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Issue 26667: Daylight saving time calendar problem
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Reported by, Mar 9, 2012
This probably isn't the correct place for this but since i can't find anywhere else on the Android site or the main google site, this is where it's going.

Phone: Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE
OS version:4.0.2

Problem:Every calendar event after March 11th (start of daylight saving time) has been shifted back one hour from the time i put in. I entered each calendar event directly into the standard calendar app by hand, so it's not a problem with syncing from another source. I've searched both google groups and independent forums and found many people have had this same problem starting back in 2009 and there has been no response from google inc. anywhere that i could find.

What I expected: I expected that whatever time frame entered as an event would stay exactly as I saved it until I edited or removed it myself. It doesn't make sense that your app would assume that my event started earlier than the time specified for any reason.

Frankly, I can't understand why this issue has apparenly persisted for three years now.
Mar 9, 2012
What timezone are you in?
Status: Assigned
Mar 10, 2012
Eastern U.S.
Mar 10, 2012
So this problem is entirely within the Android application; you're not syncing to/from some outside server (i.e. Exchange, Google calendar, etc.)?   
Mar 10, 2012
No, no syncing at all. And i noticed after playing with it some more that when i edit the event it shows the times i put in. But the event on the calendar has adjusted times, both in app and on the widget.
Mar 10, 2012
I have the same issue.  Now that daylight savings time has occurred, it has modified all my calendar items to 1hr later than the original time.
Mar 11, 2012
@4 Please check the TIme Zone of your device; we're not aware of any issues
with the Calendar app.

@5 What device is this?  What OS version?  What time zone are you in, and
what time zone is your device set to?
Mar 11, 2012
Weirdly enough my calendar settings on my device were not set based on my home location eveb though my google calendar settingsonline were set to EST  

Im running ICS 4.0.1 kn a Galaxy Nexus.  I'll keep an eye on things next dst.
Mar 11, 2012
Thanks for the update!
Mar 11, 2012
Same problem with a few more details, should this help you resolve the problem ASAP.

I have Android phone, synch'ed with Google account. My carrier is AT&T. I am in Pacific Time zone.

The date/time on my phone is set to update automatically according to my locality.

Date/time on all my phones used to update/change automatically depending on where I was. But this year, it didn't happen. The phone that does not have data plan (i.e. non-smart phones) have been updated by AT&T's network to correcting date/time.

Also, my Google calendar is one hour behind, and my appointments are showing 1 hour late - which is a HUGE problem. For instance, 7 pm appointment on upcoming Tuesday I made last month shows 7 pm appointment on Tuesday on my Outlook after the time/date has been updated on my server and on my computer. On Google Calendar, the same appointment is now on 8 pm. If I followed Google Calendar, I could have been late for every appointment by an hour, which ruins our business.

My Google Calendar is set to PT. I do not see anywhere on the calendar where I can make sure DST can be enabled/disabled.

Thanks for updating and correcting this issue.
Mar 12, 2012
I had the same issue today and missed my first appointment because of it. This problem needs to be addressed right away!
Mar 12, 2012
My Google Calendar Application is 4.0.4 and all my events after March 11, 2012 have gone forward by 1 hour.  I use "Agenda Widget for Android" by "Everybody All the Time".  This has happened to me in past as well, please fix this!
Mar 12, 2012
Its to do with the date and time settings in the phone. Its thinks I'm on EST -4 when I'm supposed to be on EST-5 Google needs to fix this asap.
Mar 12, 2012
Project Member #13
Hi everyone,

I have investigated this type of issue worked with a number of users.  You will see this if the Event is set to a timezone that DOES NOT observe Daylight Savings(DLS) but the phone is set to a timezone that DOES observe DLS or the other way around. You will also see this problem if the two timezones observe DLS at different times of the year.

Please try the following:

1) Make sure your phone/tablet is in the correct timezone. Go to Settings -> Date & time -> Timezone. You probably have to disable Automatic to change it. Note that the timezone determines if and when to switch to and out of DLS. Having the correct time (i.e. GMT offset) is not enough. If you are not sure about your timezone, go to There were some bugs in past version where the device did not end up in the correct time zone.

2) Make sure the problem Events are in the correct timezone. You can do that directly in Calendar app (for Gingerbread 2.3 and above) assuming you have permission to modify the event. For older devices, you can do that on your computer. For events created on the phone, it can have a wrong time if the device was in the wrong time zone.

If you are still having problems, please reply with your model and build number (Settings -> About -> Build number). I may contact some of you for more info but not everyone.


Mar 12, 2012
Project Member #14
 Issue 26758  has been merged into this issue.
Mar 12, 2012
I have Service with Rogers as well as the person in  Issue 26758 .  Is there anyone else using Rogers/Fido?
Mar 12, 2012
I'm with Rogers also
Mar 12, 2012
Something is definitely wrong.  I just tried to create a new event, setting the Time Zone to (GMT-4:00) Atlantic Time for 10-11:00am on March 13th.  The event details shows up as on March 13th 10-11:00am Eastern Daylight Time.  On the Google Calendar website the even shows up at 10-11am on March 13th.

Another thing I thought was weird was that there are 2 items you can select for Time Zone when making a New Event for Eastern Time.  There is "(GMT-4:00) Eastern Standard Time" as well as "(GMT-4:00) Eastern Time".
Mar 12, 2012
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Mar 12, 2012
Project Member #19
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Mar 13, 2012
#20 gharkay
I just resolved this issue on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running ICS 4.0.2. The trick is that the correct time zone has to be set not just on the phone and in the calendar appointment, but also within the settings for the calendar app.

There seems to be some inconsistency in the way Google refers to Eastern Time, Eastern Standard Time, and Eastern Daylight Time. My phone settings display Eastern Daylight Time (as picked up from my carrier), but that time zone is not an option in the calendar app.  There it seems that Eastern Standard Time does not allow for daylight saving, but Eastern Time automatically switches between EST and EDT. I imagine it should be the same for other regions, too.
Mar 13, 2012
I originally posted 26758. In my date/time setting, I have selected 'automatic time zone'.  However, under the 'time zone' section, it says 'Eastern Daylight Time', which is blacked out since automatic is selected.

In the calendar, under the details of an event, 'Eastern Standard Time' is selected.

Bottom line, if I have 12:00PM set as the start time of an event, why is it changing?  My event times should have not changed at all.
Mar 13, 2012
Yea for some reason it has two options for eastern standard time but there should only be 1 option available. Our phones are picking the wrong option on the automatic selection. Make sure everybody stars this issue!
Mar 13, 2012
Also, seems like major issue between eastern standard time (gmt -5 hours) vs eastern daylight time (gmt -4 hours).
Mar 13, 2012
This is a major issue! Please fix!
Mar 13, 2012
there should only be one EST (eastern standard time) but there are two.
-4/-5. So our phones don't automatically know which one to pick.
Mar 13, 2012
Agreed. When i look at the calendar settings on my device, under home time zone there are two options for Eastern Standard time. One for -4 and one for -5.  This did not match devices date and time settings of -4. I've now manually set them to match but shouldn't have had to do that!

Mar 13, 2012
Project Member #28

I am trying to figure out whether your phones/tablets are picking the wrong time zone. Would you please perform the following steps?

1) Turn on "Automatic time zone" in Settings -> "Date & time".
2) Disable Home time zone from Calendar -> Settings -> General settings.
3) Select new event from the Calendar app
4) Set the time zone of the event to (GMT-7:00) Arizona
5) Set the start date of the event to Jan 1, 2012
6) Note the event time in the small gray text (that's the time of the event in your time zone)
7) Set the start date of the event to Jun 1, 2012.
8) Note the event time in the small gray text.

If the times in #6 and #8 differ by an hour, the time zone on your device observes Daylight saving time (DLS). If no change, the time zone for your device does not observe DLS.

If this is correct, please let me know. It is likely that the time zone on your events need to be fixed.

If this is incorrect, please provide the following information:
1) City/State and time zone
2) Mobile carrier
3) Make and model of your phone/tablet
4) Build Number from Settings -> About Phone

And below are my replies to some of your comments:
Eastern Time (without reference to Standard or Daylight) is what most of you want. That one will pick EST and EDT automatically based on the time of the year. If your region stays in Eastern Standard Time all year around, you can explicitly pick Eastern Standard Time.

If the time zone in "Date & time" is correct, you don't need to turn on "Home time zone" in Calendar. The app will default to the time zone in "Date & time" and display events in that time zone. "Home time zone" is for people travel to a different time zone but prefers to see their events in the "home" time zone. If your device's time zone is wrong, the right place to fix it is in Date & time. If the event time zone is wrong, the right place to fix it is in the events themselves.

> if I have 12:00PM set as the start time of an event, why is it changing?

Every event is associated with a time zone. If the time zone of the event is different from the time zone of the device, the time may change unexpectedly. For example, you are in New York (which observes DLS) and you have a weekly call with a person in Hawaii (which does NOT observe DLS). As your time zone moves in or out of daylight saving time, the phone needs to know whether shift the time of the event for you or for the person in Hawaii. If the event is in Eastern Time, the person in Hawaii will see the event move an hour on his/her phone. If the event is in Hawaiian Time, you (in NY) will see the event move an hour. What most (if not all) of you are seeing is a wrong time zone on the phone and/or wrong time zone on the event. (There is something called floating time zone which Android does not support. I explained why in

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope this helps.

Mar 13, 2012
OK I think I get it now.  I live in Toronto which does have Daylight Savings Time, however when I add an event, it defaults to Eastern Standard Time.  However, in "Date & Time", I have Automatic Time Zone checked and it states the time zone as GMT-4:00, Eastern Daylight Time.

So why doesn't it default to Eastern Time?
Mar 13, 2012
Also Eastern Standard Time in the Calendar should be GMT-5:00 instead of GMT-4:00 like it states in "Date & Time".  Having both Eastern Time and Eastern Standard Time on GMT-4:00 is very confusing.
Mar 14, 2012
Hi Mike,

I followed your steps and the times did differ by an hour, so it looks like my device is observing Daylight Savings Time.

I was however having the same problem as others above. But 2 days ago all my events on Google Calendar, the web client, moved forward an hour (this was after I was playing around with setting the Home time zone in the Android Calendar app). My web client shows my Time Zone as "(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time - Toronto".

When I changed some of my events to the correct time (moving them back an hour), they appear correctly on my Android device as well. The strangest events are the repeating ones which happened an hour later after DST (so 11:45am instead of 10:45am), but when I moved them back an hour and changed all events (future and past), they all aligned at 10:45am.

