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Issue 35583: Nexus S reboots during phone calls (Jelly Bean)
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Status:  WrongForum
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Jun 2013

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Reported by, Jul 26, 2012
After applying the Jelly Bean update (4.1.1), the phone reboots during phone calls randomly. It completely shuts down and then restarts, usually after a minute of conversation. It is a Nexus S I9020 version
Jul 26, 2012
Mine does the same thing.  Just randomly reboots during calls. I've also noticed the screen won't come back on sometimes during the call and keeps the call going until it reboots.
Jul 26, 2012
I have the same issues. I've installed 4.1.1 (from 4.0.4) last night and the screen is black during/after a call and won't turn back on. After a few seconds the Google logo shows up as the phone boots back up. Using Nexus S I9020A.
Jul 26, 2012
I installed the update and my phone reboots on almost every call.
Jul 27, 2012
Same problem here. I9023 with Jelly Bean, post a call screen wont come up until the phone reboots.. Tried factory reset too but to no use...
Jul 27, 2012
Same problem here. I9302 whide 4,1,1 reboots during phone calls randomly
Jul 29, 2012
mine reboots almost every calls...its getting on my nerves now
Jul 29, 2012
My T-Mobile (US) Nexus S has the same problem since Jelly Bean update. It reboots randomly during most of the calls.
Jul 29, 2012
Why this defect is prioritized as medium (An issue that has a visible impact but doesn't prevent from shipping)? We loose important phone calls. Also if the caller number is a new one and it reboots during call, you cannot call back as the number is lost. The person on the other side wont even realize that its not deliberate.

Phone call is the very basic use-case of a phone. As per the medium defect description, how can someone ship with the very basic feature broken. Pls raise its priority.
Jul 30, 2012
Same issue on the GT-I9020T. I thought it might be related to the proximity sensor since it often freezes on the black screen until it reboots (which I think might be related to pushing the power button (not set to hang up calls) in order to turn the screen on again.) I tested this by making a call and repeatedly covering and uncovering the sensor, until on the third try it froze on the black screen. On another test it took more tries but eventually it froze on the black screen until I touched the power button. 

Unfortunately, I have noticed that the calls reboot even when the phone is up against my ear. This is occurring almost every call and is making the phone unusable. I will note that this issue was marked as high priority back on Gingerbread when it was labeled " Issue 13674 ".
Jul 30, 2012
Just to say I experience this issue on my Nexus S I9020 jelly Bean 4.1.1 (Build JRO03E). It happened on every call I made or receive ...
Jul 30, 2012

In order to look into this issue, we'd like to collect more information from those who received the OTA update to Jelly Bean.

If your Nexus S is experiencing restarts or reboots during phone calls after updating from Ice Cream Sandwich, follow the instructions below:

(Note that this link is only valid for reports about restarts or reboots on Nexus S after the update to Android 4.1.1) 

We appreciate this information as we look into your reports,

Aug 1, 2012
I have the same defect with my Nexus S.  My phone reboots during phone calls.
Seems to only happen when the phone is not plugged in and charging.
I disabled WiFi and Google Now and it didn't resolve the problem.
Aug 1, 2012
I have noticed that when my cell phone is plugged in, I have never had it reboot either.  Hope that may narrow down the problem because it is impossible to have any phone calls on the phone when it is not plugged in.  
Aug 3, 2012
Mine is Nexus S , same problem it restarts by itself and show is X animated Icon and sometimes if lucky it take 45mins to boot the phone else no fixed time. The update has make my phone totally unusable , please advice how to roll back to the older version. where at least we can make phone calls.
Aug 3, 2012
Same is here, Nexus S keeps rebooting in a middle of the call all the time since JB update. 
Aug 4, 2012
Nexus S on T-mobile, OTA update to 4.1.1. Reboots while on phone calls when on battery power. Does not seem to reboot if plugged in. 

Debug log generated and submitted.

