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Issue 30015: Google Services App uses way too much data!
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Status:  WrongForum
Closed:  Jun 2013

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Reported by, May 3, 2012
I've got the Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.3

Since April 28th, 2012 the Google Services (Framework) App used over 200MB of background data. Unfortunately this is not reported incorrectly (like stated in by the ICS Data Usage Monitor, but it's the real amount of data used. My provider confirmed this data usage in the last days.

Earlier in March there was a similar issue, where the "Browser Sync" was broken and caused huge amounts of data. But since this is deactivated since then, this cannot be the evildoer here.

The Onavo Data Montior app tells me that "Market Downloads" is the app/service causing the traffic, but neither confirm nor deny this, because updates of apps are strictly wifi only.

But i found other users who have the same issues, also on different devices:

I hope this issue can be solved rather quickly, because I only have a 500MB data plan and the Google Services has already used nearly half of it. And I don't think that I'm the only one.
May 3, 2012
As I wrote this issue another 40MB have been downloaded by Google Services...
May 4, 2012
I've got the same problem. I have activated Push for my IMAP mailbox and so I get permanently a realy big upload traffic. I use the app "traffic monitor" and my hardware is a Galaxy Note 7000.

I have no idea whats going on because there is nothing what can be the reason in my mailbox. There are no mails for send.

So I have lost ca. 600 MB (!!!) in last 4 days!
May 4, 2012
Same issue with Desire HD and AOKP based ICS 4.0.4 ROM (Ice Cold Sandwich 7.4 final).
Extreme data usage from google services framework whether on 3g or wifi, sadly I only noticed the issue when outside a wlan and after GFS had done away with 80% of my monthly data plan.
I should note that I am using a modified GSF courtesy of the LCD Density Modder Pro app which fully re-enables play store functionality for devices with tweaked dpi settings. However there was no such issue with data usage until 3 days ago. Perhaps the other posters here have or are using something similar?
I have already contacted the app developer, but I have received no reply as of yet.
I have also tried disabling browser and chrome sync from the sync settings, as suggested in one of the links but have noticed no impact on the data consumption which remains absurdly high.

May 7, 2012
Update on the issue, reinstalling the rom and changing DPI *without* using the modded market and GSF through LCD Density Modder pro (market link: ) seems to have fixed data usage from the GSF app. I still haven't received any reply from the app dev regarding this issue.
If any of the other users in the thread have used this or a similar app that relies on a modified GSF apk for market compatibility, please say so, so that we can confirm the source of the issue.
May 7, 2012
Project Member #5
Someone sent me logs in 27853, which looked like GSF was using DownloadManager to download a 18.5MB file a few days in a row.

Filed 6455728 to track internally.

If you're seeing similar issues, you can collect details logs to attach or send privately:

from-desktop$ adb shell cat /data/system/packages.list > packages.txt
from-desktop$ adb shell dumpsys netstats detail full > fullstats.txt

Please *only* report if you're using a stock build.

Status: Reviewed
May 8, 2012
Hello, I have deleted and re-configured my MicrosoftExchangeActiveSync settings on my Galaxy Note again and it looks like that it now will work correctly. I havn't made any changes for sync interval at the first installation. After the configuration was done I change the intervals and install CAL-Dav for more calenders.

I have realy no idea why it hasn't worked correctly it looks..GREAT :)

best regards
May 9, 2012
I am using Android 2.3.4 on a Sony Xperia Mini.  It is a stock build.
It is new to me and up to yesterday Onavo was reporting 0% of my 5Gb usage for the month (now in week 3).

Since last night I have used 120+Meg while I have been asleep (which explains why my charged phone was dead this morning)  According to Onavo the peak time seems to be 3-5am. 

I installed aCalendar yesterday but have hardly added 120 meg of appointments and birthdays. I also was not up all night entering what few friends I have.

I have switched off Background data traffic and auto-sync and am still downloading data???  When I view my Google account details in sync there is a "Updating" symbol on Calendar.  This was "active" before I switched all the syncs off.  

I have done the time honoured Fix of switching the phone off and on again.  

Now the Updatng symbol next to Calendar has gone and if a manually sync it is on for the briefest of moments.

Taking this a step at a time I have switched on Background Data Traffic. All OK
Now Auto-sync and again everything seems to be OK.

I have now added an event to Google Calendar via my laptop, which pushed data onto my phone. Watched the sync happen - seems OK.

Changed made on phone, synced it, all OK.

