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Issue 2739: Double SMS sendign bug
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Status:  Released
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Closed:  Jun 2013

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Reported by, May 22, 2009
After Cupcake update whenever I try to send a SMS using Messaging "New
Message", instead of one, there are 2 SMS sent with the same content. When
a thread is open (in a form of conversation), it does not occur.

Steps for reproduction:
1) open "Messaging",
2) tap "New message",
3) write recipient,
4) write the content of SMS,
5) tap "Send"
6) two SMS messages are sent with the same content and time stamp. 

When a "Conversation" is already started (a thread exists), everything
works fine. Problem occurs only when "New message" option is selected.
May 23, 2009
I have made a full reset to factory defaults and still problem persists. My current
system is as follows:
Firmware 1.5
Baseband version 62.505.20.17U_2.22.19.261
Kernel version 2.6.27-00393-g6607056 san@sandroid #1
Build number CRB43
May 24, 2009
#2 chuazy
I have the same issue as well. Same goes for calendar when I get double alerts.

Firmware 1.5
Baseband version 62.505.20.17U_2.22.19.261
Kernel version 2.6.27-00393-g6607056 san@sandroid #1
Build number CRB43

Jun 1, 2009
I see this too; it's a serious bug :-(
Jun 1, 2009
It is strange that no one from Google has any interest in this matter. I have
verified this problem with my friend who also uses G1 - he goes by the nick zajjar,
and with his phone, everything is OK. He has exactly the same hardware and software
so it beats me why in our case, 2 messages are sent. 
Jun 1, 2009

12th message in this thread notes that it seems to only happen when the contact
you're messaging is listed in your contacts by "LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME."  He notes that
if you rearrange as "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME," it doesn't cause a duplicate message to be
sent, leading to the observation that the comma in the middle is throwing a monkey
wrench into the messaging app's code.

I have tested this and can confirm that having a comma anywhere in the middle of or
at the very end of the contact name is causing the messaging app to send the new
message twice (it does not happen when the comma is at the very beginning of the
contact name).

I prefer alphabetizing by last name and would like to see this fixed. :(
Jun 1, 2009
Yes I agree that it is probably an issue with the comma.
Jun 2, 2009
It looks like MKindy has hit the nail on the head with this one - it's the comma 
issue. (I'd been thinking it was to do with having previously sent messages to 
multiple recipients, but I'm wrong in this...).

Anyway, definitely a serious issue - it's been a right pain to send group texts for 
the last few weeks.

I have thought that, for a company who built their name on search, the contact search 
on the G1 is poor as compared to my old windows device, (into which you could enter 
names either way round, just initials, and more besides...).

I would very much like to see this fixed, and soon. It is for sure my single bugbear 
with the device at this time.

Jun 2, 2009
Well, it is really nice when it comes to coma in contact's name. Before I bought my
G1, I haven't  had used Google contacts, and to be frank - I did not like the idea of
Google keeping such information. But why in my G1's users manual, there is an example
of contact with format: surname COMA name?!? So the manual in reality "points" to a
bug... That is really nice.
Jul 7, 2009
I'm a new user with a Magic I got yesterday. All my contacts where imported from a PC
running Outlook using HTC Sync. They are all (~250) formatted SURNAME, FIRSTNAME in
the directory.

When I tap Messaging/New message and add one of my contacts, the title bar of the
messaging app shows the recipient's name twice, comma separated - ie "SURNAME,
FIRSTNAME <PHONENO>, SURNAME,..." before being clipped by the edge of the display. I
assume it'd display the full listing twice if it could.

That recipient gets two copies of the text.

If I select the user from Contacts and send them a text from there, they're only
added once to the distro list and therefore only receive one copy.