Bootloader: I9020XXLC2
Radio: I9020XXKI1
Network: T-Mobile
Kernel: Linux version 3.0.31-g3b0c5d2 ( (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) )
Aug 6, 2012
My phone has now rebooted while it has been plugged in and charging.  Can we get the instructions on how to revert back to Ice Cream sandwich please?  I cannot have my phone rebooting on me during business conversations.  At least with Ice Cream Sandwich this has not happened before.
Aug 6, 2012
is anybody actually looking into this issue? It still says status as "new" and priority as "medium"
Aug 7, 2012
This issue is happening when wifi is truned ON .. I haven't seen this issue after turning OFF the wifi . 
Aug 7, 2012
Will have a specific look on the WiFi setting, but abroad I switch WiFi off usually and the reboots during calls are happening every time on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus as well.
Aug 7, 2012
I hope that everyone is sending in their bug reports.  See comment 12.
Aug 7, 2012
Same here, with wi-fi off
It seems to happen only after a certain amount of time (doesn't happen on calls shorter than one or two minutes, for instance)
Send your bug report, see comment 12

Aug 8, 2012
I'm experiencing the same problem, which started as soon as I updated my Nexus S from ICS to Jelly Bean. I have submitted an error report as described in comment 12 above.
Aug 9, 2012
I have the same problem. I am suspecting that Superuser is the culprit. 
Aug 9, 2012
I have the same problem, the phone reboots during almost all calls after the 4.1 update.

...and "Google Now" is often very slow and unresponsive.
Aug 10, 2012
Same problem as others on my Nexus S, I attached bug report from my phone if could help to anyone to resolve this problem in Google & Co.
4.3 MB   Download
Aug 11, 2012
Same problem As others on my Nexus S, but it happens most of the time not in calls, shutdown reboot seconds later it just repeats every time 
Aug 11, 2012
It looks like the problem doesn't occur while using speakerphone (loud speaker) during the call. I agree with the author of comment #10 that it could be related to the proximity sensor because when using speakerphone the screen is not being turned off and the phone isn't rebooting.
Aug 11, 2012
I have I9023 and received the update OTA no worries.  Since then, although phone is not rebooting during phone calls (yet at least), I have noticed that it has rebooted several times overnight for no apparent reason - I wake up to find the requirement to enter sim lock code of which I only require at startup.  Not as bad as rebooting during a phone call but when you are on 24x7 technical support for a financial institution, a working phone 24x7 is a must have - Google, time to upgrade the priority... unless of course Google does not support critical hardware/software.  
Aug 11, 2012
Facing serious issue with frequent reboots. Almost everytime I am on a call, the phone reboots itself while the call is ON. Its annoying and there is no solution available yet. Time for an upgrade or a rollback. Please suggest
Aug 12, 2012
I paid $600 for my phone and I'm throwing away $60 a month on an cell plan that I can't use.  If Google is not going to fix this soon, we should consider a class action suit.
Aug 13, 2012
Hi, I guess the issue is with the proximity sensor. I have observed that when on call, the screen blakcs out after a while and when I move it away from my ear, it activates and then the phone reboots. I am using a small workaround to avoid this reboot and so far it has been working fine. The workaround being, when i make/receive a call, I lock my screen before placing the phone against my ear. This way the proximity sensor does not get into picture and the phone will not reboot. 

However, I am hoping for a quick patch on this from the Android team. Thanks
Aug 13, 2012
As this is not getting enough attention, I think it's time to post this in other forums like also
Aug 19, 2012
Till now waiting for solution on the restart issue. Now I am thinking seriously, why Apple has better customer satisfaction index than Android. If Google can't provide a solution to his own Phone, then how can it handle other's?? I am completely dejected. I will not recomend any one to go for Google phone neither Android.
Aug 21, 2012
Hi all,

Happy that I found this topic, I thought I was the only one with this issue...

I have the same problem with my Nexus S (i9023). The phone restarts at different times.   I have no idea way. Mostly it's just in standby mode when it's restarting. (with only the 3G on, no wifi) really irritating. It's just happened once when I was calling somebody. 
Aug 25, 2012
I did a factory reset and it's bean 5 days.. NO reboot during calls..
Aug 27, 2012
I disabled sync's, of all things, and no reboots on calls for about a month now. 

It wiped out my contacts list and other apps (twitter, google+, facebook, dropbox, etc) authentication info. I set them up again via the settings -> accounts menu. My contacts re-synced after a while.

I'm having other oddness post-OTA 4.1.1 update. I get an error related to the gallery if I open the stock camera app but the gallery opens fine. Other camera apps work fine too. Also, my phone reboots if I look at my settings -> storage. It reboots while it is "calculating" the various use. 

