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Issue 2023: Google Talk doesn't show new messages in chat window
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Status:  Declined
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Apr 2012

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Reported by giggsey, Feb 16, 2009
When I'm talking on Google Talk on my T-Mobile G1, sometimes it stops 
displaying new messages on the actual IM app. I know I am receiving 
messages, because I have to close the application (either Home or Back), 
and it shows me a notification that I've received a new message.
However, when I go to view this new message, it's not showing in the chat 

Often, to solve this problem when it happens, I have to close the chat, 
sign out, and then back into Google Talk.

Can this please be fixed, it's making talking on GT painful on my G1.
Feb 16, 2009
#1 giggsey
Because I can't edit this, I'm running RC8 in the UK.
Mar 3, 2009
This issue is assigned to an engineer for further evaluation
Status: Reviewed
Mar 18, 2009
I am having the same problem RC33 American.  Happens randomly and for no reason, 
restarting or signing out doesnt help always for myself!
Apr 2, 2009
#4 luke.hutch
I confirm this is a problem.  See also  issue 1221 ,  issue 1100 .

If I am logged into GTalk both in the desktop client and using the Android IM app,
then some of the messages are simply not delivered to Android.  Sometimes they show
in the notification bar but not the conversation (in which case it is possible that
they are missing because of the exception mentioned in  issue 1221 ), sometimes they
don't even show in the notification bar (perhaps in the case where the current
activity is the IM conversation view, so no notification is generated?).

Additionally the app seems to continuously disconnect from the server, which may be
due to wifi disconnecting whenever the screen locks as described in one of the other
issues linked above.  It would be nice if even if this happens, the connection were
moved to whatever data connection is available without interruption.  Anyway when the
connection is re-established, the chat messages are not delivered (and they are not
forwarded to GMail either because you're logged in in a different location) --
meaning that it is entirely possible that you end up missing some important messages
until you happen to notice them at the other place you're logged in.

Thirdly discussion history does not seem to be preserved by the IM app.  Whenever I
bring up the app after not using it for a while, and initiate a chat with someone,
the conversation view shows as blank.  The app really needs to preserve the chat
history, if it's losing messages like this already.

I'm running US RC33.
Apr 2, 2009
In at least one case where I saw this, I think there were two activities open for
chatting to the same person. That is, I had been chatting intermittently for a while,
and at one point observed an unexpected blank (or nearly blank) conversation with the
person. I then carried on chatting, went to a different app (don't remember how), got
a new message notification, clicked on it, and saw the new message below the old
messages from before the blanking, suggesting to me that I was back in an old
instance of this activity. I think there should never be multiple instances of the
chat window for the same person; perhaps the app currently allows these somehow?
Apr 2, 2009
#6 giggsey
Regarding the logged on from multiple locations, I only sign onto GTalk on my G1 now, 
as I don't need it elsewhere. It's disabled in Gmail, and on the google interactive 
Apr 2, 2009
#7 luke.hutch
Android theoretically doesn't allow multiple instances of the same application, and
anyway even if it did, theoretically the ContentProvider system would simply supply
both with the same data.

However I have seen the same thing (I think) -- message history randomly being either
blank or containing previous messages.  Mostly the history is blank, especially if
the app hasn't been used for a while (i.e. the application is not paused but
frozen/killed, if I got the application lifecycle terms right)

Apr 2, 2009
I didn't say multiple applications, I said multiple activities (windows) for the same
item, which Android does allow if the app is buggy. You would then get each incoming
message delivered to only one of the windows; that's the problem I'm suggesting.
Apr 2, 2009
I get this problem too and its quite annoying. It never happens in AIM on android 
and sometimes I have to resort to that which is much less userfriendly.
Apr 27, 2009
I've been experiencing exact the same problem. And I sort of understand how gtalk
server handles conversation if I have more than one activity simultaneously. 

Interestingly, I don't have the problem with using Skype text chat because it
displays conversation to all the active clients at the same time. Meaning, for
example, if you have your skype clients running both on your phone and your home
computer, every single conversation is displayed on both windows and you never miss

Of course this could be a significant problem in terms of security and privacy, but
you at least never get annoyed by missing lines on your conversation and wait forever
to receive responses which you probably never get until you check out your history on

Additionally, I experienced the same thing when I forgot to turn off Gtalk on my home
computer and was having some chat at work. So I guess this is just a problem of Gtalk
system handling multiple log-ins, not the Android specific problem.

May 25, 2009
I am experiencing exactly similar problem 
My G1 is running Android 1.5 Build number CRB43
May 28, 2009
I just started to have this problem after the 1.51 CRB43 update.

I had no problem before with 1.0-1.5 version.

Most of the gtalk messages right now don't even show up on the phone, only show up on
the desktop web client of gtalk.

It used to show up simutanously on both the G1 and the desktop.
May 28, 2009
I just did some testings with 2 accounts.

There weren't any problems if I keep it to messaging with the G1 only.
Once I send a message on the desktop client in that conversation, the further
messages stop sending to the G1 client.

So, once I mixed up the use between G1 and desktop client, the G1 client stops working.

I used to have no problem with this before the 1.51 CRB43 update.
May 28, 2009
I'm having exactly the same issue since the moment I received the Cupcake update 
1.51.  It is making Google Talk pretty much unusable/unreliable.  I've posted my 
information in thread 1221: 
Type Version Security Status Owner Summary
May 29, 2009
It seems that the developers think that if you are using Talk on your computer then 
you aren't going to want your phone and computer dinging all the time. Since it is 
easier to type on a computer keyboard, once you at your computer why would you go 
back the the G1. If you are going to leave the computer, start a new convo.
May 30, 2009
#18 luke.hutch
Trouble is that it's easy to forget to log off of Gmail chat when you leave your
computer... especially if you are always lurking in invisible mode (which also
creates this problem).