Though I wonder why it updated via the phone (GPRS?) rather than wi-fi that is currently connected to my home network?

May 10, 2012
Same here, since 28th of April, more than 40 MB per day for Google Services. I have Galaxy Nexus with codenameandroid rom (ICS 4.0.3, more than a month old). The only fix for the moment is to restrict the background data for GServices :-(  but then no email notifications on time
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May 11, 2012
Hi everybody!

It seems I solved this issue! (At least for me)..

After further investigation of my logcat output, I had the hunch that maybe a System Update could be the cause for the high traffic volume, so I checked the System Update  View in my Settings and, well.. yes.. There was a System Update (to 4.0.4) being constantly downloaded but not installed. It said something like "Could not be installed or downloaded correctly". But I wonder, why would Google Services download a System Update, although I'm on a Custom ROM? And why would the Update be downloaded on Mobile Data, although I set Google Play to WiFi-only?
Also: I didn't even get a notification that a new update is being downloaded! 

However, I installed AOKP Milestone 5 after I found the above out and since then, no more problems! No high background data, no system update needed, nothing! Great, Issue solved! 

So I guess the System Update being downloaded, but not being able to install it, because I was using a Custom ROM was the issue here. 

So, after installing AOKP the first thing I did was to check whether I can limit System Updates to WiFi only, but AOKP doesn't even have the System Update View in Settings... So I'm guessing that the functionaliy was removed or disabled and I won't be bothered again by an OTA system update.

But I want to comment on your posts, too:, #2: Is your high traffic caused by Google Services Framework or by your E-Mail app? If it's by your E-Mail app and the traffic is only *upload* traffic, couldn't it be that you have a draft with is constantly uploaded? I don't think you would get *upload* traffic otherwise.
In my case it was strictly *download* traffic.. like something was downloaded by GSF.
But you seem to already have solved your issue..

@fixxxer, #3: In my case I didn't mess around with the DPI settings, so that could not have been the cause here.
Have you only reinstalled your ROM or installed an updated version?

@TDWBring, #7: 
If the high traffic comes back, try to disable sync for your "Browser" in your Google Account.. this was another issue some time ago.. but I don't know if this is also possible on 2.3.4.. The issue I reported happend on ICS (Android 4.0.x). 

I would highly recommend you update your rom to 4.0.4, or to be more precise an IMM76I based rom (like AOKP m5). Explanation see above! This should solve the issue for you too! Beceause ~40MB is exactly the update's size.

But my question to Google still remains: Why are System Updates being downloaded when I'm on 3G? I would highly recommend that this be changed to WiFi only, or at least make it a default setting. If some users want System Updates also when on 3G, ok, but I think the majority would be grateful if it's WiFi only.
Here in Germany you don't have unlimited data plans and if something like this happens at the beginning of a billing period you won't have much data left for the remaining time.
In my case, this issue used 70% of my monthly traffic volume (500MB), so that I'm no stuck with 80MB for over two weeks.. No more surfing, no more facebook for me until next month =(
Sep 20, 2012
I'm also seeing this problem on an HTC Desire HD handset on Vodafone UK.

Using Traffic Monitor and Watchdog I've discovered and Google Services Framework are to blame for huge data transfers over 3G (178mb in the last month).

"If you're seeing similar issues, you can collect details logs to attach or send privately:

from-desktop$ adb shell cat /data/system/packages.list > packages.txt
from-desktop$ adb shell dumpsys netstats detail full > fullstats.txt"

I'd like to send logs to help find a solution, but not sure where to use these commands (I'm no developer). Can anyone give me step-through?

Cheers, Lee
Oct 15, 2012
I am experiencing a similar problem with android 2.3 running on Samsung Ace 2. If you have any solution about it please send me.
Jan 3, 2013
I never found a solution - except only turning on mobile data when I needed it! I've now got an S3 with Jelly Bean so hopefully won't get this problem again.

The old handset (Desire HD) is going to be rooted and a custom ROM installed and gifted to my dad :o)
Jan 18, 2013
I am experiencing what looks like the same issue. HTC One V running ICS 4.0.3, all of a sudden (a few weeks ago) data traffic increased *a lot* - I had recently changed my plan and I was monitoring traffic so I noticed. 

According to app Traffic Monitor Plus, right now 95% of traffic is made of "System Traffic" (24%, of which 80% upload) and "android.uid.system:1000" (71%, 100% upload - ?!?). Not a developer so I do not really know what to think of this. Traffic from all installed apps sums up to 5%!

