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Issue 41213: Samsung Galaxy S III update to Jelly Bean now has MAJOR Battery issues.
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Status:  Declined
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Closed:  Dec 2012

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Reported by, Dec 10, 2012
I have the SGS3 and once I updated to the Jelly Bean, my battery life has dropped dramatically. I was not able to find out is causing the drain BUT I did notice the phone is always active. I downloaded GSam Battery Monitor (I had this before the update) to try and find what was killing it. I noticed that now the phone is always active (see screenshot). I also notice that this new update installed a bunch of stuff that can not be closed.  Some of those are: TMServerAPP, UltraCfg, Key Chain, Popupuireceiver, syscope and twdvfs. I even seen nfc service that never used to be on. 

Full phone version of Android:
Model Number - SGH-I747M
Android Versions - 4.1.1
Baseband Version - I747MVLDK4

Please help!!!
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Dec 10, 2012
You are using Samsung's version of Android. You need to speak to Samsung for user support. 
Dec 10, 2012
You need to contact Samsung. This list is for the Android Open Source Project and Nexus devices. Samsung has there own version of Android (Touchwiz)that the Android team has no control over. 
Dec 10, 2012
ok thanks. :)
Dec 18, 2012
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Status: Declined
Dec 18, 2012
I found the issue. It is with the Google Now update. I'll just keep using the stock Google Now till anther update comes out. It still talks back and does what it needs to.
Jul 25, 2014
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