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Issue 2445: Gmail should allow per-label notification settings
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Status:  Declined
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Closed:  Aug 2011

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Reported by, Apr 16, 2009
Something that would greatly enhance the Gmail app for people that like to 
stay organized with labels that bypass the inbox would be label-specific 
notifications.  This feature would hopefully allow you to choose which 
labels, beside "Inbox", will trigger a new email notification.

For example, if all messages labled "School" automatically skip the inbox 
due to filters, it would still be very helpful to get notifications of new 
mail to this label.  
Aug 21, 2009
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Aug 28, 2009
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Summary: Gmail should allow per-label notification settings
Labels: Subcomponent-Email
Aug 28, 2009
 Issue 1280  has been merged into this issue.
Aug 28, 2009
 Issue 1098  has been merged into this issue.
Sep 3, 2009
My one outstanding issue w/Android is this exact feature. Implementing this would 
exceed parity to RIM's BlackBerry which allows essentially filters to catch certain 
mails and do a "high priority aka Level 1" notification. Use case:

1. I want to read my whole inbox at any given time using the app. I do not want to be 
notified on every email.

2. I want emails that match a label (say sent directly to me) to notify me visually 
and vibrate. (This is approx 2% of my incoming mail)

3. For emails matching a different label, say "oncall" I want not only visual, but a 
loud audible tone.

Sep 5, 2009
I agree totally with this feature request and comment 5. I also suggest that inbox
label has a set of notification settings and applying labels can override these
notifications in a flexible way. This maybe best implemented by; Inbox having a
default set of notification settings; adding the first label overrides the inbox
notifications and further labels to add to the notification settings set in the first
non-inbox labels notification settings; increasing notification volume, possible
adding vibrate or additional notification tones.

This should be supplemented with a selection of shorter notification tones that
together could inform the user of the type of notification and subject area.

Sep 5, 2009
I think the right UX is as follows.

A notification rule consists of label and vibration + audible + led + notification 
icon (let's add some stock icons, then allow creating your own) settings. These are 
comprehensive on a label by label basis. Rules are ordered and evaluated from top 
down, escape on first match. This minimally satisfies my requirements.

Bonus options for contributers/Google's Android team.
-- Allow me to save an ordered set of notification label rules as a named 
"notification profile" and allow me to switch between profiles. I'd have profiles 
such as "on call", "movie theater", "someone better be dead", etc.

-- Extra bonus. Allow me to order multiple notification profiles so I don't need to 
recreate a set of rules for small deltas between profiles. OR...

Bonus with Google's Gmail team.
-- Have a gmail lab that let's me view, activate, switch and reorder notifications. 
Creation is probably tricky since ringtones are device specific and that data would 
need to be fresh.

Bonus, bonus with calendar.
Allow me to activate/deactivate a notification profile during an event in calendar 
where a specific event overrides an all day profile. Example use case: I have a 
meeting with eng VPs, I can set via calendar for the duration of it's schedule my 
"somebody better be dead" profile. Another case is I have an all day, 7 day event, 
for that duration, my "on call" profile can be set active in via the calendar. Events 
updating will affect the duration and timing of the profile being active.

Oct 10, 2009
This is what I need... It is a major problem to me not to get notifications when
email arrives which automatically skips the inbox and gets labeled. The reason why it
is so important is because I have setup gmail to poll my hotmail account and pull in
any mail skip the inbox and label it. Now I dont have to use my hotmail account and
can just use my Gmail account. However on my Android there is now no way to get
notifications?? I have switched from a 3 yr old Sony Ericsson P990 with Blackberry
Connect and I got notifications fine.. now I cant and it is bugging me and I have to
keep manually checking.
Would be a great improvement.
Nov 14, 2009
The most important email I get is labeled and skips the inbox.  I'd rather see
selected tabs get notifications than the inbox.
Nov 16, 2009
Yes, very important!
Nov 20, 2009
Yea. I think the Google Voice team should abandon their app and implement
this instead. They could then add a "Voice" label in Gmail which receives Voice updates.
Isn't this so much simpler and less bulky than the app they are working on now?
Nov 29, 2009
this is absolutely necessary
Dec 1, 2009
I agree with this. I would love to get notification for specific labels with items
that bypass the inbox (sent to archive)