However, I can only change the events that I know about. As you can image, there's a whole bunch of upcoming events that might be off by an hour and might not be. I have no idea until I either remember or check with another source. This is very troublesome and I'm worried that I'm going to miss appointments and meetings because of this.
Mar 14, 2012
For people who travel often like myself , its is bothersome to have to  manually set the zone, it should automatically always get the time zone correct therefore this is a bug that needs!
Mar 14, 2012
My Samsung galaxy phone did the same to my calender events. I missed one appointment yesterday without knowing why. Today, I found all my events had been shifted back one hour by chance. When I click on the event, it shows the right time. But on calender, it is put on the wrong spot. I could have missed my flight if I didn't find this out. Very frustrated. A terrible bug!!
Mar 14, 2012
I think there was alot of confusion because in Calendar > General Preferences > Use Home Time Zone > Home Time Zone..... there were multiple settings for Eastern standard time.  Currently there are two identical entries for GMT -4 Eastern Standard Time.

Before DST had passed, the two entries were GMT -5 and GMT -4 with the same label (Eastern Standard Time).  

So the solution for most of us Eastern Standard time is: If the time zone in "Date & time" is correct, you don't need to turn on "Home time zone" in Calendar.

It's too bad it mucked things up for everyone that had home time zone enabled :|  
Mar 15, 2012
Is there any update on this issue?
Mar 15, 2012
Huge problem.  I've never had to do this on any previous smartphone that I've owned (PalmOS, WindowsCE/Mobile, Blackberry).  I did not have "Use home time zone" enabled.  I had to enable it, and switch it manually to GMT-4:00 Eastern Time.  I hope when we "fall back" that I don't have to experience something similar again.

Mar 15, 2012
Project Member #38
Sorry for the inconvenience. I had requested some info in comment #28 to help me debug this issue. One person replied and the phone was in the correct time zone.  At this point, I am not sure if the phone is in the wrong time zone or the events had the wrong time zone. And for the phones that are in the wrong time zone,  I want to know whether it affects people in Eastern Time or other time zone as well.

#29 #30. New event defaulting to the wrong time zone. I emailed Ichijin off thread to get more info

#31 In general, I don't recommend changing the time but instead change the time zone unless you are absolutely sure the time zone is correct and that the time is wrong.

#32 Agree. This is a temporary solution. I am still trying to gather info on whether this only affect eastern time or not.

#35 I agree. I will look into that.

#37 Could you read comment #28 and let me know whether you phone is in the right time zone?

Mar 15, 2012
It is now after I set it manually.  My phone's time did move forward one hour once it synchronized to the mobile carrier... I can't remember what the timezone was though.  Sorry.
Mar 15, 2012
the problem is that the phone is automatically selecting GMT-4 instead of GMT-5 (GMT-5 is my time zone) im on rogers, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

If manually set to the correct time zone then everything is ok, but then every-time I travel to another country i'd have to change the time zone, thats stupid.

settings/date&time/automatic time zone: is setting me to GMT-4 (wrong time zone): Eastern Daylight Time, that is not my time zone, im GMT-5 (eastern standard time).

Changing the calendar to use home time zone and setting your time zone, and PLANNING your events in THAT home time zone so that they don't shift outside the WRONG timezone is ONE bypass method, but this is stupid because this means that your calendar will not adjust your appointments to a new time zone AGAIN IF YOU TRAVEL. 

what is so hard to understand about this issue??

the bottom line is the phone is not automatically detecting the correct timezone, 
settings/date&time/automatic time zone....and thus is putting me in a GMT-4, WHEN IM IN GMT-5 (eastern standard time).


*This problem only seemed to occur after the recent change in daylight savings time, prior to this is didn't exist, or not that i noticed.  
Mar 15, 2012
I have experienced this same problem since the change to DST on my samsung galaxy apollo ( model GT-I5800D) with telus as the service provider.  All events added before the change to DST have been moved 1 hour ahead.

My build number is FROYO.TLKDA.  

the phone is set to use network provided date and time values.  It seems to think it should be GMT -04:00 Eastern Daylight Time. I am in Toronto, Canada.

I have never altered the time zone of my events in google calendar is set to  (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time-Toronto.

help is greatly appreciated.  

As an experiment, I manually shifted the time zone on my phone.  This corrected the problem on the phone for events programmed before the change to DST, but screwed up the ones added after.  Google calendar was then incorrect. I could also adjust the time zone on google calendar.  This seems to be a bit silly though.

Mar 16, 2012
Hi Mike,

I did as you asked in comment # 28.  

The times in #6 and #8 differed by an hour.

1) City/State and time zone: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, EST
2) Mobile carrier: Rogers
3) Make and model of your phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
4) Build Number from Settings -> About Phone: ITL41F.I9250UGKL1


Mar 18, 2012
Hi Mike!

First, thanks for stepping in and trying to lend assistance here. 

I'm also in Toronto, ON and dealing with issues similar to those mentioned above.  And seriously, after going through this LAST YEAR, I would have expected this to be ironed out by now.  

My phone: Samsung Galaxy S Model SGH-T959D
Firmware: 2.2
Carrier: Telus Mobility 

I was going to carry out the test outlined in post 28, but don't have the calendar setting mentioned – Disable Home Time in General Settings.  Is this setting version specific??
What's going wrong:  I have my Settings >Time/Date > set to auto.  Device shows GMT -04:00 EDT, which is correct.  HOWEVER, any calendar events that were entered prior to the time change, and were set for a time after the change, have been moved forward an hour.  For example, an event scheduled at 10AM is now showing 11AM.  I have no way of knowing – without calling everyone I've set up an appointments with and verifying the time – if all of my events have jumped forward by an hour, or just some.  In speaking to a friend that also has a Samsung, but a different handset and still running 2.1, they are having the exact same problem.  

In my version of Calendar, I have no settings for time zone, or time for that matter, so I can only assume that calendar should be culling the time from device settings, which are right.  Should I assume that's NOT what's happening?  When I dealt with this craziness last year, I found that my desktop version of G Calendar, where I actually have a time zone setting, shows GMT -05:00 ET for Toronto – which should be Eastern Standard Time (EST) BTW, with no option for eastern daylight time (EDT).  Since I have no need to sync my desktop with my device, at least as far as my calendar goes, I set my phone not to sync with G Calendar, hoping that would solve the problem at my end.  When things didn't screw up last fall when we went back to EST, I thought that was it.  Now I realize that didn't fix anything, and I'm dealing with a 12 month old problem all over again.  And how does it make sense that this is only an issue in the spring when we move from EST to EDT??  Because to the best of my recall, that is what has/hasn't happened.  

If I'm just stupid, and have something set wrong, please let me know.  I can deal with that.  If this is something wrong at your end, please fix it!!  Hoards of people pointed out this exact same thing 12 months ago, and what?  We were just blown off?   Because the issue still exists.  

If there is more info I can provide you with, I'll gladly provide it.  As stated above I was about to carry out your test in post 28, but don't have the Calendar options you specified.  I'm still running 2.2 on my phone, and after the nightmare of updating from 2.1 to 2.2 (Samsung's fault, not Google's!) I decided not to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3.   Perhaps there is another way I can test?  

Anxiously waiting some positive input from you...

Mar 18, 2012
Yikes!   Just doing a little more reading in this thread, and guys, please don't confuse this issue even further!!

@ #42 rdmat and #43 micheal, we are NOT in -05:00 EST here in T.O.  We are in -04:00 EDT (eastern daylight time, meaning we are now getting more daylight!)  Our carriers, Rogers/Telus are providing our devices with the correct network time.  This in not where the problem lies.  Rogers/ Telus know what time zone we're in here in little old Canada.  

Do a little research for yourselves.  Google is a wonderful thing... to some extent only, I guess!  :) :) 

Mar 18, 2012
Looking through this thread, it looks like it's only an issue for people in the Toronto Time Zone setting (I'm also in Toronto). Has anyone else had this happen to them in another Time Zone setting? Is this a Canadian thing? A Toronto thing?
Mar 19, 2012
I live in Hawaii (GMT-10 HST) which does NOT observe daylight savings time.

My problem is similar in nature.  The times of some of my appointments shifted, but under further investigation it appears that some, but not all, of my appointments magically switched from GMT-10 to GMT-9 as shown in the time zone of the appointment editing screen.  I know I did not change the time zone on these items.  Not all appointments are affected.  The items were single date appointments and were all entered via the phone.

The DST Time Zone test presented in post 28 above passed with no time change.

Phone Settings is set to carrier time "Automatic Date & Time" and "Automatic Time Zone" both selected
(In grey it displays under "Select Time Zone" "GMT-10:00, Hawaii-Aleution Standard Time") Note: If manually selected, GMT-9 is not available as an option. 

In Calendar Settings, General Preferences.  "Use home Time Zone" is NOT selected.
(In grey "Home Time Zone" incorrectly displays "(GMT-9:00) Hawaii-Aleution Standard Time") Note the difference in time but not description.

When creating a new appointment the time zone correctly defaults to "(GMT-10 Hawaii)".  

I do not see how many of my appointments could have accidentally switched to GMT-9:00 since changing the time zone on an appointment requires several steps: 1) Click on time zone, 2) Click on Show All, 3) Select alternate time zone from scroll list.

Perhaps others are having this same problem.  
I only noticed it when I tried to change the time on a previously made 3/17 appointment and noticed it displayed the same time in the Calendar Day View after advancing the start time an hour.  Only later did I discover the time zone had changed.

1) Honolulu/HI and GMT-10
2) T-Mobile
3) Samsung Galaxy Nexus  Android 4.0.2, Kernel: 3.0.8-gaaa2611 android-build@apa28#1
4) Build Number from Settings -> About Phone - Build Number ICL53L

Mar 19, 2012
The times in #6 and #8 differed by an hour.

1) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2) WIND Mobile
3) Samsung Galaxy Nexus
4) ITL41F.I9250UGKL1
Mar 19, 2012
Make and Model: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Firmware: 4.0.3
Build Info's: ITL41F, YAKJU.
Carrier: Rogers Wireless
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Baseband: I9250UGKL1

Mar 19, 2012
Same issue, all calendar appointment times are off by one hour for my Xperia X10a.
currently observing DST in Toronto.

Android OS 2.3
Calendar Build Version 2.3.3

Time Zone options are either -0400GMT or -0500 GMT which is not exactly accurate.
We need to have DST support on these phones.

