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Issue 38170: VAO objects seems to not working properly in some devices
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Reported by, Oct 4, 2012

In Samsung Galaxy Nexus the VAO objects are not binding the vertex attrib data to the context and not enabling them when rendering using glDrawElements.

In Nexus 7 is working properly. I have used GL tracer in both devices and whilst in Nexus 7 was properly binding the vertex attrib data and enabling the correct locations, in Galaxy Nexus was not doing anything before rendering.

So, it seems a problem with the driver that, at least in this device, is not doing what is expected for VAO objects.

If I set the vertex attribs and I enable them before rendering it works fine.

- Which version of Android you're using

- Which hardware you're using
Samsung Galaxy Nexus

- Whether your issue exists both on a device and on the emulator
I have not tried the emulator. But I have tried the code in Nexus 7 and it works as it should be. I have used the GL tracer in both devices.

- Steps to reproduce the problem
Create a VAO with several objects and render them. If possible render other non VAO projects for changing the vertex attribs and see the VAO attibs are not set again.

- Sample source code demonstrating the problem
I can not share the code due is confidential.

- What you think the correct behavior should be
It should change the vertex attribs and enable them automatically if I render a VAO object because it is supposed VAO objects are basically for this.

Nov 1, 2012
I had this issue too. While porting a C++ game from iOS using NDK, the rendering on Galaxy Nexus was incorrect.
Since the game rendered correctly on iOS and since disabling VAOs made the problems go away, I believe that the driver is the cause.
Nov 1, 2012
IMG confirmed it as a driver bug:

They said they fixed it in rev 1.8@938326. Currently my GNexus (4.1.2) has 1.8@905891.
So yeah... we have to wait.

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