Just some more info to assist!
I'll select the request update thingy on this issue (when I figger out how).
Jul 7, 2009
I've started using Chomp, which manages to get around this particular issue. Not quite 
what I'd hoped for, but there we go!
Jul 19, 2009
I uploaded a change to Gerrit to address this issue:
Jul 29, 2009
If it helps debugging at all - The issue does NOT happen when choosing to send an 
SMS via the Contact screen, only from the "New Message" on Messaging screen - 
whether or not there is an existing SMS thread.
Aug 7, 2009
Just called Tmobile, "g1 smartphone specialist", had no idea about the issue. All i
wanted was them to log this so if i go over the gay 400 msg limit i wont have to pay
for each msg over.
Aug 21, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: Component-Applications
Aug 24, 2009
 Issue 2805  has been merged into this issue.
Aug 31, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: Subcomponent-Messaging
Aug 31, 2009
 Issue 2767  has been merged into this issue.
Aug 31, 2009
 Issue 2819  has been merged into this issue.
Sep 18, 2009
if a coma causes double-sending, it seems possible this is an exploitable bug.  Has 
anyone tried purposefully putting a semicolon and then bash commands...?
Sep 18, 2009
All of my contacts are "Lastname, Firstname" and it only happens to some of them, and only from the 
Messages menu, not when sending a sms though the Contacts menu.
Sep 19, 2009
 Issue 3238  has been merged into this issue.
Sep 19, 2009
omattos: No, it's not exploitable bug.

Sep 21, 2009
My fix for this issue was merged into the Android Open Source Project tree today. It
will likely be in the F release of Android, but I don't know if it will be backported
to Donut or Eclair.
Sep 22, 2009
Please raise the priority of this bug from medium to critical because IT MAKES PEOPLE
Nov 18, 2009
This is definitely critical. I also get it on the Samsung Galaxy and when I cross-
send multiple messages to my buddies it costs me real money!

I also use the SURNAME, NAME format. This bug only happens when using "New Message" 
and then typing half of the name and selecting one entry from the list of 
suggestions. It gets added to the recipients' list TWICE. If I go to the recipients' 
list and check I can delete one of the entries manually and only one message will be 

Please fix this ASAP.
Dec 8, 2009
Been using Handcent SMS on my Droid for txt messaging, and have disabled the built-in
Messaging app's notification.  Sometimes, for some reason, messages I send will be

Messages are all sent from the 'conversation' view, not from the new message option.  
Dec 8, 2009
Sorry for rude answer but really, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING! I know that for an amercian
who saw a nice ad, I should be more understanding BUT CONTACT APP CREATOR, Handcent
is not supplied with Android compilation!
Dec 10, 2009
@johnmarkert, your answer is in fact rude and uncalled for. Why did you feel the 
need to jump at defilade1310s throat telling them to look elsewhere when you know 
for a fact that this issue is with core Cupcake/Donut functionality? Handcent is 
just added piece to the puzzle PROVING that it is Android, not Handcent. Postings 
like your reply just make it more difficult for Google because they have to sift 
through more nonsense than useful information. Handcent is an added piece to the 
puzzle and will help the Android team figure out the problem - hopefully soon.....


Dec 10, 2009
Dear drinky76 for your information:
Éclair is not Cupcake/Donut, besides that, there is no mastery, there is only faulty
code in android sms/mms application, not the core sending service provided by the os.
This site does not consider other applications than listed in standard Android
If you want to see how it is done properly than go for Cyanogen Mod. And there is no
"good work" on Google part, this OS as it is provided by Google has had some
seriously annoying bugs, version after version since 1.0.
Jan 9, 2010
I have observed a double-send situation with 2.0.1 on a Motorola Droid.  It seems, with this 
version to occur when choosing "Share" from the Camera app.
Mar 5, 2010
I'm ovserving a similar issue on Nexus One, during new messages and replies:
1) Start a new message
2) Write some text
3) Double-tap the enter key
4) Two outgoin messages appear in the thread and the recipient recieve two messages

Model: Nexus One
Firmware: 2.1-update1
Build number: ERE27
Jun 23, 2013
Pretty sure I remember that this was fixed
Status: Released
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