Sep 2, 2012
Same problem! Nexus s keeps rebooting on every call! No WiFi on. Battery goes quicker also. Very disappointed, my phone is useless! Did a factory reset also, no help there! Sent in bug report also. Hope they fix this quick!
Sep 2, 2012
I had the same problem (see comment 8). I did a factory reset about a week ago and it resolved the issue. Haven't had the phone reboot during calls since the reset. I'm yet to ramp up to all apps that I had before the reset though. I'm ramping up slow to be able to identify which app (if it's an app causing the reboots) is responsible. 
Sep 5, 2012
Hi I got the same problem, random reboots during active calls!

I have been on different Jelly Bean rooms experiencing this problem, but got so frustrated that I vent back all stock Android 4.1.1 to fix it, but still the same problem!
I have tried different rooms (CM10 Android 4.1.1), kernels, radios, made a "fix permissions" and full wipe before each flash, no difference!
It is really frustrating getting a reboot during an important call!
Sep 6, 2012

I've experienced reboots once during a phone call (reboot after 10 mins) and on numerous occasions when the wifi is turned on.  I'm certain that the reboots have something to do with wifi because:

1. The phones's continuous reboot ended when I turned off the wifi duing the brief moment I had access to the screen and before it reverts back to the 'X' logo loading on the screen. 
2. And ss soon as I turned on the wifi, the phone rebooted.

I also noticed that on 2 occasions the phone was rebooted (with wifi turned on) there were app updates in the notification bar.  

So is there instability with the wifi?
Sep 6, 2012
Factory Reset fixed my problem. No reboot during calls for almost 3 weeks
Sep 12, 2012
Follow up on my comment (43): My phone rebooted after I  clicked on the pushed updates of Chrome and Astro file manager. Being better informed, I was able to prevent the endless/long boot by quickly switching off wifi.  This worked but what I saw on my screen after the boot up surprised me: 3 icons that I've not installed and have not downloaded.  I've attached a screen shot. Give a yell if you recognise what those icons are. both when clicked wants to connect to the internet.  Virus??? 
671 KB   View   Download
Sep 19, 2012
a similar problem is going on on newer galaxy nexus phone (aug 12 seems), see
Sep 20, 2012
#47 cydeweys
I have a Sprint Nexus S that just received the over-the-air 4.1.1 update a few days ago and it's already rebooted four times during phone conversations.  I've never rooted this phone or anything.  I seriously just want to downgrade back to Ice Cream Sandwich at this point.
Sep 20, 2012
I got the T-Mobile nexus s and an ota upgrade, now my phone is useless! Can't make calls cause it reboots! Missing text messages! Everything is lagging! My phone is a mess! Can we get some answers? Oy yeah sent in bug report and factory reset twice! Still nothing!
Sep 25, 2012
I just got the OTA update on Verizon, I can't afford to NOT use it without wifi, and it reboots constantly when its on.  I suspect this is why the battery drained 26% in about 90 minutes of just standby.
Oct 5, 2012
I had this problem too and it went away after I removed all the apps I have installed recently. Then it went away. It reappeared recently only once. I think that it happend when I tried out "Monsters ate my condo" (MAMC), but I could not verify this right now. 
Oct 6, 2012
gives cold comfort that i'm not alone with a useless nexus s. btw, this has nothing to do wrt wifi, factory rests etc. no effect. 
if this thread gets 'medium' priority, wonder what kind of problems would merit 'high' priority -- phone exploding on the face? absolutely unresponsive google --best advertisement for apple (another snooty company. i guess this is how companies go out of business. my non-smart mobile at least would do things it was primarily meant to -- make/receive calls -- and an on top of it with a minuscule cpu ram etc it didn't lag.
Oct 7, 2012
I'm having the same issue. Also on 4.1.1 which I received OTA.
But mine phone reboots everytime when I try to call. It shows a black screen and I hear the phone ringing 3-4times and it starts rebooting.
Oct 8, 2012
I had this issue, rebooting during most phone calls - but it stopped after I did factory reset.  
Factory reset doesn't seem to do the trick for everybody but it is worth the try... 
Oct 8, 2012
for me with  gingerbread it was OK. with ICS it was laggy to the point it
was useless. constant reboots with JB seems to be final nail. factory reset
didn't work. it came back after a few days. after galaxy nexus + or
whatever, this forum will die its natural death. guess this seems to be a
nice waiting strategy by Google!
Oct 8, 2012
I have this Problem since August. Sent the error report, tried a factory reset but nothing helped. And not a single word from Google. I really don't like it, but Im starting to think about getting an iphone or a Windows 7 phone. Thats no way to treat your coustomers google.
Oct 9, 2012
#57!topic/mobile/FaiptkgrbsM.     Try looking at this post! This is the most ridiculous situation I have ever had! What good is a phone if we can't make phone calls! 
Oct 9, 2012
Finally reset my phone and it fixed the phone rebooting during calls. Much faster than before as well.
Oct 9, 2012
this is highly informative. the moderator(?) basically says, 'yes, we know you have a problem. we are working on a fix. when will we release it? Oh! we don't announce ETA's, you see?'. brilliant! this clarification totally solves my problem!!
i would consider stealing to be a more honourable profession than to sell such devices and hide behind forums. such a waste of time expecting a solution from these people. adios.
Oct 9, 2012
I reset my phone a couple of weeks back and it hasn't given me the rebooting issue ever since. Note that I reset the phone from its boot menu (you can access this when you restart the phone - hold volume up and power button when starting the phone once it is off).

