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Issue 37998: Broken widgets in 4.1
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Reported by, Sep 29, 2012
Since the 4.1 updates, the widgets are blank or disappear.

This happens after each reboot. Creating again the widget, it works, until next reboot then the problem is back.

Very disruptive!

Nexus S, JR003L (problem was already apparent in first JB update, JR003E).

Sep 30, 2012
Well, it seems  issue 34880  was never implemented so this isn't relevant. Problem still exists with JR003L, apparently reported by other users.

It's been 3 months, is there a fix anytime soon or do we all have to roll back to ICS?

Some support from Google on their own phone would be appreciated here. Quite a bad advertisment for them, this issue.

Oct 9, 2012
Any update on this bug?
Nov 20, 2012
Yah this is still an issue with 4.2.  Paid apps with widgets are having the widgets disappear on reboots.
Jan 21, 2013
I can confirm. This is a known bug on 4.1.1 ( issue 34880 ).
However it can be reproduced on 4.1.2 (in which it is supposed to be fixed).

Steps to reproduce:
- Develop an app with SyncAdapter, Account, ContentProvider.
- Application registers the account and a SyncAdapter at the first startup.
- Publish on Google Play and install from there (applications installed directly are not impacted).
- Restart the phone

What happens?
The Account and SyncAdapters have disappeared from "Account & Sync"

What is expected?
The Account and SyncAdapters should still exist.

Jan 21, 2013
See also "I have the Swiftkey disabled and Samsung enabled after every power down. galaxy S3 4.1.2."
Feb 11, 2013
Will it be fixed in 4.2?
Feb 12, 2013
Can't believe this still hasn't been fixed. 

Feb 11, 2014
I can't believe it either.  I have the problem on Jellybean on Samsung S3 right now.
Feb 11, 2014
Fixed in 4.3
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