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Issue 5378: Email synchronization halts after given period of inactivity
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Reported by, Dec 11, 2009
It would appear that after a given period of inactivity, whether on AC or 
battery power, the device stops synchronizing emails in all account types 
(Exchange, IMAP, POP, and possibly the Gmail app as well) until activity is 
once again detected, or a manual synchronization is performed.  The correct 
behavior should be either that the device never stops synchronizing 
regardless of how long the device has been inactive, or that there should be 
a setting that governs this function, allowing the user to define the period 
of inactivity before email synchronization stops.

Issue observed on Motorola Droid, using both factory firmware and the 2.0.1 
OTA update.
Dec 30, 2009
Same here. I have turned the power off and then back on to reset the connection to 
hotmail/verizon accounts. Gmail seems to run fine all the time (for me).  It's thece 
the "Email" app that stops retrieving messages only.
Jun 27, 2010
Sync seems to be more reliable now, but I will still sometimes get notifications that I have new mail in several accounts after having not used the phone in a while and then opening a web page (thus waking up the phone), when in fact those emails are hours old.

Issue observed on same hardware (Motorola Droid) using Android 2.1 update 1.
Nov 2, 2010
Problem still exists on my Froyo Droid X. Corp mail sync to my exchange server stops but still get calendar reminders and Gmail. Cycling power on phone "reactivates" sync/push. I've deleted my mobile profile from exchange and removed my account from phone, no luck.
Nov 3, 2010
I've seen this on my Motorola Droid and on the Droid Xs we have at work, for all account types except for GMAIL, which always seems to work. Going to airplane mode, then turning it off, seems to usually bring back the synching, powercycling always does, but the executives at the company aren't too interested in powercycling their phones to keep getting mail.
Nov 4, 2010
It happens on my Droid R2D2 as well, but the only fix I've found so far is to delete the account and add it again. But then it stops syncing again after a given amount of time.

The email it stops with is my hotmail, set up as a corporate sync
Mar 8, 2011
Affects my Nexus One still, even on Gingerbread. This needs to be fixed. Push email needs to be reliable.
Mar 8, 2011
Have you tried K9, maildroid, Seven, Touchdown, or some other email app?
Mar 8, 2011
No, and I shouldn't have to - the one installed with the phone should work. The existence of other apps (most of which aren't free, and almost all of which don't support Exchange 2010) does not absolve them of their responsibility to ship a working product.
Mar 8, 2011
Fine with me. Enjoy your Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, MS Wordpad, etc.
Mar 9, 2011
Thank you very much for your help, but I don't believe we were talking to you.
Mar 9, 2011
I've tried K9, Maildroid and Seven, all with varying degrees of frustration.  Additionally, none of these have the polish of a professionally built application, and of course, this thread is regarding resolving an issue with a specific application, not finding alternative ones.
Mar 10, 2011
K9 is open source and according to their google code page, they plan on rolling their code into the stock email client at some point. Don't quote me, but I think that the lead devs work for Google and this is their "20% project". If you're looking to fix the stock client, you may want to look at K9.

The app for Exchange is Touchdown. For 2.0+ Android they renamed it "Exchange for Android".
Oct 25, 2011
This issue looks like a duplicate of I'm happy to report that at least I cannot reproduce it since receiving the Gingerbread 2.3.6 update on my Nexus S.
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