Hope the issue gets rectified for the rest of you. I have also installed apps more carefully to make sure it is not due to one of them. 
Oct 9, 2012
Not sure if it helps, but I entered in recovery mode and wiped cache and so far I did not have any restart in the last 5 days. 
Worth a try
Oct 10, 2012
Android 4.1.2 was just released, so I am betting there is a fix. I have no idea when the Nexus S will get 4.1.2, though. 
Oct 11, 2012
Good news. I've managed to force the update to 4.1.2 on my Nexus S using following procedure:
- System settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
- Force stop
- Clear data
- System settings -> About phone -> System updates
- Check now
- Repeat if no update found (in my case the update was found after 3rd check)
Oct 11, 2012
and finally... my nexus s went dead. as in it won't start. power button
doesn't work. search 'nexus broken power switch' shows another dimension to
the nexus problems. expecting google to take responsibility is mere wishful
thinking. seriously half baked for a 'flagship phone'. total waste of
money. wish I'd given it to a charity instead.
Oct 12, 2012
Another problem here with Nexus S(tested in all android versions, ota and custom...), when i make a call the dial pad only apears after 30 secs, i begin to speak, and in that time i can´t end the call...Someone facing the same??Dawmn Samsumg and Google...Never more ill by from them...sad...
Oct 14, 2012
According to this thread (, 4.1.2 does not fix the problem
Oct 14, 2012
for me this problem doesn't occur anymore. why? cos my device went dead.
June 2011-Oct 2012. thanks to an irresponsible & callous Google +Samsung
$400 went down the drain +a costly replacement. really a grt model for
customer care!
Oct 14, 2012
Change the priority from "Medium" to "High".
The phone is unusable.
Oct 14, 2012
Seems like either a driver issue with the GP2A Proximity Sensor that crashes the kernel when it becomes unresponsive, or an hardware issue affecting a large amount of devices.
Oct 14, 2012
need an apology + replacement from Google. would've never gotten this
mobile if not for the 'pure' android tag.
pure and dead.
Oct 15, 2012
Latest update from Google:

As you noticed, Android 4.1.2 has started rolling out. After you've received the update, if you experience any problems with your Nexus S rebooting during a call please let me know.

Oct 16, 2012
4.1.2 did not fix a thing! Check the previous post a read what everyone is saying!
Oct 16, 2012
it's surprising that people still hope google to fix an older generation
fone. they didn't do it when it was still 'current', I don't see any
magical fix coming now that there are 'leaked' pics of nexus 4. what's
needed is serious amends not patchy and late attempts. if only a small
group of unlucky people (like me) are affected  its easy to cater to them.
if this is a major problem, then it HAS TO BE addressed. in any case the
solution is obvious. that out hasn't come so far also tells the obvious.
write this fone off as a stupid buy and move on. use google only for
searching (double check with Bing for safety)
Oct 17, 2012
#Comment 75 It's time to create a bog / forum to gather people who were damaged in buying these phones (nexus s / galaxy nexus) and forward a petition to go to court of law ... we are hundreds of thousands with this problem or arrange a solution or else go to the court of law.
Never forget, it cost a lot of money to buy a cell phone useless.Refund or fix,Google/Samsumg.
Oct 17, 2012
sure. lets work on the modalities. I'm ignorant on initiating a class
action. (not that I've not been duped b4). no probs, will do a google on
'how to initiate legal proceedings' :) till then get by with dry humor. to
begin with, lets create a google spread sheet and share. will do once am
finished with my office hrs.
Oct 17, 2012
poster of comment 76, here's my humble form. pls fill. if you do, i think we'll have at least two entries in the final reading.
Oct 17, 2012
#comment 78, great form :)tks
Oct 17, 2012
pls consider sharing the form with others. and btw, i fixed a few typos and cos of which some (only some btw) responses got reset. i guess it's not as much pain refilling/filling a form as having a useless nexus.