On my Droid I have a shortcut to the SMS label in my gmail inbox that my GV SMS is
sent to and I'd also love to see a little notification in the corner of that shortcut
with the number of unread emails in that label.  Just a suggestion :)
Dec 4, 2009
I'd also like to see label shortcuts with number of unread msgs overlayed.
Dec 15, 2009
This would be a great option, but also please don't limit it to gmail accounts. This
would be very useful in corporate accounts as well as pretty much any account that is
Dec 24, 2009
Is there an official comment about when we have to expect that feature? Its really
hard without it.
Dec 26, 2009
That feature would be a must-have imo. It would make handling emails more easy.
Dec 30, 2009
I have work systems alerts filtered into an IMAP folder.  I'd like to set a nice, 
loud alert for those, and no audible alert.  Therefore:

-- I need this for regular email IMAP folders, not just for the default GMAIL 
-- You seriously need to get IMAP folder sync'ing to work (see issue 1307).

Also, unique alert volume settings, each place you can create a custom alert, is a 
good thang.

Finally--priority is Medium?  We've got 136 stars and 19 comments on this.  Can't be 
that hard (always easy for the guy NOT writing the code to say), and is something in 
which Android really lags.
Jan 9, 2010
Full ack. At least a comment from a dev like "it is planned but not to come in the
next weeks" or "yeah we're just implementing it, It will be in the next Version" or
maybe just "it will never come" would be great. Every official Information, even if
it is not a good one, is better than no information.

I Suggest:

Priority ---> High

Jan 19, 2010
I'm relly missing this feature too!
Jan 23, 2010
I couldn't agree more.  Hopefully, this can be tied into the update that will enable
Trackball Color notification on the N1, so that different labeled mail can provide a
different color notification if the user wishes.  This would be extremely useful and
time saving, especially for anyone using their device in a business capacity.
Jan 25, 2010
I absolutely need this feature.  Please implement soon!
Jan 25, 2010
Is this issue currently being worked on?
Jan 25, 2010
188 Stars. And Priority is still Medium? Why cant you just say "yes we wil do that" 
or "no we won't" 24 Comments asking for an official answer, but none of the devs 
gives a comment at all. Don't get that...
Jan 26, 2010
I also greatly need this to be implemented. Almost all of my emails bypass the inbox 
and I never even know they have arrived.
Jan 29, 2010
I don't care so much about per label notification (although I would appreciate it) as
much as just getting a notification for emails that bypass the inbox. I recently
missed an extremely important email due to this "bug" I will call it. Just because it
bypasses the inbox doesn't make it any less important and not worthy of notification.
Jan 29, 2010
@stevendemanett: I completely disagree. I would rather not get notified every time a
email comes from a mailing list. So I use filters to put it into the right label and
Jan 29, 2010
Well , I just dont care at all which mail comes in but I want to get a notification
from every mail I get.
Jan 31, 2010
Why is there no official answer to this?
Feb 5, 2010
#31 tannerlindsay
This would be great to help me control better what notifications I get on my Android
Feb 22, 2010
#32 steffen.schloenvoigt
Please, please implement. I'm using labels (and automatic assingment of them)
excessively - This feature would greatly improve the overall experience.
Feb 22, 2010
I'm using a Droid Eris and I too would love this functionality.

I have Google Voice and have the Android app installed, but I don't actually set the
GV app to poll for new messages to save on battery life. Instead, I setup GV to send
an email to my GMail, which of course uses Push with Android, so basically I get a
pushed email when I have a new voicemail. It's more efficient on battery life for

Then, I connect in with GV client on my phone and it actually grabs the email instead
of having to poll for it.

The reason this would be helpful is because I sort my GV emails in my GMail into a
"Voice" label. I'd like for my voice emails to auto sort INTO the label, so basically
"skip mailbox" and go straight to archive and into the label. The only problem is
that if I do that and I get a new GV GMail message, it wont alert on my phone.

