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Issue 38473: ObjectAnimator.ofPropertyValuesHolder(target, values) returns ValueAnimator instead of ObjectAnimator
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Reported by, Oct 14, 2012
While using the new property animation system I run into a bug / documentation mismatch related to the ObjectAnimator factory "ofPropertyValuesHolder(target, values)".

The documentations says:

public static ObjectAnimator ofPropertyValuesHolder (Object target, PropertyValuesHolder... values)

But using this static method on a ObjectAnimator object like this

ObjectAnimator myObjectAnimator = ObjectAnimator.ofPropertyValuesHolder(myViewToAnimate, myPVH);

results in a ClassCastException because ofPropertyValuesHolder returns a ValueAnimator instead of an ObjectAnimator.

I wonder why this issue isn't fixed in API level 16 that I am using, as it is available since API level 11. :-/
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