Oct 17, 2012
Suresh, IMO, I would remove the comments in parentheses in the form. That doesn't really look professional and you don't want to subjectively influence someone in a survey. But that's juste me ;)
Oct 17, 2012
getting your point. lest someone think we are nexused against google : )
pls let me know how I can without changing the results. will share the form
with u.
Oct 18, 2012
I have the same issue, Nexus S rebooting during calls since the Jelly Bean update. 4.1.2 did not fix it. It was reported that a factory reset was fixing the problem.
Oct 18, 2012
Not true, no reset(hard ou soft) can´t solve kernel crash due to proximity sensor hardware problem...
Oct 19, 2012
I have tried yesterday using my Nexus S (4.1.2) in Safe mode (you shut down and reboot with volume down pressed, then "Safe mode" is displayed on bottom left of the screen) and indeed did not experience the reboot problem on a 30 minutes call. I would need to confirm this with several calls, but it may be related to background software.
We should try to find common denominators: I use Lookout as an anti malware and 3G Watchdog as a 3G counter.
What do you use?
Oct 19, 2012
looks like you are adapting to Nexus S rather than Nexus S living up to
your expectations. Good luck!
Oct 19, 2012
4.1.2 didn't fix the problem.
4.9 MB   Download
Oct 19, 2012
@86 Suresh: I am trying to find the cause of this, which will bring a solution. No need to take a cheap shot at me. If you are not here to discuss the bug, just go away, thanks. The first thing to do is determine if this is caused by the OS or a 3rd party software (although the OS should insure the phone does not crash anyway).
Oct 19, 2012
Dear Sir, Taking cheap shots at you wasn't my intention; if you have taken
umbrage it is misplaced. I have no need to pick at you when I have got a
dead Nexus S.
For your reference, please look at the start date of this issue and the
casual priority assigned to it and the perfunctory responses the posts
elicit (if at all there are). I intended to use my phone for
making/receiving calls. I have gotten raw deal. It appears to me that
people expect a solution from Google after all this while.
By the way, instead of taking time to express indignation at an
insignificant person like me please direct it at Google for their callous
attitude. Put pressure at where it matters. Please remember we didn't pay
$500 to get a brick. Neither are we expected to expend our hard earned
money to buy a new mobile every few months. At least I didn't sign for such
a deal.

Good Day.
- - suresh
p.s. take it easy pal. don't get offended so easily. life's unfair. irate
ppl with dud fones is proof.
Oct 19, 2012
Hi Suresh,
Sorry if I overreacted. But you have to realise that this list is for bug reporting and resolution, not a consumer forum on how to do a class action. I am frustrated with the problem too, don't get me wrong, and again I apologise for sounding harsh, it was not my intention to be rude either. But I think we should stay focussed and on topic. Google people are aware of the problem on the product forums (!topic/mobile/FaiptkgrbsM[126-150]), and although this bug has been reported many times, it looks it is hard to reproduce and therefore hard to fix. It may be a combination of software or even a third party program.

Have you tried the safe mode? This would help know if the phone crashes with minimal running programs.