Wireless provider (Rogers, ON, Canada) is providing the network with the correct date and time. Calendar Sync is not.

Details you've asked for:

If this is incorrect, please provide the following information:
1) Kitchener, Ontario Canada (America/Toronto)
2) Rogers
3) Xperia x10a
4) Android 2.3, Baseland 2.1.71, Build 3.0.1.G.0.75

As a note, when I go directly to my Calendar @ Google (via PC) I see that the only options for the Event Time Zone are as follows:

<option value="America/Toronto">(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time - Toronto</option>
<option value="America/Vancouver">(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time - Vancouver</option>
<option value="America/Whitehorse">(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time - Whitehorse</option>
<option value="America/Dawson_Creek">(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time - Dawson Creek</option>
<option value="America/Edmonton">(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time - Edmonton</option>
<option value="America/Yellowknife">(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time - Yellowknife</option>
<option value="America/Regina">(GMT-06:00) Central Time - Regina</option>
<option value="America/Winnipeg">(GMT-06:00) Central Time - Winnipeg</option>
<option value="America/Iqaluit">(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time - Iqaluit</option>
<option value="America/Montreal">(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time - Montreal</option>
<option value="America/Halifax">(GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time - Halifax</option>
<option value="America/St_Johns">(GMT-03:30) Newfoundland Time - St. Johns</option>

Mar 20, 2012
re my last comment (@ #51)
one thing to add.

As noted, I am currently in a location that is observing DST
Specifically: Ontario Canada, currently EDT

This bug only affects those events that were created during EST, for dates after EDT time Change on March 11th, 2012

Example: New event was created on or around February 15th, 2012. Event was scheduled to occur on March 19th, 2012 @ 3:00 PM. But because of the March 11, time shift... this event then appeared as 4:00 PM.

Further to that, when I edited the same event, changing the date and TIME, to April 11, 2012 @ 3:30 PM, the time still Appeared 1 hour off @ 4:30 PM.

If my wife updates this Calendar event on her phone (we share a calendar) and sets the time to 3:30 PM, my Calendar on my Phone then sees the correct time.

Further to that, if I create a new event today, the events have the correct time.

Any events created prior to the March 11, 2012 time shift for DST for dates/times AFTER March 11, 2012 are 1 hour off (+1 hour) from their actual expected / set time.

Any events created after the March 11, 2012 time shift for DST for dates/times going forward are showing the correct time as expected, however, it's a safe bet that they will break if they are set for November 5th, 2012 forward.

Mar 21, 2012
For whatever reason the -5 time zone is listed a central time in the phone settings. Which is incorrect. It should be eastern time or eastern standard time. I've manually set my phone to central time-5 to allow all my apps to function on this time zone, not just calendar. But this is stupid and needs to be fixed asap.
Please everybody star this issue!
Mar 28, 2012
I have missed a few appointment and just figured out what was going on-  ridiculous.  I have an HTC inspire/ATT/android 2.3.3
HTC Sense Version 2.1

I have also tried all suggested fixes above to no avail.  I look forward to a quick resolution.  

Mar 31, 2012
This issue is not specific to any area of Canada. I live in central Kansas, use a Droid 4 Motorola, and had similar problems. When I follow the instructions in #28 I discovered that in my phone's main Settings/Date and Time it says "(GMT-6.00)Central Daylight Time".   In Settings within Calendar it says "(GMT-5.00)Central Time", and can't be modified. I have the phone set to automatically use "network-provided values. 

In Android calendar about half of my individual event times are an hour ahead, somee recurring appointments are an hour behind, and others, both indiviual events and recurring events, correct. Repeated syncs failed to correct the problem. I can't find a way to figure out what "time zone events were created in", or modify that. 

This all happened after DST went into effect! What did Google do in their recent calendar updates to screw all of this up?

I can't conceive of why Google/Android calendar would change an appointment time becasue DST was or was not in effect. You change your phone/clock time. The appointment time stays the same! This is not a glitch in the phones or within carriers. This has to be a glitch within the last update or two, because it didn't used to happen, no matter when the DST started or ended.

Apr 3, 2012
Same here. In Dallas -5gmt. I fixed everthing from the last time change, now am fixing again. Should not be this complexe, should it? Windows phone was never an issue. Hope this is fixed.
Apr 3, 2012
My question is why the hell this issue still isn't fixed yet?!
Apr 3, 2012
When apple had a time issue with their OS it was fixed right away wth an update patch!
Apr 4, 2012
Can anyone provide a definitive solution to this issue?

I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc running Android 2.3.4.

Settings - Date & time - Automatic shows correct time zone ("GMT -04.00, Eastern Daylight Time")

So in Calendar - Settings, can I just un-check "Use home time zone" to fix this problem (understanding fix will apply only to new calendar entries). 

Or should I leave "Use home time zone" checked, and select "(GMT -4:00) Eastern Time" as Home time zone? If I select this one, will it automatically shift me back to "GMT -5:00" when we switch off DST in the fall?

Or should I leave "Use home time zone" checked, and select "(GMT -4:00) Eastern Standard Time" as home time zone? If I select this one, I assume it will not  automatically shift me back to "GMT -5:00" when we switch off DST in the fall?

I still don't understand why calendar has both of the above "(GMT -4:00)" options available for selection. There is no such thing as "(GMT -4:00) Eastern Standard Time". Eastern Standard time is always GMT - 5:00.

Apr 10, 2012
I also am running a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc running Android 2.3.4

I am in Nova Scotia Canada and in the Atlantic Time Zone

I have the same problem.  My phone calendar and my Google Calendar are 1 hour apart.  A change to my phone calendar changes my Google calendar and vice versa.  My phone is set for automatic network time and my Google calendar is set for Atlantic Standard Time (GMT -4:00)  When I go to set an event on the phone calendar, it lists the correct time and then the time one hour behind in brackets as Atlantic Standard Time.  My time zone is always GMT - 4:00 but I have the option to select manually Atlantic Daylight Time GMT-3:00.  This time does not exist.

It has been said many time above but is there a way to fix this or am I destined to second guess the times in my calendar until the fall comes around again?

Apr 12, 2012
I also experience this problem in Dublin, Ireland. We observe the same time zones as British Summer Time GMT+1 and GMT for winter time. 

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S
Android: 2.3.6
Carrier: Vodafone IE 

An interesting observation I can throw into the mix from here is that I sync calendar events from zimbra calendar using ActiveSync. All calendar events have the correct timezone set on them on my desktop calendar - GMT/GMT+1 Dublin,London...  

However, whenever I open any of those events on the phone, it shows the timezone as being  Africa/Abidjan 

If however, I go into the calendar and select Create New, and click time zone, it shows it defaulting to (GMT+1) Western European Time - which is exactly what I would expect. 

Apr 13, 2012
Follow-up to #64

I found a reference to on the web, and tried it from my phone's browser. It sees me as being in Ireland and with the correct time of day - so that would appear to rule out the Network broadcasting the wrong timezone I think - right ? 

I also created 2 new recurring appointments in my synched calendar - one on the server and one on the android phone. 

The server appointment syncs to iOS5 and WM 6.5 phones correctly - holding the same time across the DST change in October - with November's appointments still showing at the correct time of day. However, when synched to my android phone, the time shifts one hour earlier for the November appointment. Android is not handling the DST switch correctly here. 

For the new appointment created on the android phone - the appointment time holds through the DST change, and November appointments are showing at the correct time of day. When this appointment synched to the server, it also shows correctly. And, when it subsequently synched out to iOS5 and WM6.5 both of those were correct too. 

And, as with my observation on the strange timezone yesterday - 
If I select the android created appointment on my phone's calendar - it shows the Appointment Subject, The date/time, The Calendar Name, and the Repeat Monthly
If however, I select the server created appointment - In addition to showing the details as above - just under the Subject and data/time in a dim font it shows (Africa/Abidjan) and the Date/Time associated with that time zone. 

I think the problem lies in android's interpretation of the zimezone object being passed from the server to the phone for appointments. 
It is possible the code is ignoring the timezone name being passed over and instead doing a search through the timezone database looking for the first timezone it finds that matches the supplied offset/bias - and simply storing the appointment with that timezone  
Apr 13, 2012
Here is a small Java Class to highlight what I believe is happening. 

The comment at the top shows a TimeZone  BLOB as supplied by ActiveSync. This needs to be used in order to generate a SimpleTimeZone object with which to do comparisons on TimeZones. 

The representations of the dstendweek = 5 for example becomes -1 for Java, and the dstbias = -60 (minutes) becomes  3600000 (milliseconds), etc. 

Having created the myTimeZone object ...
Doing a lookup based solely on the rawOffset yields a long list of 54 matching Time Zones. Note that the FIRST MATCHING TIME ZONE is Africa/Abidjan - THIS IS THE ONE THAT SHOWS IN MY CALENDAR FOR SYNCHED APPOINTMENTS.

However, using the other supplied information - The dst use, dst bias, and start and end details, this list is narrowed down to just 16 matching Time Zones. All of these follow the same daylight savings rules. And, using any one of them as the base timezone for my synched appointments would keep them in the right place. 

Finally, a hasSameRules check reveals that none of the above 100% matches my created SimpleTimeZone - but ... that is most likely down to 4th Sunday versus last Sunday, or similar nuances. 

