to a porn example, but as usual, they lead the way in 
video technology.  Go look at the website in your android browser.  They have streaming video working to the android.  Not sure how they are doing it, I am investigating it myself for a video tutorial project I am working on.  
Check with your android or iphone..
Jun 19, 2013
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Status: Assigned
Oct 15, 2013
As in #35 I'm trying to receive video stream on TCP instead of UDP.
Are there a way to tell mediaplayer to request for it? As I understood this is something that the rtsp client should ask for.
"rstp://user:pass@" works fine as the parameter for the setDataSource()  method from the class mediaplayer but stream servers always answer using UDP

Esteban Castro
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