Oct 19, 2012
Hi, I tried everything -- factory resets, uploading dumps, safe mode etc.
my former phone became uselessly slow after the much anticipated ICS
upgrade in Dec 2011. It was patched after three months by Google, but to no
avail. with JB arrived the incessant reboots/shutdowns during calls -- this
made me realize how better a lagging phone was! In fact I now feel like it
was better to have an auto-rebooting phone than a dead one + serious hole
in the pocked burned by S3. (on top of it all, the blatantly mirthful
schadenfreude of my office colleagues who have the cheek to ask me for a
treat over my new S3. grrrrrr... gnash).
I have no doubts that Google is aware of what's happening (they are in the
business of knowing-it-all), but have we gotten any useful solutions from
these forums?
This mobile is already a generation older -- very soon two. What to expect
from Google now when the issues were not addressed when the model was
If there are only a few Nexus S with this problem it shouldn't take
anything for Google to replace them; on the other hand, if this is problem
afflicts a significant number of phones, they are morally responsible for
ensuring that the customers have a phone that functions as advertised.
After all it is their OS, their own phone -- pure Android experience, we
were told. Did we not buy Nexus precisely for this reason? After all they
have a serious reason to ensure that they test their product thoroughly
before they release it to the market -- competition!
Anyway, wishful thinking from a frustrated customer!

I wish and hope the stability you've gotten with your Nexus S is long


P.S. An unsolicited advise: please back up your folders and SMS (for SMS
you may try SMS Backup
. I paid a price for my lethargy: 16 months of snaps, videos and SMS's are
locked up inside a dead phone now. Thanks to the no-sd card feature, all
these would be lost for ever if I one were to get the mother board changed
by Samsung (costs $150).
Oct 19, 2012
I'm with Suresh on this one.
He bought something and he expected it to work properly. it didn't
When the product stopped functioning he expected to get a new one to do his job. he didn't
end of story

I agree that we should stay focused and on topic.
But its not our job to fix this bug. This is not the Linux kernel devel mailing list. We as consumers have to report the bug and google engineers have to acknowledge and resolve it.
And 3 months after look at the Status of the bug.
Status: 	New
Which means based on this official document that the bug report has not yet been triaged (that is, reviewed by an AOSP contributor.)
And the status of the bug is still Medium even if most of the people here can't use their phone as a phone.


i'm with you on the "it looks it is hard to reproduce and therefore hard to fix. It may be a combination of software or even a third party program." part. After a factory reset and reinstall i can't reproduce a reboot during phone calls
Oct 20, 2012
Got the same problem with my Galaxy Nexus.
Just for the record, the bug still occurs with 4.1.2 and (CyanogenMod 10 latest nightly)
Really looking forward to 4.2 and hope it will solve the bug. Really dont want to go back to ICS (CM 9 stable)
Oct 20, 2012
This has already happened to be about 5 times now. It's ridiculous that they haven't been able to reproduce the issue. I will think twice about getting an android. I am surprised that the carriers allow these updates.. It's a freaking phone call.. how many times do u test it on ur network before deploying the update.... 

It's on nexus and I'm on wind mobile. Back says model - gt-9250m
Oct 20, 2012
This has already happened to be about 5 times now. It's ridiculous that they haven't been able to reproduce the issue. I will think twice about getting an android. I am surprised that the carriers allow these updates.. It's a freaking phone call.. how many times do u test it on ur network before deploying the update.... 

It's on nexus and I'm on wind mobile. Back says model - gt-9250m
Oct 20, 2012
I had previous comment here too when i initially had this problem. I factory reset the phone and looks like its working fine for couple of weeks. I got the latest update of 4.1.2 after that and still my Nexus S doing OK. Factory reset fixes the problem for me.

Definitely factory resetting is not a good soln to fix a phone and as I mentioned in my previous comment 'Why the hell this is a medium defect (An issue that has visible impact but doesn't prevent from shipping)'. How come Google ship a phone which can't do phone call.

