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Issue 30755: Support Libraries (v4) doesn't include important NotificationBuilderCompat.setProgress function
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Status:  Released
Closed:  Jul 2012

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Reported by, May 10, 2012
The Android support library (v4) is missing a very important function in NotificationBuilderCompat. The developer who created it commented it out with a TODO tag, but never implemented it. 

This causes some very important samples from google to fail to work when using anything but ICS, rather defeating the purpose of the support library.

- Steps to reproduce the problem.
(1) Download the Google APK Expansion Downloader library
(2) Set APK version on this to 2.3.3
(3) Notice that there are some issues with Notification Builder not being present
(4) Add google support library (v4) as a JAR library include
(5) Change Notification.Builder to NotificationBuilderCompat
(6) Notice all errors disappear except setProgress function (because it doesn't exist in the compat library!)
(8) Check sources of support library and you will see setProgress with a /* TODO */ tag and commented out
(7) Cry in frustration :(

- What you think the correct behavior should be.
Simply implement the commented out function and upload a new version of the support library... problem solved!

- Related Problems
Google APK downloader library fails to compile because of some ICS dependencies, this library doesn't fix it due to this issue.

- Environment
Eclipse on Mac OS X Lion
Using Android SDK version 2.3.3 with support libraries downloaded

-- More information
Below you can see the commented out code in the file:

-------------- CODE ---------------------
         * Set the progress this notification represents, which may be
         * represented as a {@link ProgressBar}.
        /* TODO
        public Builder setProgress(int max, int progress, boolean indeterminate) {
            mProgressMax = max;
            mProgress = progress;
            mProgressIndeterminate = indeterminate;
            return this;

Jul 15, 2012
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Jul 16, 2012
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Jun 23, 2013
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