The following code was named  and run through Eclipse Java

import java.util.*;

 *  Timezone Object (local timezone) :[Array
    [bias] => 0
    [name] => Europe/London
    [stdname] => GMT/BST
    [dstendyear] => 0
    [dstendmonth] => 10
    [dstendday] => 1
    [dstendweek] => 5
    [dstendhour] => 2
    [dstendminute] => 0
    [dstendsecond] => 0
    [dstendmillis] => 0
    [stdbias] => 0
    [dstname] => GMT/BST
    [dststartyear] => 0
    [dststartmonth] => 3
    [dststartday] => 1
    [dststartweek] => 5
    [dststarthour] => 1
    [dststartminute] => 0
    [dststartsecond] => 0
    [dststartmillis] => 0
    [dstbias] => -60
    [timezone] => 0
    [timezonedst] => -60


public class tzRecognizer {

	public static void main( String[] args) {
		SimpleTimeZone myTimeZone = new SimpleTimeZone(0,
                Calendar.MARCH, -1, Calendar.SUNDAY,
                3600000, SimpleTimeZone.UTC_TIME,
                Calendar.OCTOBER, -1, Calendar.SUNDAY,
                7200000, SimpleTimeZone.UTC_TIME,

		int offset = myTimeZone.getRawOffset();
	    System.out.print("The supplied offset in the Calendar BLOB is : " );
	    System.out.println( offset);
		String[] myTZmatches = TimeZone.getAvailableIDs(offset);

	    System.out.print("\nALL the available IDs are for given offset :\n\n");
	    for (int i=0; i<myTZmatches.length; i++)
	      System.out.println(myTZmatches[i] );
	    System.out.print("\n\nSUBSET of available IDs that match on DST, RawOffset and UseDaylightTime :\n");
  	    System.out.println(" - DST Savings:" + myTimeZone.getDSTSavings() + ", RawOffset:" + myTimeZone.getRawOffset() + ", UseDaylightTime:" + myTimeZone.useDaylightTime() + "\n" );
	    for (int i=0; i<myTZmatches.length; i++)
	      TimeZone compare = TimeZone.getTimeZone(myTZmatches[i]);
	      if ((myTimeZone.getDSTSavings() == compare.getDSTSavings()) &&
	          (myTimeZone.getRawOffset() == compare.getRawOffset()) &&
	          (myTimeZone.useDaylightTime() == compare.useDaylightTime())) {

	    	  System.out.println(myTZmatches[i]  );


	    System.out.print("\nSUBSET of available IDs that match on ALL RULES ()depends on tz database and construction of SimpleTimeZone):\n");
	    for (int i=0; i<myTZmatches.length; i++)
	      TimeZone compare = TimeZone.getTimeZone(myTZmatches[i]);
	      if (myTimeZone.hasSameRules(compare)) {
		      System.out.println( myTZmatches[i] + " MATCHES ON ALL RULES \n");



And finally, the output from running the class 


The supplied offset in the Calendar BLOB is : 0

ALL the available IDs are for given offset :


SUBSET of available IDs that match on DST, RawOffset and UseDaylightTime :
 - DST Savings:3600000, RawOffset:0, UseDaylightTime:true


SUBSET of available IDs that match on ALL RULES ()depends on tz database and construction of SimpleTimeZone):


Apr 16, 2012
I also ran tests with the above code adjusted for 

Europe/Brussels - which is one hour ahead of GMT, and observer daylight savings. The first matching time zone returned was  Africa/Algiers  which does not observe daylight savings. 

America/Toronto - which is 5 hours behind GMT, and observer daylight savings. The first matching time zone returned was  America/Atikokan  which does not observe daylight savings. 

I have seen people in both of these two time zones complaining about the shifing appointments - and the behaviour appears to be consistent. 

Apr 23, 2012
Project Member #69
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Apr 23, 2012
To me this ought to be classed as more than a Priority-Medium 

It hardly comes under the "nice-to-have" feature list. 

If you want android to be taken seriously by business users - the very least we expect is that calendar appointments appear at the correct time in the calendar. 

Apr 24, 2012
Is there still not a fix to this issue?!? And, if there ever is, how long will it take to distribute?  Android is notoriously slow with updates.  I'm running 4.0.1 and the system has not been updated to newer versions.

This is very disappointing.  I like android, but this type of basic functionality should not be an issue.

If this isn't fixed soon, bye bye android, hello apple. It seems as though ios is more polished, reliable and updates more seamlessly.
Apr 26, 2012
I think Vincent is on to something. Events entered in my phone got messed up around DLS. If I look at those events on the Web interface, they list a timezone of America/Atikokan (instead of America/Toronto). On the phone those same events are labeled EST / EDT. If I edit the event on the phone, the timezone drop-down lists Eastern Standard Time twice with two different offsets. Deleting the timezone using the Web interface seems to make it work properly on the phone.

It seems (from crude reading of 3GPP notes) that cell provided time includes:
- UTC: universal time
- LTZ: local time zone, expressed as 15-minute offsets from UTC
- DLS: daylight savings offset of +0 +1 +2 hours

This would suggest that during winter, there would be no way to know based on network time what the timezone rules are. If the simple check in Comment 67 were used on solely this information, we'd get the incorrect timezone. Then after the DLS begins, the phone would just assume you moved to a new location with a different timezone, thus displaying wrong calendar times.

This is only guesswork and I'm unsure about the cell tower timezone stuff as well (check GSM NITZ). Either way, the display of timezone names in Calendar app is confusing.
Apr 26, 2012
Project Member #73
Hi all,

That's correct. The root cause is that the phone is in the wrong time zone. This is not specific to the Toronto region.

As wrote, the phone can get the time (in UTC), GMT offset (e.g. -4 or -5), whether daylight savings (DLS) is in effect from (most) mobile carriers. In addition, it can usually also get the country as well. When DLS is in effect, that's enough to pick the correct time zone. When the carrier removes the DLS offset in the winter, the phone does not know whether the region observes DLS or not. In the Toronto case, it has to choose between America/Toronto (with DLS) or America/Atikokan (without DLS) and gets it wrong.

Any event created during the winter will be in the America/Atikokan (-5). In March, the phone switches to America/Toronto (-4) because of the DLS info from the carrier. Events in America/Atikokan (-5) will appear to have one hour later than before.

You will not be forgotten. I am pushing hard to get this fixed asap. (I work on calendar, not the OS)

Thank you for your patience,
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Apr 27, 2012
Great to hear you are pushing for a fix - and delighted to see the priority bump. 

Just to be sure you are aware - the display of the second timezone Africa/Abidjan for ActiveSync synched appointments shows all year round. It is not just something that has started happening since the DST switch over. See attached screen capture from phone.

If I can help you with testing in any way - I am more than happy to do so. 

25.1 KB   View   Download
May 25, 2012
The thing I find most confusing is why in the phone settings, when I check "Automatic Time Zone", the time zone is named:

"GMT -4:00, Eastern Daylight Time"?

But if I choose it manually I only get:

"Eastern Time GMT -4:00"?

What if I live in a location within EST that does not observe DST?  Shouldn't there be a checkbox to note your time zone as well as whether or not you follow DST?

Then if I go into the Calendar app and make a new event and change the time zone, I get these as options:

"(GMT -4:00) Eastern Standard Time"
"(GMT -4:00) Eastern Time"

Which one is correct if I do not observe DST and which one is correct if I do?  The choices are ambiguous?  Shouldn't the choices in both screens be just the time zone with a checkbox as to whether you observe DST or not?

"(GTM -5:00) Eastern Standard Time"
DST Enabled = Yes

This would make it much less confusing.
May 25, 2012
I cannot believe this problem isn't fixed yet, unbelievable..
Jun 4, 2012
Similar problem.  Android Galaxy Nexus.  If I set an appointment within the Calendar App on phone and invite people, the appointment shows up as one hour later.

8am appointment set in Phone
9am appointment sent to guests and in my Google Calendar online

I was able to fix it by setting the in-Phone Calendar App to GMT -4:00 EST. 
IMPORTANT:  Even though the checkbox (in-phone Calendar app>>General Preferences>>)was set to 'Use home time zone' the time zone showing up was (GMT -5:00) Eastern Standard Time which is why the times weren't matching up.  However, this is not the time zone that should be showing up for EST.  This option is the last zone in the drop-down list and seems to be needs to be removed, or the name changed.

Jun 6, 2012
My problem is that on my Android tablet the appoinemnt times I enter are correct but my online google calendar is off on all of my appointments by 6 hours!  I have tried everything to fix this but have been unable to.

Any suggestions???
Jun 15, 2012
I see the same problem on my Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) on EDT in New Jersey.
An appointment entered before the time change showed up in my calendar view as starting 1hr later than it should.  The appointment entry shows the time as 9:20 am. When I 'edit' the appointment, it shows the correct start time (8:20 as entered instead of 9:20 as shown on the calendar) and shows the time zone as "(GMT-5:00) Eastern Standard Time".

I'm using the stock android calendar app and running ICS 4.0.4.  I just got the upgrade last week; I didn't notice this issue until then but can't swear it wasn't happening on 4.0.3
Jun 15, 2012
Project Member #81

The time zone in the event is wrong. Can you tell me how the event was entered? phone,, outlook, etc

Anyways, you can fix the event by editing the timezone?

Jun 15, 2012
The event was entered on the phone. It was created before the standard to
daylight time change (dental appointment).  I had the phone set to get the
time zone from the network.

Editing the time zone did fix the problem but only after I was late.

Daylight savings isn't the same as travelling between time zones; is the
calendar trying to handle them identically?

Jun 15, 2012
Project Member #83
Hi Don,

Sorry about your late appointment and thanks for getting back to me.

The problem was that the phone picked the wrong time zone in the winter time when the event was created. The carrier tells the phone that it is GMT-5 but does not tell it the time zone or whether daylight saving time (DST) is observed in the region. The phone had to guess and picked the one doesn't support DST. When the event was created, the phone's time zone (non-DST) was used. That's why fixing the event time zone caused the event to show up at the proper time.

I am pushing hard to get this fixed. In the meantime, you can override the phone timezone under Settings or the app time zone in Calendar's Settings.

Jun 18, 2012
You can override the timezone, but the problem is that the correct timezone doesn't exist. The only option available for Eastern Time is GMT -4:00.
Jun 20, 2012
Looks like GMT -5:00 has been added to the Calendar. Hopefully the Date/Time fix is coming soon.
Jun 21, 2012
Project Member #86
Hi Mark,

Eastern Time is currently GMT -4:00. Do you really want GMT -5:00?

In any case, "Eastern Time" is the correct time zone assuming you want it to switch between EST and EDT automatically.

Jun 22, 2012
I'd like Eastern Daylight Savings Time...which isn't currently an option. I assumed that Eastern GMT -5:00 had recently been added as a precursor to a fix coming, but it's possible that it was always in the Calendar.
Jun 22, 2012
I'm having the exact problem on my ASUS Transformer Tablet, but this only started this week- it's been behaving fine until then. All new appointments that I add on GMail calendar online are fine and show up on my HTC phone correctly, but on my ASUS tablet are and hour early, and all of these are set to Automatic system time, but it I over-ride this on the table to GMT I get the error, but if I select London manually from the list I get the correct times. But times of events booked ahead for after DST ends are all crazy.?!?!?
Jul 10, 2012
I have an HTC Wildfire S.  Android vs 2.3.5.  HTC Sense Version 2.1.  Software Number

I have been struggling with the calendar being a full hour later than it should be for ALL calendar entries.  I have one email calendar - i.e. Lotus Notes. This is synced via RIM onto my Blackberry (work) phone.  I then use the Transfer option to bluetooth my calendar and contacts over to my HTC (personal) phone.  All calendar entries are moved forward an hour.  i.e. should be 08h30 but shows as 09h0.

