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Issue 38253: Difficult to go from command line build to Eclipse build
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Reported by, Oct 7, 2012
This is a long standing problem -- I don't think it worked for 2+ years.

I normally build and test in Eclipse (Windows/Juno), but then I build my signed release builds on the command line.

Now, after a release build, I usually do an "ant clean" and then start Eclipse.   At this point, I get exclamation points next to my project(s) and cannot successfully build from Eclipse again.  I need to do a Clean at least a couple of times before it works.  The Error in the Problems pane complains about path issue, but of course, there aren't any.  After the first clean/rebuild, the project is not generated and get a bunch of errors after that.   Cleaning/rebuilding again usually works, but not always.  It's very flaky.

I have NOT modified any of the build files manually.  I do use Library projects (ABS, etc), but this was an issue even before at -- at least 2 years now, as I mentioned.
Oct 7, 2012
Note:  This is the OP.  This only happens after a command line build.  Exiting and just restarting Eclipse is fine.
Oct 9, 2012
Project Member #2
Yeah I'm not too surprised. Ant and Eclipse work almost the same but just slightly differently enough that Eclipse probably gets thrown off when the bin/ folder changes from the outside.

The work we're doing with the new build system is meant to fix all the discrepancies between the IDE and the command line. There's still ton of work but we are focused on it now.
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