CAUTION: If you try to factory reset, do take back up of your data.
Oct 20, 2012
still reboot. i will send every time it happend.
4.7 MB   Download
Oct 21, 2012
this problem occur again.
186 KB   View   Download
4.7 MB   Download
Oct 23, 2012
phone reboot, phone function not work.
259 KB   View   Download
5.0 MB   Download
Oct 23, 2012
My phone has been stable for about a month now. This morning, I received an update to 4.1.2. A few hours later, my phone started rebooting again. Again, the solution to prevent the reboot is to turn-off the wifi. I'm beginning to suspect that when the wifi signals drop off and the 3g turns on, the rebooting occurs.
Oct 24, 2012
After I received an update to 4.1.2, I did a factory reset, turned WIFI off and made a phone call. The rebooting still occurs!!!
Oct 24, 2012
still reboot during call everyday
4.8 MB   Download
Oct 25, 2012
this phone can't do a basic phone function....
187 KB   View   Download
4.6 MB   Download
Oct 25, 2012
My 3 week old Nexus is rebooting every time I answer or attempt to make a call, ever since it did the OTA 4.1.2 update.  Please patch this up as it makes the phone completely useless.  
At the moment I have to keep a notepad near me to jot down the incoming phone number and then call them back on a landline as the number isn't logged after the Nexus reboots -what a joke!
Oct 25, 2012
This is now happening to me all the time. Even worse, record of the call is missing from my call history. Where is Google on this? Even my first cell phone, a virgin mobile prepaid, was able to hold calls open.
Oct 26, 2012
234 KB   View   Download
5.0 MB   Download
Oct 26, 2012
must change Priority to HIGH
232 KB   View   Download
4.5 MB   Download
Oct 27, 2012
186 KB   View   Download
4.8 MB   Download
Oct 30, 2012
I got the reboot during call problem when: proximity sensor turns off (by holding the phone on my ear during a call), screen locks after timeout (5 min of inactivity during the call). Then when I move the phone away from my face, thus triggering the proximity sensor off, the screen does not turn on as it should. I then press the power button and the system reboots.

I started getting this issues on 4.1.1 and also in 4.1.2 updates. My theory is that it is a feature interaction between the lock screen, the proximity sensor and the feature that turns off the screen after some time. 

So, I increased the "turn off screen after" timeout from 5 min to 10 min, and the "lock screen after" from 5s to 10s and it seems to work now. I did a couple of calls, covering the proximity sensor on and off, and as long as you prevent the 3 events from occurring at close time (i.e. lock screen during call & screen off & press power button to unlock) it seems to work.

I tested for 3 calls in a row. I will let you know if the problem comes back.
Oct 30, 2012
I isolated the problem further, it seems that the phone will randomly reboot during calls where the proximity sensor has turned off the screen. Unfortunately, the increase of sleep time or screen lock timeout did not help with it. 

It seems not to reboot during speakerphone calls, though.

Oct 30, 2012
reboot during phone call
180 KB   View   Download
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Oct 31, 2012
Roberto: I use the phone with the speaker, so that the screen does not turn off with the proximity sensor. However, it does turn off if I wait the screen timeout period. I noticed that before a crash, if the screen has turned off, indeed it does not turn on anymore and stays black. Usually I can speak for another ~ 30 seconds before the phone reboots.
This suggests the problem is caused by the screen turning off and on during a call.
Oct 31, 2012
reboot again
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Oct 31, 2012
phone can't do a basic function :(
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Oct 31, 2012
first call in the morning =(
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Nov 2, 2012
three times at noon :(
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Nov 2, 2012
Same issue -- this is a serious problem for users of a Google-branded phone that should be addressed.
Nov 2, 2012
It's been weeks, this bug still isn't assigned AND not high priority. Lots of bug reports, too. I've had five people ask me how I like my Nexus S after hearing about the Nexus 4. I've have to admit that I've been making my frustration known. "It's great until you use it like a phone."
 Good luck selling any, I've heard that iPhones and Windows phones actually make calls.
Nov 4, 2012
Nexuck S??
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Nov 8, 2012
This bug is being studied by Google devs as reported by Paul at!topic/mobile/FaiptkgrbsM[201-225]. So this is going forward.
Nov 9, 2012
I have too same problem. My 2 days old Samsung Nexus i9020A had version 1.4.2 is rebooting every time I answer or attempt to make a call. Don't know how to fix-up this. I want to know when this will get rid off.
Nov 12, 2012
reboot again
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Nov 12, 2012
and reboot
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Nov 13, 2012
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Nov 25, 2012
Nexus s 4g has been rebooting after 4.1.1. and after reading all this i'm super pissed. i'm a big google fan but this is starting to sound like apple 
Nov 27, 2012
Google solution: Just cut it off & not supports anymore, if you can't fix. (Nexus S)
Dec 3, 2012
Nexus S rebooting for weeks. Seemed random, mostly during phone calls. Tonight it turned off  and now won't start. Full charge, tried my second battery. No joy. On charger still dead. Sorry to see my experience is not isolated.

Dec 13, 2012
I love(d) my Nexus S until this problem hit a few weeks ago with the last update.  Now, every time I am on a phonecall, it reboots.  This effectively renders my cellphone useless as a cellphone.  