The only way I get the alert on my droid is if I leave the GV GMail message in my
GMail mailbox, which is inconvenient and clutters up my mailbox.
Feb 22, 2010
Honestly, it's kind of pathetic that the Android Gmail app is so lacking in
functionality. There are numerous things that the web client can do, even in the
Android browser, that the app cannot do. Google really fell short on this one,
especially considering Android is now on its fifth significant release. It's very
Feb 25, 2010
This would be a killer feature, but I don't expect to see it.

Why? Because Google doesn't read these, doesn't respond, and certainly doesn't
implement the things that we request. It *is* possible for a 3rd party app to provide
that kind of notification, if the app is able to read gmail local data storage.
Developing an app like that is risky, though, since Google could decide to implement
this feature and render that app useless.

So Google - if you're out there - is this a feature you are thinking about or are
likely to consider? And if so - what kind of timeframe? 6 months? a year? 2 years+?
Mar 10, 2010
Considering that this has been a known issue since 04/09 and no Google tech has
weighed in on this forum, a resolution to this issue is seeming less and less likely.
 It would be wonderful if this support site were read by those with the power to make
Mar 11, 2010
#37 krikkrac
oh man, i am sometimes surprised with some of the things that were looked over. This
is a much needed improvement in the gmail app.
Mar 16, 2010
This feature would be great! I am surprised it has not been implemented already! I am 
an avid user of labels and most of my mail bypasses the inbox. Please implement!
Mar 25, 2010
I really, really want this!  I have my school emails forwarded to my gmail and have
it set to skip the inbox and apply a label.  I have this label set to sync all.  I do
not get notified of these emails.  If anyone knows an app that does this, please let
me know!
Mar 26, 2010
What can I say except yes, please! 
Mar 27, 2010
Per label notification settings is a must have feature! Only my general mail stays 
directly in the inbox, very important work mails get labeled accordingly, but so do 
"non-important" mailing list messages. For work stuff I definitely need 
notifications, but rather not for an active mailing list.
Apr 12, 2010
no. 1 missing feature in The gmail app on android imho. 
Perfect implementation would be if you could set it to all labels, or by option let in- 
or exclude certain labels.
Apr 21, 2010

One workaround, though not ideal: 

make a dummy gmail account ( or some such) 

in your filters, forward all emails for which you want notification to the dummy 

add your dummy account to the gmail app, and turn on notifications for that account. 

Turn off notifications for your other accounts if needed. 

It's clumsy, but it works. The main problem with this solution is that you'll need to 
switch accounts to reply to the emails, unless you want them to come from the dummy 
Apr 27, 2010
That this bug remains unaddressed (at least visibly) is an indication that Google 
probably don't want to make the app support a workflow which their inbox vs. labels 
behaviours seem to imply -- namely that only things in your inbox are pending your 
attention.  Hence the "skip inbox" being referred to as Archiving.

I get the feeling that those of us who would dearly love per-label notification 
options will be sorely disappointed because by that workflow, we're "doing it 

Apr 27, 2010

In my case, I use a label as a faux-inbox for another account that I have forwarded 
to Gmail (and want to keep separate from the stuff sent to my Gmail).  I can't get 
notifications for that email, as we're all aware.

On the other hand, they allow notifications from multiple accounts, so they don't 
seem to be assuming that we'll only use one email account.

Thus, I don't think this is a high-minded, control-our-lives conspiracy as much as 
regular, old half-baked-Google-product issues, so I'm holding out hope that they'll 
get around to it eventually.
May 3, 2010
You can use the current gmail features to automatically label emails and chose not to
notify you for these emails.
May 3, 2010
Yeah, it's a piece of cake to NOT get notified!
May 3, 2010
Claire, please read before you comment.  This thread is about how we want to have
email skip the inbox and STILL notify us.  We WANT the notification. 
May 3, 2010
I Second that Silvermoonstar3.. Claire we was notification setting per label and not 
per message  delivered to the inbox.. 
May 10, 2010
#51 tsmith328
This right now is my biggest problem with Gmail on the Android. I would also like to
be able to default to All Mail, instead of the Inbox. I can set it to All Mail and it
stays for a while, but then it switches itself back to the Inbox.
May 10, 2010
#52 mikeatnocompany
Not sure what device you have specifically, but:

long press on homescreen > Shortcuts > Gmail label > pick account > All Mail

should make an icon on your homescreen that goes directly to All Mail...
May 10, 2010
#53 tsmith328
Thanks a lot mikeatnocompany, you fixed that problem I had.