I am going to try and uninstall all recently added apps; I will monitor traffic and post results.
Mar 4, 2013
I have a Samsung t959v.  I use T mobile.  It is running Gingerbread.  I am NOT a guru, just barely a user.

I, too, suffer from continual leeching of my 200 MB data plan by "Market Downloader" and "Android OS + others" as per Onavo.  I installed a data switch that supposedly completely turns off data.  I have all programs that I know about set as WiFi only.

Where did this program come from?  Is there any way to remove it or make it stop using my data minutes?
Mar 4, 2013
Is this a T mobile problem, an Android problem, or a Samsung problem?
Mar 19, 2013
Last night my Galazy Nexus consumed all the data available on my data plan. More than 350MB to do a system update, 4.1 to 4.2. Is there a way to disbled this kind of updates to use Mobile Data?

Mar 25, 2013
same problem here .. Google Services using too much data .. any solution? this has started happening from a few weeks ago
Mar 25, 2013
This "solved" the problem for me:
Settings --> Privacy --> Backup my settings --> deselected

traffic for android.uid.system:1000 instantly dropped to zero. System traffic also decreased a lot, and what is left is now mostly download (was 80% upload before)

Not completely happy of course - I would rather not have this function disabled. however, data traffic bloodbath is over for now :-)

Mar 25, 2013
Project Member #19
mezzotoscano - are you by chance using any software that changes your wallpaper on a regular basis?  Or are you setting a new wallpaper by hand regularly?
Mar 26, 2013
I  disabled backup .. i'll see how it goes, even though in around 30 mins it aleady downloaded 500Kb :s
Mar 26, 2013
#19 - (groan) yes I run an app called Wallpaper Changer, it is set to swap wallpaper at regular intervals during the day. Do you mean settings backup uploads the wallpaper every time? 8-(

Not sure whether the issue started when I installed the app - I did not notice immediately - but it is possible. It is also one of the apps I did not disable while troubleshooting: I would never think of that!

Is it possible to exclude wallpaper from the settings backup?
Mar 26, 2013
#20 - looks like a different issue from mine - I had huge upload traffic and no download.
Mar 26, 2013
Project Member #23
mezzotoscano - it's not "settings backup," it's backup of anything that might want backing up.  Wallpapers *are* backed up, so every time yours changed, the bits were uploaded again.  That's ... less than ideal, I agree.
Jun 15, 2013
This report applies to a mobile Google application or service, and the issue tracker where you reported it specializes in issues within the Open Source source code of the Android platform.

We are not able to provide support for Google products in this issue tracker. Please use the Google Support site for help at or report this issue in the most appropriate Google Product Forum at!forum/en/ and especially in!forum/mobile

Status: WrongForum
Aug 28, 2013
SOLVED!!! i just updated Cyanogen mode to 10.1.2 on my nexus 4 and it solved
Oct 19, 2013
This is also happening to me. can someone tell me how to fix it (no tech language please) 

Nov 6, 2013
Erin - I'm afraid I didn't find a solution. My new phone with a more recent version of Android didn't have this problem.
Jun 2, 2014
Well I didn't read through all these comments, BUT My Majopr issue With Play Services is it's locking out all my Other APPS, Like E-mail (Don't use G-Mail), My Browsers, and about anything that uses the internet except GOOGLE APPS!  I haven't noticed any real data usage problems, And I'm on a limited Plan So I watch my data close!  Hell I'll Load up my Browser and Try to go to Google Search (My Home Page) and it will sit there from 1 to 2 Minutes trying to load, But the Minute I go in a force close Google Play Services the page loads, and EVERYTHING ELSE THAT USES THE INTERNET WORKS LIKE A CHARM!  YOU ALL REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS!!!
Jun 10, 2014
I don't know really what I'm doing but I knew to much data was being used and I thoughtthought I had been hacked....I even changed phones...I am using the LG g2 now and used network connections to monitor my data usage and I see this code st ever port and ip address.  Like I said I have no idea exactly what that means but I can't do it and im not using it.  Guess it's time to go take a class lol.
Jun 12, 2014
#30 pavel.galaton
Same problem with my nexus 4 on cyanogen mode, i think it tries to update to android 4.4.3 and constantly downloads that or i dont know what can cause that huge amount of data to be downloaded, 11gb on wifi and 1.5gb by mobile (limited by carrier) and now i need to pay around 50$ to the carrier for extra traffic it used. I have set those backup update only via WiFi! FIX THIS!.

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