The problem occurs when I have the automatic update to network provided values selected (GMT+1 for London) and also when i deselect the Automatic option and set time myself.  The only way I have managed to fix this is to deslect Automatic update, change the time zone to GMT+00:00 Western European Time and then change the time manually (it went back an hour - so instead of being 13h00 it changed back to 12h00).  My calendar moves back the hour as well - which is correct.

The interesting thing is that some of the wall papers with clocks showing on them are now incorrect and show and hour ahead.  this happened only when I changed the time from 12h00 to 13h00 using the Set Time option in Date & Time settings.  So instead of showing as 13h00 these wallpapers options now show as 14h00.

I'll change my wallpaper so it doesn't confuse.

Definitely a problem with core software and not just an americas problem by any means.
Jul 30, 2012
I have spent 2 hours here trying to figure all this out and am more confused than even reading this thread.  I don't think I'll be using google calendar app for my android as a result.  please let me know when there is an update in software to correct this problem, otherwise, this app is as of now worthless to me, and a huge inconvenience to my business.  
Jul 30, 2012
Why has this problem not been addressed yet?!???!?!+??
Aug 13, 2012
I am also disappointed that this bug-problem has not been corrected. 
Aug 17, 2012
It has been 4 months since I gave what I believe to be a clear explanation of the root cause of this issue. Why is there no progress being made on fixing it. 

Calendaring is one of the most important functions of any "business use" phone - and this bug is demonstrating serious shortcomings in the android calendar support. And, for most of us - it is just 2 months before this bites us in the a$$ again when the clocks change over for the winter and we will have to go and re-adjust all recurring appointments AGAIN.

Please FIX this issue!
Sep 4, 2012
Project Member #95
Hi Vincent,

I talked the engineer involved. The specific issue you have pointed has been fixed. When picking a time zone, it now takes into account of whether the time zone observes day light savings in addition to the GMT offset. I believe this is fixed in ICS.

What version of software are you running?

You may need to resync the events by doing a "Clear data" on "Calendar Storage" in Settings -> Apps -> All. Note that any unsynced calendar data will be lost.


Sep 4, 2012
We have people on multiple releases. Mostly Samsungs running 2.3.3 - 2.3.6, and some others running 3.2 and 4.0.4

Sep 4, 2012
Samsung won't release any further updates to my relatively new phone. So the fix for me would be go buy a new one? Just so I can have the time right? Ugh.
Sep 4, 2012
Is the fix specific to phone/firmware or what?  I'm still running 2.2 on my Galaxy S mainly because the update from 2.1 to 2.2 was a nightmare.  I haven't updated to 2.3 simply because there was no need.  

Should I consider my calendar fixed or do I need to update?  Can you give us some parameters as to what phones the fix applies to?  
Sep 4, 2012
Project Member #99, The short answer is I do not know. We (the Android team) makes the software for Nexus devices and makes the source code available to everyone. The device manufacturers build devices with a combination of what we supply and what they provide. Sometimes they write their own code and do not use what we provide at all. They can implement fixes before we do. I don't have access to their source code so I don't know which phone/firmware combos have the fix. It is also the same reason why we can't provide updates for non-Nexus devices.

In general, it is best to report issues to the hardware manufacturers because they are the only ones who can deliver the fix to your devices.

Vincent, Would you please confirm the problem still exist after doing a "clear data" on the 4.0.4 device and see if it still exhibit problems? Also what hardware is this?

Sep 4, 2012
I have a Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1 - it was just updated to 4.0.4 two weeks ago, and required a full wipe at the time. I am still seeing that recurring appointments are not keeping the correct timeslot when crossing over the daylight savings change. 

I created a monthly appointment every 11th of the month at 14:00 for 13 months - in my local timezone Europe/London.  
For Sept/Oct it is at 14:00
For Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar it is at 13:00
For Apr/May/Jun/Jul ... it is back at 14:00 again. 

My iPod synched to the same account handles the DST change correctly.
Hell, even my old Nokia E-71 with MailForExchange installed handles the DST change correctly. 
Just my android devices fail miserably.
Sep 4, 2012
Same here. And, my galaxy nexus is stuck on 4.0.1. For whatever reason, I
have yet to receive any update.

Sorry to say, but I'm considering iPhone next.
 On Sep 4, 2012 6:11 PM, <> wrote:
Sep 4, 2012
Surely Google has the ability to put pressure on your manufacturers to roll out a fix for such an important issue with very basic smartphone functionality that is causing so much hassle for users. Don't they have to agree to update devices for 18 months after release ? Surely this issue is worthy of being part of any and every update.

It is creating a very negative impression of the business readiness of android devices and is playing right into the hands of Apple/MS/etc.

The fix should also be back-ported to 2.3.6 and 3.2 for those devices that are still under 18-month update support but are never going to get a newer major release.

Sep 4, 2012
Project Member #103

Do you have a ICS/JB Nexus device to perform the same experiment?

We can provide pressure but at the end of the day, they have to deliver. What can Google do if they don't provide an update?

If you got your device from a carrier, call the carrier because they buy phones from the manufacturers so they have leverage.

Sep 4, 2012
Unfortunately I don't. 

Would the latest release of the SDK emulator have the fix compiled in ? I could try to download it.

Sep 4, 2012
It seems after months of this nonsense Google/Android is trying to pass the
buck. How is it that all types of android running devices are having this
issue and regardless of the version of android on them?

I hope Google steps up and takes responsibility for this and fixes it soon.
Otherwise I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 for sale if anyone is interested...
Sep 4, 2012
Maybe this will help some people, but you need to have your device rooted
Sep 4, 2012
@105 I'm not aware of this problem on ICS and later OS versions, though if I'm wrong, I'd like to hear about it.  Most recent issues I've seen have to do with the time zone setting on the device (e.g. using Mountain Time rather than Arizona Time for those in Arizona).   I absolutely encourage anyone interested to try this on the emulator and report back with issues that are found.
Sep 4, 2012
Project Member #108

What vincent reported was the event having the wrong time zone.  Fixing the time zone on the phone doesn't help.


If I want to pass the buck, I won't be responding to this thread. What does it accomplish?  You see problem on various devices because there's more than one issue but they got lumped on one bug. And yes, at the end of the day, when people aren't happy, they will switch. Blaming Samsung doen't help Android.


It is in the emulator so try it and let me know.

I found the fix. It actually got back ported to Gingerbread. If you are handy, you can build your own apk and install it on a GB phone.


Sep 4, 2012
Mike, would that fix apply to all versions of GB?  I think my phone only updated to 2.3.3 but I'd have to check again.  
Sep 5, 2012
I don't understand how that could be the fix when it was committed back at
Sat May 07 16:01:13 2011 -0700
How would we all be still having this issue if that were the case ?

Sep 5, 2012
Nexus owner here, running ICS 4.0.2. I ran the same test as Vincent (Comment #100), and all of my calendar entries are showing the same (correct) time.
Sep 5, 2012
Mark (Comment 111) - are you talking about a locally created appointment on the device - or an appointment synched from a server? 

For locally created appointments - the timeslot is kept across DST changes

For synched appointments -  the appointment moves by one hour. 

Sep 5, 2012

"It is in the emulator so try it and let me know." 

I have just created an android 4.1 Virtual Device

If I just create a virtual device, and do nothing with the Date/Time configuration - then a recurring appointment syncs over and sticks with the configured timeslot. 

However, if I change the Date/Time settings from Automatic to "GMT +01:00, British Summer Time", then the initial appointments are right - but once the DST switch happens the appointments move by one hour. They are one hour earlier. That continues up until March, then in April the appointments are back on the right time again.

Sep 5, 2012
Project Member #114
@lezlihol... No, it was a late fix in the Gingerbread timeframe. I see it in the 2.3.5 branch.

@marcbruc... Thanks for the update. Please try it by synching the event from the server to the phone.


> How would we all be still having this issue if that were the case ?

The fix I found does appear to address the symptom you described; however, there may be more than one problem. Another reason is that the hardware manufacturer didn't incorporate the fix into the firmware on your device.

Sep 5, 2012
I've tested both appointments added locally and from the server. Both are maintaining the correct time across DST changes.
Sep 5, 2012
Project Member #116

I have asked Marc to email you privately to investigate.

Sep 5, 2012
Mike - I haven't received any email from you?
Sep 5, 2012
Project Member #118

 I meant Marc, the Google engineer. :)

Sep 11, 2012
Moved to a different time zone. When changing the time zone on the phone (Android 2.2) it changed the time zone for ALL OLD EVENTS, not only for future events. Thus, old events have now awkward times. How to fix this? A solution I found was not to touch EVER the time zone settings but instead just manually set-up the date and time. 
Sep 11, 2012
I have a similar problem. I have Android 4.0.3. I live in Hawaii and have set the time zone to Hawaii time zone under phone settings and un-checked the automatic time zone in date and time settings. In calendar, I have also set it to Hawaii time zone. Every time I make an event in Calendar, it always adds the Pacific time zone to my appointments which I don't need or want. How can I shut this off? 
Sep 17, 2012
Please fix!!!  I know this might not seem like a big deal to you guys, but I just dropped my daughter off at a birthday party one hour late because the event didn't sync with the correct time from my Facebook Event calendar to my Android Resound Business Calendar app.  UGH!  
Sep 17, 2012
Please fix!!!  I know this might not seem like a big deal to you guys, but I just dropped my daughter off at a birthday party one hour late because the event didn't sync with the correct time from my Facebook Event calendar to my Android Resound Business Calendar app.  UGH!  
Sep 27, 2012
This problem is really bad i am setting up examination timetables for myself in my phone but if they are shifted by 1 hour it will be a disaster.
Issue between the brisbane time and sydney time. same time zone but sydney has daylight savings time.

Oct 1, 2012
Same problem in Germany, but I suppose this may take a long while until it is fixed...
I'm in MS Exchange, but the problem definitely lies within the Android app.
Oct 6, 2012
Same problem in Holland. I just tried to sinc my new LG. It is not possible to get the right appoinments in over the DST change. I have tried a time zone without a DST and I see no change. (from Amsterdam to Egypt) So it looks the DST is not implemented in the Amsterdam time zone. My son has an older Samsung GT-I5500 with android 2.2. This phone does not have the problem with the sinc. 
When can a solution be expected
Oct 6, 2012
I had set Brisbane time when I got my Galaxy s3, and overnight it's switched to daylight saving time, which is not observed in Queensland, but is observed in southern states.  When I select Brisbane in the timezone, it displays Eastern Australian Standard Time.  So I can assume that when I got the phone and selected Brisbane time, it's changed to EAST, and when the DST kicked in it has automatically changed to EDST.  Why can't there be a box like we used to have on windows that said something along the lines of "Do not observe daylight saving time".  Windows does it automatically now "Daylight saving time is not observed by this timezone".