I still do not get any notifications for my most important emails. I do not know why
the priority on this is still medium. My phone doesn't tell me when I get new
emails!? That is a pretty serious problem.
May 12, 2010
This is definitely my only long existing complaint. I have gmail and have lots of 
email coming in, I have naturally try to filter certain things (like mailing lists) to 
their own label and skipping the inbox for cleanliness. However I do NEED to be 
notified when these emails arrive. This is a major flaw IMHO and I am with tsmith328 
on this one that it's very surprising to me that the only traction I've seen on this 
is "create a shortcut to the folder". They wouldn't say that if I were not receiving 
notifications from my inbox... this is equally as important. 
May 12, 2010

Pingwin- if it's really important to you, I do recommend the work-around I described above. In every filter that 
you want notification for yet which skips the inbox, also forward to a new, dummy account inbox. Then set up the 
dummy account inbox with notifications; the dummy account exists only for notification purposes. In 
combination with the free 'gmail notifier' utility in the android market, I get notified for every email I would like 
and my inbox stays organized. I agree wholeheartedly, though, that gmail for android really needs this feature. 
May 18, 2010
Pretty please, Google!  

I have a work email and a personal email (my gmail).  I had my work email forward to 
my gmail with a Work label, but I want the notification.  So then I decided I had to 
setup my work email separately for a POP3 but this isn't push so I have a five minute 
delay AND I have to check two email accounts if I'm on a real computer.  Bleck. 

I guess the work around for putting a shortcut to the label would work the best, at 
least then you don't have to navigate through all the time, but still no notification 
and I have to keep checking it.
May 18, 2010
Yes, I want notifications too... this thing doesn't work with POP3 very well.

Please fix this. I want to set notifications + ring tone for very important messages 
that arrive from certain people.
May 21, 2010
Project Member #58
The Android team is not able to help with issues related to Google's 
software for Android, such as Maps.

Please direct questions to the Help Forum:
Status: Declined
May 22, 2010
To be more clear, this is the bug tracker for the Android Open-Source 
Project. Google's "branded" apps like Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and so on are 
not open-source and are developed by different teams at Google, who do not 
check this bug tracker. Anything about those apps submitted here simply 
won't be seen by the right people.

As we tidy up the Android bug tracker, we're directing issues about the 
Google apps to the Help Forums where the right people will see the 

(P.S. - Sorry about the reference to Maps in my previous comment, I meant 
Gmail. Mea culpa...)
Jun 4, 2010
morrildl, thanks for your response. Since this issue has gone unchecked for so long
on this bug tracker, could you do us all a huge favour and make a call/drop an email
to the appropriate person on the Google Mobile support team to let them know about
this issue? I don't think they are aware of how many people are having problems with

For everyone's information, this issue now exists as three separate threads on the
Google Mobile Help Forums. Please head over and post.
Aug 2, 2010
This is crucial.  Folks who use their phones for business and family are missing important time-sensitive messages from one or the other or both because the important stuff is lost in a deluge of important but not critical stuff.
Sep 6, 2010
Agreed. This is quite crucial, as the majority of my emails are separated into labels. 
Sep 10, 2010
Cruical email typicially is sent directly to a label. I find out about netflicks spam twice a week but I have to dig through my phone to find an email from my work or university? Very un-google like. To be able and pick a sound for the different labels would be great as well...
Sep 10, 2010
Please fix this asap. I need it aswell
Oct 28, 2010
This is a particularly big deal with the "Priority Inbox"/"Important"-label. It'd be nice to be able to get notifications about email that the system *already thinks is important*.
Nov 8, 2010
Please add this feature. I get many emails and only need to be notified of important ones. Without this feature I have to just turn notifications completely off and just check my priority inbox every once in awhile. It's annoying.
Nov 16, 2010
Nov 25, 2010
I will be posting this text in issues 2361, 1257, 2445 since they are all very related. I hope you will help you, I had a really rough couple of days getting the android to work the way I needed.

Guide to a Happy Androidian

I am the proud owner of a Android Galaxy S Epic 4G phone. But like me, most of you have (specially the ones coming from the Blackberry World) been struggling with email, notifications, invites , etc.