Is Google working on this issue?  Is anybody??  Or should I just proclaim my Nexus S dead and move on to another phone and/or OS?
Dec 13, 2012
now some cold comfort for others. after making my nexus s a worthless
deadweight, JB 4.1 has moved on to make my S3 very laggy. oh, btw, you may
want to recall for a moment am taking abt a quad core phone.

those who want to move on (what else is left as option?), desist making a
$600 investment on anything that runs jb, ics etc. sweet smart phone
Dec 13, 2012
I have fixed that, with part and soldering, for 40 bucks, i can solve the issues...Since Samsumg do not care...and google dont say anything...If any one want, and good luck.
Dec 14, 2012
I have solved it by doing a full factory wipe and reset. Not a bad thing, as I reinstalled only the apps that I used, and my phone is faster. Most settings and data were stored online, so I did not have to backup many things.
I highly recommend anyone who experiences the issue to do the same.
Dec 17, 2012
Had the same problem. Factory reset didn't help.
Switched to Cyanogenmod 7 - now my Nexus S works as a phone again.
Dec 17, 2012

ich hab das gleiche Problem, habe auch ein Gerät mit "C8" in der SerienNr. :(

Andreas Kurm
Dec 18, 2012
Jakob, so you think you have to reset, then root and do cm7? My girlfriends phone has this issue.. random reboots during calls. Phone not rooted yet. Thanks. 
Dec 28, 2012
My phone stop work and I don't no what to do it random reboots during calls and now it's not coming on after it installed jellybean 4.1.2 this was my email
Dec 28, 2012
Same problem here. Running on Jelly Bean. ICS was working fine with no issues.

1. My phone reboots automatically after every 15 seconds. Could not even work on it.
2. When i remove the battery and start it the "Google" screen comes up followed by the "X" loading screen.
3. When it reboots automatically only the "X" loads.
4. Phone is totally unusable, I doubt if this issue is addressed by Google.

I have not rooted my phone as well. Can I roll back to ICS?

Feb 25, 2013
Still having this issue. Has it not been fixed yet? 
Feb 25, 2013
CaptainC: I bit the bullet, and did the full wipe and re-install (as many have), and although it was a pain to re-do the all the app's re-config and home-screen re-population, NOT ONCE have I had a recurrence of reboot during a call. Grit your teeth and do it, you won't regret it. It also forced me to get rid of a bunch of accumulated crap.
Feb 25, 2013
FWIW, I did a wipe and reinstall and I still get random reboots. Even better, I can just leave it on my desk charging and all of a sudden I'll see it glow because it's starting up... not even touching it and it reboots on it's own from standby. 

I've given up hope that Google will ever fix this. The way they're acting about this dumb thing it's as if they think my phone was a freebie. The same way they won't lift a finger to help people at all unless they're an enterprise customer.
Feb 26, 2013
#140 the1avi
My wife is just waiting for our contract to be over and bye-bye Nexus S 4G. She is ready to drop the phone from a tall building due to her frustration. Any call more than a couple of minutes long causes the phone to reboot. Even factory reset didn't solve the problem. I, on the other hand, am very happy with my Galaxy S3. It is too bad since we went for the Nexus S 4G because we wanted a "pure" Android experience and frankly this experience leaves much to be desired. This thread is 7 month old already with no solution in sight.
Feb 27, 2013
Just an fyi. My girlfriend finally went in to actual sprint srore. We dont like the 1 closest to us so when she was out of town a little bit she went to another 1 and they were able to reset the phone. Now it works fine. they also helped back up some of her stuff and told her if it did not work they would replace the  phone .finally. Now she can wait for her upgrade and get a new phone 
Feb 28, 2013
Have you guys tried the latest nightly of CyanogenMod 10.1 with Android 4.2.2?
Feb 28, 2013
Using CyanogenMod is how I solved this problem. It behaves perfectly.
Highly recommended.
Mar 6, 2013
Same here having the issue. I use some CPU tuner to tune down the frequency and it seems help. I will try the CyanogenMod later. FYI, my phone is rooted but still original firmware since day one till now. The only thing that it reboots pretty frequent. As long as the CPU load hits, it reboots.
Jun 23, 2013
This report applies to a Nexus device, and the issue tracker where you reported it specializes in issues within the Open Source source code of the Android platform.

We are not able to provide support for Nexus devices in this issue tracker. Please use the Google Support site for Nexus help at or report this issue in the Google Mobile Help Forum at!forum/mobile/

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