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Issue 38007: Stock "Mail" app does not display Mutt's mail correctly because of Content-Disposition in header
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Reported by, Sep 29, 2012
Mail sent with the MUA Mutt 1.5.21 will not display correcly with Android 2.[23].* stock "Mail" application. The mail appears to be empty, while the actual mail content is found in an attachment, sometimes called 'Unknown.txt'.

This happens because of the "Content-Disposition" line added by Mutt in the header of the mail. I patched Mutt to remove this line on my machine, and then mails would display nicely on the "Mail" app.

However this is not Mutt's fault. The Content-Disposition is perfectly legal. (And it works with almost every MUA out there). So I guess Android "Mail" app should be fixed to handle this line properly.



Note: I do not have any Android devices nor am I an Android developper, so forgive me for the little details regarding Android.
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