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Issue 3293: ADB & samsung galaxy - not working
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Status:  Released
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Closed:  Aug 2009

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Reported by, Jul 17, 2009
Hi, sorry in advance for my poor english :P
I'm using a Mac and I have a Samsung Galaxy, I can't use adb to connect the phone to the 
computer, it doesn't find any device.
I found a lot of people having the same problem on other O.S. (linux and windows)
please help us!! 
Jul 17, 2009
sorry, now everything is ok with sdk 1.5_r3
Jul 18, 2009
I have tested it on a Mac and it works with 1.5_r3. On Linux however, I does not seem
to work.

With the HTC android phones, it required the following line in

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666"

As the Samsung Galaxy has a different vendor ID (04e8) I changed that line
accordingly, but it is still not recognized.
Jul 19, 2009
I don't know if this will help with your problem, but 1.5_r3 introduced a new command
called "android update adb"  Give that a try.
Jul 20, 2009
Still not showing any devices (On Linux here) after "android update adb"
Jul 21, 2009
1.5_r3 is supposed to support Galaxy. someone has posted a linux adb on the 
developer groups which is claimed to work well with Galaxy. 
For me on winxp, r3 plays nice.

Jul 24, 2009
The patched adb for linux can be found at
It is working for me (on gentoo linux), but would be nice to include the patch in a
new SDK release. See review discussion as well:,10728
Aug 7, 2009
A fix for the issue with the Galaxy on linux will be in the next SDK release.
Status: FutureRelease
Sep 16, 2009
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Status: Released
Dec 4, 2009
#9 yglodt
Hi, don't know about others, but since I upgraded (in fact newly installed) SDK 2.0.1
today, my Galaxy is not visible anymore again.

Replacing the adb with the one which I used with the 1.6 SDK made me productive again.
Jan 17, 2010
I'm having the same problem, updated to 2.1 from 1.6 and now adb won't find my Galaxy. 
The linked patched adb above does not work.
I do not have the 1.6 adb so I cannot test that.
Feb 4, 2010
Same problem here...2.1 SDK and adb can't find the Galaxy. Any solution ANYWHERE
about that???
Feb 10, 2010
In the bump from 1.6 to 2.0 (where the usb_linux.c code got a bit of a rewrite), the 
fix described here for Samsung phones was lost/broken. There is a newer patch 
available in  bug #5027 :

It worked for me with a Galaxy Spica
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