So I wrote this little guide with my experience, testing and results. 
Currently I am very happy with my current setup, feels just like a darn Smartphone!

I am assuming most of us have a basic-moderate level knowledge of IT, so I will not details the how-to of the steps taken, but will be happy to reply to any post if you get stuck.

[B] Issue#1  Push eMail for non-Gmail POP accounts[/B]

Other than Gmail account or Exchange servers, the android needs to poll emails out of the POP server on an scheduled time interval (From now on will call this POP Account ORG_POP; [username]@[mycompany].com). This is not efficient plus consumes too much battery, and we all need every bit!


1. Create a new Gmail account for your company POP mail. This will give you sync and push capabilities (Will call this NEW_GPOP); I named mine : [companyname]
2. In the Gmail settings, tell Gmail to Check mail using POP3: specify your ORG_POP account
3. In the Gmail settings, tell Gmail to send mail as: specify your ORG_POP account.

[B]For Android[/B]

Sync NEW_GPOP with Android. Note: adding a second account will sometimes create an error (cannot connect to server) on the Android, instead of adding the regular way, log in to YouTube from your Android phone with NEW_GPOP, this will create the new account. (don't ask me why!)

[B]For Outlook[/B]

After you have your account setup in Gmail, go to Outlook and add a new email account that connects to NEW_GPOP. You can use the automatic changes. After all is done go to 'More Settings' and under the General tab, specify the reply email to be ORG_POP.

You can still sync with ORG_POP if you like, just remember to leave a copy on the server from NEW_GPOP.

I will recommend not adding LABELED filters to ORG_POP if you also want Outlook to retrieve the message. Not sure, but I am under the impression that Outlook will not retrieve it if it is sitting in a labeled folder (unless you are using IMAP with outlook).

[B]What you get:[/B]

1. Push capabilities on your ORG_POP email, no need to sync, poll or wait for emails. (all PUSH for android and outlook)
2. Ability to send email under your ORG_POP email from Gmail , android and outlook, showing your ORG_POP as the reply to address.
3. Ability to keep copies (or delete them) in any of the three clients.
NEW_GPOP will work as a 'transport' mailer. You do not need to reference this email to the outside world (only if you want to), this will only be your account to log and manage your POP(s) account(s).

[B]Personal Note:[/B]

You can add multiple POP email address to NEW_GPOP account, to another existing Gmail account (filters with labels if you like) or create new email for each POP email address you want to sync. It all comes down to your organization methodology.

I am sure you could do this with any mail client on the Android, I prefer Gmail since I believe is it simpler and has better integration with Gmail.

I can now manage all my work emails in just one place. If I work for multiple companies and they assign me each one different email, I can compile them all together into my NEW_GPOP and label them individually (or not).

If I go for vacation, I go to Google and set an automatic response and any email from work will be auto-replied.

Since NEW_GPOP is POLLING the emails from ORG_POP this is not done instantly, depending on the server or how Gmail performs the scheduled polls, you will receive the emails between 1-5m (in my experience). 

Another way to make the emails get faster to your NEW_GPOP is to log into your ORG_POP account and tell the server to Forward the emails to NEW_GPOP. This will PUSH the email from ORG_POP to NEW_GPOP instantly and then NEW_GPOP will PUSH it to your android or outlook. It might look redundant, but if you Forward and Delete, then NEW_GPOP will get the email (a few seconds in my experience) and will find nothing the next time it tries to POLL from ORG_POP. Then a few seconds later I get the email on my Android.

[B] Issue#2  Receiving/Accepting meeting invites on your Android[/B]

If you did follow the setup for  issue #1 , every time someone send you an invite to NEW_GPOP (meeting invite to NEW_GPOP email) Google will automatically add it to your calendar. This is great if you are giving away your NEW_GPOP email address, but if you receive email via the ORG_POP address, Google will stop the Quick Calendar entry and wait until you manually create the entry.
For some weird and mystic reason, Google decided not to include meeting invites in their Gmail account other than meeting submitted to a GMAIL account. If you receive an invite and you open Gmail on your PC, you will see the invite as a calendar option and insert it into Google calendar. Yes, if you accept it on Gmail on your PC, it will sync with the Android and show in your Android calendar. So, why not do this automatically for the ORG_POP account on the Android or Gmail??! ... Easy fix!


