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Issue 23593: Phone application does not recognize +(country code) (number) and 00(country code)(number) as same phone number
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Reported by, Dec 27, 2011
Up to ICS the two numbers:

+43 1 123456
0043 1 123456

were recognized as the same number. Now the user has to change all numbers in the adress book using the + instead of 00

If a user stored the number as 0043 1 123456 the contact information is not displayed if the number calls (as it is sent in the +43 1 123456 format) .i.e the incoming call is treated like a unknown contact. 

Nexus S
Dec 28, 2011
Same here.
Also if you don't specify the country code (which wasn't a problem in 2.3.6) and a contact calls you, the contacts information is not found, 

+32 123 123456
0123 123456

Are the same number, but under ICS they are treated as different numbers.
Dec 28, 2011
This is a duplicate of 23092: Please star/comment there.
Feb 5, 2012
After this annoyed me for a while (and I didn't want to remove and add my account) I made an Android application that saves all of the numbers on your phone in the right format, you can get it here
Feb 6, 2012
@At My post above, I had a mistake last night that made the app do nothing, fixed it and updated the APK (and the source at github), tested it on another phone and it works
Dec 18, 2012
I tried your app but nothing appears to change  in contacts,  do you have another link to try? 
Thanks Phil 
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