Setting it correctly has screwed up all my appointments and now will need to go back in and fix each one individually.

my default time zone is set correctly in google calendar and the appointments are in the correct time zone.
Oct 6, 2012
Ditto here in Brisbane for my (brand new, only just switched from iOS 6 days ago, not happy) Motorola RAZR (4.0.4)...ALL my events have shifted backwards an hour (I'm assuming to keep with Daylight Savings time in other Eastern states which isn't observed here in Queensland, AU).

I'd manually shift all the events, but can't help but wonder if I'm going to have to do this every six months...and no, none of the suggestions on this thread have helped. How is this issue still not resolved?
Oct 6, 2012
Yep Emma, there clearly is no distinction between the eastern australian time zones regardless of the state you reside.  the timezones are too broad.  I want to LOCK my phone to GMT+10 and LEAVE IT.  IT NEVER NEEDS TO CHANGE.

Oct 11, 2012
Same here in Bulgaria. Whe are in GMT +2 but I have to set it to GMT +3 in order to show the correct time. 
Oct 16, 2012
I had a droid two years ago and this bug sent me back to a simple phone and a paper calendar.  It would be great to go back to a droid because I have four google calendars to kepp track of and I hope someday to be able to do this away from the office as well.  I live in upstate NY.  Having read this entire thread, am I understanding this correctly: If I were to buy the Samsung Galexy Stellar through Verizon, and if I set the phone's time zone to Eastern Time (not automatic), and if I set the android calendar to Eastern Time, and if I double check that when I create appointments they are created for the Eastern Time Zone, then when Daylight Savings Time goes or comes the time on my phone will change appropriately and the time of my appointments will not change at all?
You have been a patient contributor to this thread for over a year.  Thank you and I look forward to your response.
Oct 16, 2012
I'm not trying to troll here, but between this bug and another one in ICS
which prevents widgets (in my case a calendar) from loading at boot, I have
returned to the BlackBerry platform (heck, I even have it attached to two
separate BES servers with synched contacts and calendars).  Step it up
Google - RIM is not asleep at the wheel any longer and Apple certainly
Oct 28, 2012
First thanks to folks trying to solve the problem...
I have the same problem in Chicago... going back to paper and pencil calendar and probably a small clock radio but not without lodging a complaint.
I used my phone for a morning wake up alarm since I bought it a year and a half ago. Starting this week it changes time zones in the middle of the night. I have no way to change settings because it is a "starter smart phone" meaning it lacks the bells and whistles that would allow me to mess with settings... which only stands to argue that this problem should be addressed for folks with newer, higher priced phones as well those of us without a way to access all the settings options. I agree with everybody when they say "I could manually reset but I shouldn't have to..."
We know Google knows what is going on; they wouldn't have a business to run if they didn't have access to all the info. If phone manufacturers or software writers want to play hot potato with the issues or culpability or if they're thinking I'll purchase a new product or spend hours updating--hours that I almost lost due to their lack of concern for a quality fix--they're sorely mistaken.
I'm not trying to be nasty--I'm just voicing my expectations as an educated consumer. I shouldn't have to know the codes, deal with apk, reset PRL every month, etc. That is work for folks who can do it efficiently. In my line of work I make mistakes and correct them. I'm just asking for others to do the same.
Mike, thanks for putting pressure on and keeping it on; I hope my comment will assist you in your efforts.
Oct 31, 2012
my andriod phone clock went back '1 hour' :O
Oct 31, 2012
i became late form my flight guys, ... i mean what the hell is Google and Android.

Oct 31, 2012
I got problems today, due to this BUG in android.


Google needs to think on this.
Nov 5, 2012
Galaxy Tab 2 running Android 4.0.4
I cannot see that my system handles DST at all... On DST somethings are an hour off, now that we are off DST everything is right, but I had to manually change my time Sunday Morning. What is wrong?!?
Nov 5, 2012
I'm having the same problem with DST moving my calendar appointments an hour early.  This is not just on my phone (Verizon, HTC Rezound, OS Ver. 4.0.3); these appointments have also shifted on my Google calendar as accessed from Internet Explorer.  Early is better than late, I guess, but it's still intolerable!
Nov 7, 2012
So, after reading 140 comments (my eyes are hanging out of their sockets), I don't see a solution.  I've got a Motorola Razr M on Verizon.  I live outside of Boston (ET).  We observe DST.  I use Android-Sync ( to sync between my Outlook calendar and my Android calendar (bi-directional). My phone is set to use automatic date & time and automatic time zone. Calendar is set to use home time zone and home time zone is set to Eastern Time (there is a separate Eastern Standard Time that is selectable but I have NOT selected it).  I have a number of repeating appointments, set in Outlook and synced to my Razr M. Past appointments (before we switched to EST on Nov 4th) showed - and still show - the correct time, i.e., my daily repeating appointment set for 4:30pm every weekday shows 4:30 pm when I scroll back to the calendar entry for November 2nd. The SAME appointment on on November 5th and all weekdays AFTER the 4th show a time of 3:30pm. WTF-O?
Nov 14, 2012
I'm in Brisbane as well and never use daylight savings time. All of my appointments are now 1 hour out and I missed one yesterday :( very upsetting. New Samsung galaxy s3
Nov 18, 2012
Galaxy Nexus reboot itself after new call start (only sometimes) 4.1.1 (JRO03C)

sometimes, when I start a new call my screen is black (I can view only three virtual buttons.
After 10 seconds it reboot itself.

I suppose there is a problem with proximity sensor and GSM module.

On internet maybe is a problem only on newest devices made in august 2012

my device is:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250
Android version: 4.1.1 (JRO03C)

See the link
Feb 19, 2013
I just noticed this issue. Events after DST start are an hour early on the phone. Google calendar website does not have this problem.
Feb 21, 2013
i just noticed this as well, seems to have been a problem for years, for someone who isnt that technically adept, could someone from google please tell me how to fix this problem, i.e. the exact same one as 144
Feb 22, 2013
I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm on the Galaxy Note. Android 4.0.4. Rogers. Build # IMM76D.UXLF4.
I am having the same problem as many people here, after the pending time change, all my events are being shifted 1 hour earlier. I'm synced with my Google calendar which is not showing this problem.  
I just spend 30 minutes reading through this thread but I can't see any fix. Is there one? Is this still alive as an issue? 
Feb 22, 2013
Nevermind. I turned off automatic setting of the time zone. Purged my calendar data. Rescynced and the problem seems to have gone away.
Feb 27, 2013
I am having same problem.  I just added events into my calendar in my Android phone for March and after I synced it so it shows up in my online Google calendar everything after DST starts is showing as an hour later than what I entered.  But in my phone it's still correct.  I don't see anything in settings to fix this.  If this has been going on for years why has this not been addressed?  I don't want to have to change my time zone for my calendar events to display with the right times.
Feb 28, 2013
I'm no expert in this but I believe the problem has still not been
addressed by google. As you are probably aware there is no such problem
with iPhone or blackberry.
Feb 28, 2013
I suspect that this issue affects other areas, e.g. see Issue# 43129 (, i.e. Android OS core fails to calculate the DST time shift properly for any past or future dates.
Feb 28, 2013
This was solved for me by disabling automatic time zone. The automatic zone was already set to -5, but changing to manually set -5 fixed the problem. I didn't even have to clear data or restart the phone. It happens instantly, and the events all shift by an hour again instantly if I enable automatic time zone again.

So, try disabling automatic time zone EVEN IF IT IS SET TO THE CORRECT ONE.
Feb 28, 2013
The problem is not automatic timezone setting.

In my case, selecting Brisbane sets the timezone to Australian Eastern Standard Time.  When the southern states of Australia change to daylight saving time, it changes all Australian Eastern Standard Time zones to Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time, regardless of the "Location" you had set (in my case, Brisbane).

I have had automatic timezone setting disabled since I got the phone.

Microsoft figured this out back in windows 98, why can't google fix it?  What about just letting me manually set a GMT offset?  In my case, it will ALWAYS need to be +10GMT.
MS date.jpg
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Feb 28, 2013
nope, setting Auto Timezone off didn't work for me. regardless of timezone. 

I think my particular problem may have to do with Outlook/exchange though.
The timezone issue (one hour too early for appt) seems to only happen for Recurring appointments, the event details inside would be correct - not sure if it only occurs on recurring that was set before DST took effect that year. 

and the only place seems to be that displays it in the "wrong" time is the S Planner APP on a Samsung Galaxy S2 for me. so not sure if this is more of a Samsung problem or a Google one. when my McAfee (Secure Container/EMM) app pulls the same invite invite from Outlook/exchange into their own calendar app, the time looks to be correct.

Hope that sheds some light for some of the developers out there for my particular use case.
Mar 6, 2013
I have same issue as #48 and others in Hawaii.  I have a Motorola Bionic through Verizon.  All of my business appointments are an hour later starting next week and my phone won't let me choose a time zone an hour earlier...If I turn off Automatic Time Zone, it doesn't matter.  This is making by business a mess!!
Mar 6, 2013
Project Member #155
Please see, looks like your phone is in a time zone with DST. Do you see a Hawaii GMT-10 time zone in Settings -> Date & Time -> Select time zone?
Mar 7, 2013
Thanks. I have been trying to figure out this issue for over an hour and now the non-synchability of my phone with itself and with google makes sense now. I'm going to resync after this Sunday if my calendar needs it on the phone and online if needed. Thanks for the post alot!
Mar 8, 2013

I'm having sync problems with Google Calendar and my two Android devices.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, and a Samsung Galaxy S3.  It's confusing, but basically, the events I'm inputting are an hour off, either earlier or later.  I need to resolve this...Please, is there anyone who might be able to help?  Much appreciated!  
Mar 10, 2013
I am in Atlantic Canada, on a Samsung Chromebook and my clock has not 'sprung' forward for Daylight Saving time. There is no auto change setting for DST, nor can I change the time manually. What can I do to get the right time on my computer?
Mar 10, 2013
P.S. I can get the right time by changing to the Brazil, Uraquay,or Argentina time zone????? 