1. On Gmail, click Settings, Google Account Settings.
2. Under Personal Settings>>Emails, click Edit and add your ORG_POP.
3. Confirm Verification. Done!
BTW: while you are in the account settings, select Multiple Sign-in. Will be easier to manage all your Google accounts.

[B]What you get:[/B]

All your invites sent to your ORG_POP will AUTOMATICALLY  be included into the Google Calendar. I tested invites from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook Calendars.
This is because Gmail now recognizes that ORG_POP is now an email address that belongs to you. Regularly when invites are sent, it is addressed to many emails. Gmail will not include entries on your calendar because it does not recognize ORG_POP as part your account emails.

There is a catch! the entry will be recorded in your calendar using the NEW_GPOP address (yup, too good to be true). This means that if you reply or change the event the new reply-to address will be NEW_GPOP not ORG_POP. I think if you reply with GMAIL not GCALENDAR the reply will remain ORG_POP, but need to try this.

[B]Personal Note:[/B]

I have only test the ability to receive them automatically into the calendar. have partially tested (with good results):

1. Replying Yes, No, Maybe from Gmail or Android 
2. Canceling or moving to another time.
I guess they will all work well since it is already within Gmail, but will try this later.
I only see a problem with this. [B]Outlook.[/B]

Some invites will arrive as emails with an ics attachment, This is not a problem, Outlook will not add it to your calendar at this point. But when you get an standard Outlook invite from another Outlook client, yours will receive it as an invite and add it to the calendar. 

For some people this might be good or bad. for me is bad. If you don't have a Sync client like (CompanionLink - I am testing the Trial Version) you will want to keep it in outlook so you can see the invite. But if you have an Sync client, the sync client will send to your Gmail account another copy of the invite, hence creating multiple copies.

To overcome my problem was a 2 step solution.
1. In Outlook, go to Options>>email options>>tracking options>>uncheck all checkboxes.

2. Create a new rule: "which is a meeting invitation or update">>"mark it as read">>"delete it"

That took care of my problem.

Now when I receive invite, they will stay in Gmail, they will be added to my Gmail calendar and then my sync client will retrieve them (in 5min) and add them to outlook calendar.

Also when I send invites from outlook the process will be the same but in reverse order.

Initiating the invite in the android will not be a problem, but it has it drawback (read my conclusion).


Download from the Market: ICS Bot. This application will present you with the option of adding the calendar into your Android phone when you receive an invite with an ICS extension as an attachment.

 Issue#3 : Not Getting Gmail notification on Labeled and skip Invoice emails.
Some of us have filters in our inbox to properly manage our emails and organize them so we don't clutter the inbox. Gmail for Android will not notify you if you receive any of the emails that follow this filter criteria.


1. Download from the Market Gmail Label Notifier ($1.50)
2. Setup each label individually with notification and ringtone.
3. Setup Gmail on your Android to SYNC the specific label you want to get notified.

[B]Personal Note:[/B]

I tried other apps without good success, confusing menus and double notifications (icons and sound)  and also was not happy with the look and feel. Gmail Label Notifier gave me exactly what I need.

Make sure you are NOT archiving really important email, since the notifier seems to use the SYNC feature to get the emails and not a push from GMAIL. This means that the email might take longer to pop in your Smartphone (but not long).


I have to say I am very impressed about Google Integration between their apps. Definitely an Android user MUST have all his account in Gmail or at least polled or pushed into a Gmail account. Even Google Talk will notify me if someone canceled a meeting!

But at the same time I am disappointed at not seeing most of these issues already resolved or at least a viable workaround from Google to determine how to overcome some of these basic necessity problems.

[B]Other Notes:[/B]

[B]Sending Invites from Outlook[/B]

When creating invites or meeting from Outlook, you get the same transparency you will get from your original server. The attendee will receive something like this:


This is good if you are only using your outlook desktop client to create meeting and manage them, but sometime you are on the run, need to reply, cancel or create a new meeting from the Android or Gmail and this is where I ran out of options to figure out a solution.

