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Issue 6236: android.R.styleable missing from Android 2.1 SDK
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Status:  WorkingAsIntended
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Jan 2010

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Reported by, Jan 24, 2010
Environment: Android 2.1 SDK on 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10

Symptom: Attempting to reference android.R.styleable fails with a compile
error. For example:

int i=android.R.styleable.Theme_backgroundDimAmount;

fails with:

cannot find symbol
    [javac] symbol  : variable styleable
    [javac] location: class android.R

The android.R.styleable class is accessible via reflection and is in the
public SDK documentation, so I am hoping this is a packaging error in the
SDK, where android.R.styleable was accidentally stripped out.

If not, I would recommend removing the documentation for this class and
making a blog post explaining why it's gone and what developers who were
using it should do about it.

This was originally reported on StackOverflow:
Jan 24, 2010
Since this was apparently intentionally removed (, I suppose a
documentation update is in order.

However, I would suggest somebody take a look at that StackOverflow entry and explain
(there or elsewhere) how we're supposed to achieve what that post discusses. It seems
like a fairly reasonable thing to want to do.
Jan 24, 2010
These symbols are in the documentation because there is a lot of useful java doc 
associated with them (just describing what the attributes do when used in the 
associated context).  They are not in the SDK because the values associated with them 
change over time as the set of resources in the arrays change (such as a particular 
view supporting new attributes).
Status: WorkingAsIntended
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