Mar 10, 2013
Is the problem fixed?  I just noticed that I can select "Eastern Daylight Time" as a timezone. I had to do it manually in Settings > Date & Time > Select time zone, but my appointments are now back to the correct time.

This seems fixed on my Nexus 4 running JB and my Galaxy S running GB. I did not have to make any changes to my Google Calendar settings or appointments.

Mar 10, 2013
Project Member #161
One outstanding problem is that the device may not be in the correct time zone when not in daylight savings time (DST). The reason is that the mobile carrier does not tell the device whether DST is observe in the area, only whether DST is in effect or not at that moment. So when we are not in DST, the devices doesn't have enough info to know whether it should pick a time zone with DST or not.

That's why I have been suggesting people to manually set the time zone if they have time zone issues (and also to make sure the events are in the correct time zone). Alternatively, you can set a "home time zone" in the Calendar app. Time zones with the sun icon observes DST.

The long term solution is for the device look up the time zone based on the location and not rely on the mobile carrier. I have not been able to get the right people to make it happen.
Mar 11, 2013
I've just tried this.   The main settings on my phone allow me to choose Eastern Daylight time (GMT-5) but my calendar app things that the home time zone is GMT-4 (Eastern STANDARD time)
Mar 11, 2013
Project Member #163

If you have a Nexus phone or Google Calendar from the Play Store (, you should be able to select Eastern Time which switches between EST and EDT automatically. Note that this is a app-specific time zone. It does not affect the device. Please see attached screenshot.

If you device already has the correct time zone, you don't need to set the home time zone in the app.

BTW, Eastern Daylight time is GMT-4 and Eastern STANDARD time is GMT-5. You had it the other way.

110 KB   View   Download
Mar 11, 2013
All my appointments were set ahead one hour after DST commenced.  Problem is I live in Arizona where MDT is not observed.  Although both of my Google calendar accounts were set properly to GMT 7:00 Arizona, I found that the phone time/date settings were set to Automatic and apparently Verizon does not know about Arizona remaining on Standard time year around...   Thanks a lot Verizon for screwing up my entire calendar.
Mar 12, 2013
I'm experiencing this problem, too. I noticed that the Samsung settings say -7:00, and the Google (web) calendar says -8:00 for Pacific. There is no area to set for Daylight Savings. It's frustrating. I live off of my calendar, and I'm not able to rely on it right now.
Mar 12, 2013
Project Member #166
"(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time" in Google Calendar web is the correct time if you want Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7:00).
Mar 12, 2013
i changed my time zone on my PC google calendar, so it changes my appt times to the true time it is supposed to be. 
i know this isn't a great fix, but it works great as long as i remember to set my time zone back to the correct zone, this fall.
Mar 12, 2013
You guys need to understand the problem here lies with the calendar time
zone being different than the time zone of the phone which can be found in
settings/time and date.
For example I am in eastern standard time -5, but the phone is reporting
that the network is telling me I am on Eastern Daylight Time -4, all time
time.. which is extremely incorrect and extremely annoying. Right now it is
correct because were in daylight savings but often its not correct when it
still says -4 when I should be back on -5.
I've had this problem with both my Galaxy Nexus and now with my new Nexus 4.
Mar 13, 2013
What I don't get is why this issue persists - it has been reported since at least 2012 by a wide range of users with a wide variety of devices and software versions.

Also, once an appointment is entered at a specific time by a user, why should the Google logic attempt to reset the time after a switch to/from Daylight time? If, in January I schedule a future appointment in June at 8 p.m., it will still be at 8 p.m. in June, after the switch in time.

Tryed the recommended steps (checked the date/time zone on my phone, checked the date/time zone on the appointment via the online Google calendar.  Both are correct.) The appointment times are still one hour off.  QUESTION:  If my phone is set to automatically sync Calendar, once the phone erroneously jumped the times ahead, did it sync these incorrect times to my online calendar?? In which case I'm up the creek and have to manually recheck and reset every appointment between March 11 and November?!!

(PC36100 still running Android 2.2, build 3.70.651.1 CL294884 release-keys  ... for my own reasons)
Mar 13, 2013
VZW Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1
Last week I had noticed that my calendar events past DST were all showing up an hour early but looked fine in Outlook and online.  Problem persisted past DST and essentialy made things unusable.  Tried all kinds of updates to Timezone and manual setting of date/time but nothing helped.  Researched issue and found lots of old and new issues with DST and calendars but nothing that helped resolve the hour-early times in my calendar.
Finally decided to go into Apps and to delete Calendar data.  After doing this and re-setting which calendars to synchronize all the new data came in correctly.  I only had to delete the calendar data and did not have to re-add any accounts or anything, simply had to re-select calendars to sync.  Hope this may work for others.
Mar 13, 2013
Same problem with a 1 month old LG Optimus Slider.  Within Google Calendar I can select Eastern Standard Time +4, Eastern Standard Time +5, or Eastern Time +4.  I guess our Eastern Daylight Time would be "Eastern Time +4" since that's the only one that makes any sense.  It is unnecessarily confusing, since as far as I know, there should only be two Eastern times (EST and EDT), and it's been that way for decades.  

The phone's Date & Time settings have no option to choose time zone; I assume it gets set from the GPS signal.  My understanding is that the only way to fix the problem on this phone is to manually change every calendar entry.  I am becoming less and less excited by Android the more I learn how to use it.  I also have two iOS devices and an HTC Thunderbolt.  
Mar 14, 2013
FIX THIS NOW, AND PUSH THE UPDATE. I missed an important appointment today because of this stupid bug. Any event that I made before the time change stayed in EST instead of switching automatically to EDT. This is completely unacceptable. 
Mar 15, 2013
I have the same issue on my Google calendar that I use online on my laptop.  I don't have a smartphone and the only thing I sync to is my Outlook calendar.  I have pulled it up (again, on the web) on a couple of other devices a few times (a WIN7 desktop pc and my husband's ipad), but I don't know how that would affect the issue.  It does seem to be time change related.  Calendar entries made pre-time change (3/10/13) that were set to occur after the time change suddenly moved back an hour.  It seems to me that it is a Google issue more so than an Android one.  It's very disheartening to find that so many other people have been having the same issue for so long, with no fix.  I otherwise LOVE Google Calendar.
Mar 17, 2013
I hate to mention this again every year of March. It's already 2013, this bug still not fixed.

I am Eastern time zone, every event has been shifted backward 1 hour (on both Desktop and Android)
Mar 17, 2013
I went back to iPhone yesterday. 
Mar 18, 2013
Project Member #178
 Issue 53316  has been merged into this issue.
Mar 19, 2013
this is kind of ridiculous, but i didn't realize my calendar was off an hour until now. I'm trying to change the time in my phone to Eastern Standard Time, which is not even an option in my Date & time settings on my Droid Razor. The only option I can set to is Eastern Daylight Time. I do not live in Eastern Daylight Time!
Mar 19, 2013
Same thing here, very annoying
Mar 19, 2013
Hi I was having this same problem on my Asus transformer tab. I thought it was a bug but I recently realized that the time zone was set to central America which does not observe DST, instead of central daylight time. You may want to double check the time zone settings for both your device and calendar app. 
Mar 24, 2013
I'm having a similar problem with GCalendar right now.  I set an event for 6:00AM PST, which puts it on my calendar in Tokyo time at 10:00PM.  The problem is that it's supposed to be 11:00PM because CA observes DST and Japan doesn't!
Mar 24, 2013
Even if the offending code is fixed, how is any solution going to be rolled out to users? A new calendar app with self-contained sync which is used instead of the existing one? Are you going to rely on the handset vendors bothering to issue updates? The only software which auto-updates on my phone is the google play app - why not use that to do the work?
Mar 24, 2013
Here's what I do - put the TIME of your appointment in the subject heading
when you enter it, then make adjustments as needed until you sort it out.
Remember ALL timezones from Google to Tab to S3 must be the same.  Hope
this helps
Mar 25, 2013
The solution requires Android Calendar app changes. There are three types of time adjustment events and they are all different (but being treated the same in many  calendar app):

1. Time zone change - this requires all calendar event times to be changed, so you don't miss the conference call while abroad
2. Daylight saving time change - this should not change any recorded calender event times
3. Traveller schedule - when traveller enters the departure times for origins and destinations into the calendar, they are intended for local time zone. There is not calendar app that can do this. It requires an option to tell the app not to adjust the event clock time due to time zone changes.

Mar 25, 2013
I love my Galaxy S3 and android, but I won't be buying another android device in future, even if it means buying an apple product.  This issue is so frustrating and for someone that has anxiety issues, can be quite harmful.  It is a simple problem that has persisted for many years.

Goodbye, google.
Mar 26, 2013
Same problem here.   I have a Galaxy S2X from Telus.  I use Outlook calendar on my PC and use MyPhoneExplorer to sync to S2X.    The problem is more pronounce for me since I have entries created from before the DST change and entries created after the DST change.  By changing the Auto DST, I can move one set to the correct time, but other set is stuck at the wrong time.  Everything on the PC is fine.   Luckily I always use the PC copy as master (use Force Outlook to phone).   After disabling the Auto DST option everywhere, I force all the entries to phone, it seems to resolve my problem.  Google definitely needs to fix this.   I will have to serious consider what to get for my next phone.
Mar 26, 2013
My Verizon HTC Incredible shows my appointments to be 1 hour later than what I entered. If I go to the event; and then to edit event; the correct time is shown in "grayed out" text below the fields showing the date and time with the 1 hour off. Very frustrating.
Mar 28, 2013
Yes!!  I was 40 minutes late to a meeting that I had today.  I added the event to my calendar at 2 PM likely sometime in February prior to DST.  Once DST hit, this appt shifted back to 3 PM - thus, my embarrassing tardiness and profuse apologies to the rest of the attendees.  Please fix this problem!
Mar 29, 2013
Reference to post #187.

The problem actually is really bad.  The newly created calendar entries after the time change is correct, but anything created before dst kick in are one hour off.  There is no work around that I can find that works.   Even worse,  the problem seems to be known at least since 2009 and still no fix.  Seems like Google does not care.   I wish I knew before I jump to an android phone.  Really disappointed.
Mar 29, 2013
How had the media not caught on to this story? I'm Shocked that there is no fix yet. Now considering the iPhone or the new blackberry.
Apr 1, 2013
My App did show malfunction - the night 30-31 March. Set Alarm doesn't work and missed braodcast. android 4.0
Apr 3, 2013
Just got bit by this error today, this is ridiculous.