[B]Sending Invites from Gmail or Android[/B]

In Gmail, when you click on any appointment, and see the WHO, you will see that Gmail is matching the invitee with your NEW_GPOP account. This is where I don't like the address that is sending the invite, there is no option to select which account is sending the invite or no option to default to my ORG_POP. Attendee will get something like this:

Who: (Attendees)
1. - organizer 
2. - creator  (or, I shared my Work calendar)

[B] I need this to be corrected to the following:[/B]


Who: (Attendees)
1. ORG_POP [username]@[mycompany].com

First, it is creating one extra entry too and it is not specifying the ORG_POP address. When xxxx receives the email they will see that came from Gmail not Although replying to this email will results in properly updating calendar information, it more of a question of ethics of showing the right address.

This is the only problem I have not been able to resolve, I will play more with gmail and see if there are settings that could help. For the mean time I am creating and setting up, replying and changing my appoint ONLY in outlook, although I can see them on my phone and Google calendar. Thankfully at the moment I am not getting many meeting requests.

Jan 9, 2011
Please consider for addition: much needed feature.
Jan 20, 2011
please add per-label notifications! Thank you!
Feb 14, 2011
not sure entirely how these pages work but PLEASE add the "per label notification" feature to the gmail app.
Mar 4, 2011
anything new on this one?
we business ppl could use this feature 
Mar 8, 2011
See the workaround in comment 44
Jun 5, 2011
PLEASE add label notification!!!
Jun 10, 2011
I would also greatly appreciate this feature.
Jun 10, 2011
I've had this issue starred forever, but I end just notice the other day that there is an app in the market called Gmail Label Notifier as well as one called Advanced Notifier for Gmail... have any of you tried those? They are paid apps.
Jun 10, 2011
Gmail label notifier was mentioned earlier in this discussion. I've been
using it successfully for months now, and it works very well.

Still, this doesn't change the fact that it's such an issue with the app
that it has spawned a third party solution. That's not a good thing.

Comment #79 on  issue 2445  by Gmail should allow
per-label notification settings
I've had this issue starred forever, but I end just notice the other day
that there is an app in the market called Gmail Label Notifier as well as
one called Advanced Notifier for Gmail... have any of you tried those? They
are paid apps.
Aug 9, 2011
This issue has been fixed in version 2.3.5.
Aug 9, 2011
#83 krikkrac
Oh my god, the system works : D
Aug 22, 2011
Care to describe how, f.schwar?  It's not immediately apparent to me.
Aug 22, 2011
First you need to have several labels synchronizing with the android app. Then go to your account settings. At the bottom there's now a setting "Labels to notify".
Aug 22, 2011
This feature works find on a Nexus One (2.3.4 stock) - but not on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (3.1).

Any reason it's not available yet for the tab?
Aug 22, 2011
@jackenne make sure you have the latest gmail (search market). If so, open GMail, go to more -> settings -> -> labels to notify
Aug 22, 2011
I can confirm with the latest gmail upgrade , per label notification works great
Aug 22, 2011
The current implementation of per-label notifications is a great step, but it has some room for improvement.  Namely, the current implementation will create multiple notifications for the same message, depending on your setup.

For example, I wanted to get a notification for every e-mail, but I wanted one sound for priority inbox and another sound for the general inbox.  The problem is e-mails that go to priority inbox also go into the inbox in general.  As a result, every time I got a priority inbox message I would get two notifications.  

Ideally, GMail should only create one notification per message.  Perhaps there could be a way to rank the notifications to indicate which ones take precedence over others when a message fits multiple notification scenarios?
Aug 22, 2011
Thank you f.schwar & cerebr.  I just missed the option there.

I second bko's suggestion.  I had quite a torrent of notifications after I included inbox and starred.
Dec 16, 2012
Hey, Google - Not being able to define notifications for specific filter triggers really sucks. I either have to pay for a 3rd party app to do something that qualifies for basic functionality, or use a 3rd party mail client and setup rules. Cool story, bra.
Dec 16, 2012
I don't know what version of Android you all are running, but this was implemented a while ago (Ice Cream Sandwich maybe?).  Time for a new phone!  (Maybe a Nexus device so that you're not tied to carriers for updates?)
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