All events created before DST change are shifted +1 hour.
All events created after DST (now) work correct.

It is impossible to tell which appointment is correct and which isn't unless you can look elsewhere.

This is a horrible bug!
Apr 6, 2013
There is a bug that recently popped up.
Google calendar works fine.
synch with phone. Verizon LG Spectrum - Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
Phone app.
To fix.
Leave google calendar setting unchanged.
Calender app is display only
To fix in Mountain time zone
on main settings:
turn off auto time setting
choose new time zone. 
change for MST to MDT and calendar will be fixed.
the Auto is selected MST incorrectly during this time of year
remember to set in back in the fall.

Apr 20, 2013
I am not sure if it the same problem, but I am in the London timezone. It is now BST so the time is GMT+1. I just got a Nexus 7 4.2.2 and asked it to remind me to do something in 5 minutes and it set the reminder for 23 hours and 10 minutes. If I ask it to remind me to do something in 1 hour 5 minutes then it sets the alarm for five minutes time. The phone is showing the correct time, so I don't know where the voice command is getting its timezone from. I have been through all calendar and phone settings and all look well. shows the time zone as GMT+00:00 London, so it seems to be unaware that we are in BST/+01:00...
Apr 26, 2013
It is really incredible that this has not been fixed yet. really, really incredible. Stop fucking around with Google Glass or Google+ integration and sort your shit already. Having events move 1 hour back and forth and not even being able to know if they really have moved or not is a fucking serious bug for a calendar.

This is so frustrating!!! I really hate the Apple way, and everything that goes with it, but damm, you are making it really hard for us not to look on greener pastures.
Apr 29, 2013
Project Member #198
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May 27, 2013
I have the same issue in the built in calendar app. 

WORKAROUND: not the best solution but I installed aCalendar app and it shows the time correctly for all meetings! I tried almost every calendar app in the Play Store but that's the only one that worked. 
Jun 23, 2013
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Jul 29, 2013
Missed my Doctor Appointment today, July 29th 2013 entered last January.  I had noticed my appointments had changed last Spring and am positive that I corrected this back then.  

My phone system time said GMT-05:00, Eastern Standard Time. My calendar says Use Home Time Zone which shows (GMT-4:00) Eastern Daylight Time *.  Calendar build is 4.1.2-58.  Phone is Droid RAZR, Android Version 4.1.2.  System Version 98.72.16.XT912.Verizon.en.US.

I went to System Setting select time zone and chose Eastern Standard Time and it now says GMT-5:00, Eastern Daylight Time.  I swear it did not say Eastern Daylight Time prior to resetting it.  I suppose if we set it in the Winter it wouldn't know, though why when I found the problem in the Spring it was wrong is unknown to me.

I had a Droid Original prior to my Droid RAZR and never had appointment time issues like I have now.  Since Spring I have been entering the appointment time into the event name so that I can tell if my phone changes the time.  I shouldn't have to do that.

Note also when I bought my Droid RAZR this never happened.  Only after it was "updated".  I'm not a fan of updates, especially when they change my calendar or move my contacts.
Aug 5, 2013
Same issue on my wife's Galaxy S2.

We each have a Google account.
My wife has Galaxy S2 and I own Galaxy S4.
We have one shared calendar among two of the accounts.

When I create an event on either of the devices, they all show the correct time accept my wife's S2, there it shows earlier in one hour.
Very strange because her Google calendar shows the correct time.

It happens on events scheduled to September 8th, 2013 and later.
All is good until that date (until September 7th, 2013).

Her S2 runs on 4.1.2 build number JZO54K.I9100XWLSW
Aug 6, 2013
I solved the issue on My LG Nexus 4. Went to settings - date & time - check Automatic date and time.  UNCHECK Automatic time zone.  Calendars are synchronized now. 
Oct 7, 2013
Since the Daylight savings change, last weekend Oct 5,  all appointments made after 30 May have totally disappeared. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2. I've tried to go into Google and get recover the appointments but it's only showing appointments made in Feb, Mar and April. Is there any way to recover all my appointments, both past and future?
Oct 9, 2013
Thanks for all the highly technical explanations, guys. However, it's really nothing to do with time zones, Hawaii, or anything like that. Look at it this way: at daylight Saving Time, I change the clock on my kitchen wall to show the correct DLS time. I DO NOT CHANGE THE APPOINTMENT TIMES IN MY DIARY!!! Simple. HTC are wrong! It's OK to automatically update the phone time to reflect DLS, but DO NOT change any appointment times. Why do you do it??? Please fix this fault, now! It's not too hard, is it??

Oct 9, 2013
By the way, the comment above is about my wife's new whiz-bang HTC phone. I have a cheap little phone with nothing special about it, that I've had for 7 years. It changes to and from DLS every year, on cue, with no problems - and my appointments don't change. Why would they???
Oct 9, 2013
Another point: If I arrange a 10am meeting across the other side of the country in a different time zone, what time is my appointment after crossing 2 or 3 time zones? Answer: it's still 10am - NOT 11am or 12noon.

 Also, it seems that HTC Project Monitors have decided to ignore this fault. They've had nothing to say about it since April! Hello??? Are you still listening??? 
Oct 30, 2013
Can anyone help - Samsung Galaxy S3.
Time Zone London GMT. Time & date OK at switch-on - 09.23. After wiping to switch on to front page where I have view of field & tree, time date weather outlook & temp date says 30th Oct but time is at 10.23 instead of 09.23. How do I reset the weather outlook page time to GMT? please.
Oct 30, 2013
Can anyone help - Samsung Galaxy S3.
Time Zone London GMT. Time & date OK at switch-on - 09.23. After wiping to switch on to front page where I have view of field & tree, time date weather outlook & temp date says 30th Oct but time is at 10.23 instead of 09.23. How do I reset the weather outlook page time to GMT? please.
Feb 16, 2014
It is now February 2014 and I am experiencing the same problems for some appointments created scheduled to occur  after 3/9/14.   I put them in my Android phone for the correct time and when I went into my gmail calendar they showed for an hour later from when they were scheduled.  So I moved them back to the correct time, and now they show an hour too early on my phone.  Neither gmail or my phone has any option to check for observing or not observing DST.  

Please get this fixed!!!!!

Feb 20, 2014
Same problem. Shows appointments 1 hour later than scheduled.
Samsung Galaxy S4 w/latest Android update.
Hopefully fixed soon.

Feb 20, 2014
I am in Arizona and suddenly, no matter what I do, the phone won't keep my choice of Arizona as my time zone (or recognize it automatically as it has always been able to do before). This is a nightmare!
Mar 11, 2014
Just missed my 3month followup appt and feel very cheated and abused by google's handwashing of thier problem foisted upon loyal users with this  
Here are their 3 "solutions":
1."The best solution is to adjust the event's time yourself. 
2. The best solution is to adjust the event's time yourself and apply the change to “All Following.”
 3. You might have to ask the organizer to reschedule "
 Wow. Just wow. This is legacy "googling"  is devolving toward with utter  complacency
Mar 11, 2014
My wife and I experience this issue at every time change since we live in EST timezone to different degrees. Changing timezone should be seamless. Fix this bug please.
Mar 11, 2014
This is crazy. Why hasn't this been fixed? I realize that there are a wide variety of devices, but Google could easily provide a tzdata or apk to fix this problem across multiple Android versions. I'm not usually one to complain, but unless there's something I'm completely missing, this is amateur hour, and seriously bad form for such a respected set of developers.
Mar 20, 2014
The problem is that Google Calendar does not have a setting for Daylight Savings Time. I have it set for Eastern time, which defaults to -5 from GMT.  But right now in Daylight Savings Time, it should only be -4 from GMT. There is no option to change that. 
So when I set an appointment in my iPhone, it shows that correct time in Google Calendar but when Google Calendar syncs with Outlook 2010 on my PC, it shows the appointment scheduled for an hour earlier (-5 from GMT)- because that's what Google Calendar is telling Outlook.
Mar 31, 2014
this issue is still unresolved.
the phone has Daylight Savings Time settings but the app ignores it, and treat previously created events in the old time settings. the only hack i found was changing the app to a different time zone (originally i'm in GMT+2, with DST it's +3, so i switched it to another country which is +1 originally and now with DST it's +2).

Mar 31, 2014
Similar but slightly different problem:  I create an Event on Android phone with a network-provided timezone (GMT -4 Eastern Daylight Time), but online Google Calendar it shows as a different time zone (GMT -5 America/Detroit).  

I'm pretty sure Detroit isn't on Eastern Time.  I fear that if I travel to the real Detroit time zone that all my appointments would jump an hour.  
Regardless, it shouldn't show GMT-5 when I'm plainly in GMT-4.  Not OK.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.3

Apr 3, 2014
I am in the eastern time zone, and only had this issue when upgraded to the kit kat upgrade, i have a city or town that is 10 min away and it shows 1 hr behind. Now when i had this issue last yr when my clock would be 3hrs behind some times and contacted HTC , cause i have a HTC one phone , they told me there was a third party in your phone, they told me how to put my phone in safe mode, and the time changing stopped,, And then they said to delete one App at a time that i installed until it stops. That really helped , but now that you have the Gov. and other hackers hired by the Gov. to get into your phone, so if you see your phone doing differant or things on its own , you know some bodies in your phone. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE PRIVACY ACT !!!!!!
Apr 6, 2014
NOTE: Please don't post here if you're just frustrated about the problem - call your phone/tablet's manufacturer instead. They're the ones who are most likely to fix this, if pestered enough. Bug trackers are supposed to be used for technical discussion of a problem.

This bug also affects events synced from ActiveSync. Those are more problematic, because changing the timezone is not a workaround; new events (which are not necessarily created on the Android device) use the correct time, while old events are shifted by an hour. The only solution is to manually change all events, which is clearly not feasible.

My time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne) (GMT+10).
Affected events show up as being in the time zone Dumont-d'Urville (GMT+10), which is in Antartica and does not experience DST.

Running Android 4.4.2 build KOT49H on a Nexus 7 (2013)
Server is running Kolab 3.2. Other clients (Kontact, Roundcube, Touchdown) are unaffected.

Jun 10, 2014
Why on earth do Google have to fiddle around with it. Why can't everyrhing be entered as local time or date? I spend half the year in NZ and half in UK all entries are altered everytime i go from one to the other. Please just allow me to make the entry and don't muck around with changing both date and time.
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