Jun 5, 2009
Same problem, but I suspect there are two issues:

1) Google Talk messages are not delivered to the G1 if you are currently logged into 
your account on a separate computer.  This is probably intended functionality, 
although I would like to have the option to have IMs delivered to both places 

2) Google Talk messages are not appearing in the record of the conversation on the 
G1, even though the notifications are coming through and you can read new messages 
that way if you are quick enough.  This appears to be a bug, and just started for me 
with the 1.51 update.

The reason I suspect there are two issues is that I do not actively use my Gmail 
account, so I had not logged into it for a couple weeks prior to this problem 
starting.  I have only started logging in now so I can read the IMs that are not 
being properly recorded by my phone.

I hope this can be fixed soon, because the Google Talk on my G1 is basically useless 
at the moment.
Jun 5, 2009
#20 luke.hutch
On point 1), at least previous to Android 1.5 it would deliver the messages
*sometimes* if logged in from multiple locations, not all the time.  (I haven't been
using IM lately because it was so flakey that I stopped using it altogether months ago.)

Point 2) seems to be related to a Java SQLite exception being thrown.

I noticed that when using IM over Wifi (and sometimes over 3G), connectivity to the
IM server keeps getting dropped every minute or two.  This probably exacerbates (or
causes?) the first problem.

Regardless, the root cause may be that the server doesn't keep a history of messages,
and/or if the client can't see the server for a while, it doesn't go back once it is
online again to fetch the recent history.

Jun 17, 2009
I have the same problem as point 2). While been logged only on my phone (a french HTC
Magic with cupcake), I can see message coming through the notification but not in the
gtalk window. This happens even if the window is active. This means I'm chatting with
someone, and I read his answers in the notification tray and only see my messages in
the chat history. This is quite annoying.
Jun 17, 2009
#22 giggsey
I've read through these comments as I've got it via email, and when I have the
problem, I'm not signed onto Google Talk anywhere else. I normally have gmail open on
my desktop, but that has Google Talk signed out. So it's not an issue of two
locations being signed on at the same time.
Jun 22, 2009
I concur that these are two separate issues.  

On the issue of there being two Google Talk clients open and one of them not
receiving messages - this is normal behavior.  This behavior existed prior to android
and can be seen using the desktop clients versus the browser client, and even between
browser clients on different computers.  It would be nice if we could have a setting
to change this behavior, but alas, such a setting does not currently exist.

On the issue of the android showing notifications of a message but not displaying it
- I would just like to say that I have also experienced this on 1.51 CRB43.  This
happens when no other Google Talk client is open.  I have also experienced logging
out of a single activity, only to be presented with a second Google Talk activity
with a blank message field to the recipient I was missing messages from.  Logging out
twice temporarily solved the problem.  I would also like to note that this seems as
though it can happen to specific contacts.  That is to say, I could be receiving and
displaying messages from one contact just fine while another will not display.
Jun 29, 2009
I started having this problem as well after the Cupcake update (receiving messages
via notification but not in GTalk).  I've tried closing the conversation, clearing
the cache for both Gtalk applications, but no change.  And the conversations are
showing up in my history (if I check in web Gmail) but nowhere on my phone.

Model Number: T-Mobile G1
Firmware version: 1.5
Build number: CRB43
Jun 29, 2009
Ok, sorry, can't edit.  Meant to also add that I'm not signed in anywhere else aside
from my G1.
Jun 30, 2009
Well, your results may vary, but...

I have found that this problem does not occur if I close all chat windows and sign 
out of gtalk on my G1 first thing every morning, and then log back in.

I wonder if this problem is related to gtalk dividing my interactions with a contact 
into discrete conversations?  It seems curious to me that IMs are divided into 
conversations, while text messages with a given contact are now treated as a 
continuous stream.  My usage of the two applications is exactly opposite.
Jun 30, 2009
#27 giggsey
Then it's splitting a conversation I'm having live into two different conversations. I 
talk normally, and then for some reason, it just stops showing them in the chat window.
Jun 30, 2009
#28 luke.hutch
Point 1) in comment 19 seems to be exacerbated by switching from Wifi to the cell
network and back.  Incidentally the G1 is set up by default to switch back and forth
when the screen powers off.  If you go to the Wifi network configuration screen in
settings and then hit menu, there is an advanced setting that allows you to keep the
Wifi on while the screen is off.  This should help the problem somewhat.
Jul 4, 2009
Google Talk in cupcake is not usable in this state, since we can't know if we'll get
a message or if google talk will eat it. This bug should have higher priority than
medium I think.
Jul 5, 2009
How close is this to being resolved?
Jul 6, 2009
So far, with 1324 opened defect, and this one being of medium priority, my only
advice would be to search for another instant messaging client in the market. I
haven't seen any sign this issue was looked on at the moment.

This may be due to the fact that two different issues have been reported here, one is
considered normal behavior, the other not. It may have confused someone at google.
Jul 9, 2009
I'm having the same problem (problem number 2) on my Samsung Galaxy. I've chatted with 
3 different contacts, and it happened to all three of them - albeit at different 

This is extremely annoying, since I cannot read all of the notifications that fast, 
and thus am loosing real data. :-(
Jul 10, 2009
For people who have this problem, the only solution to get lost messages I can find
on the device is opening gmail in the browser(not the included gmail app) and
searching for chats from that person. 

It at least shows up in that history, so you don't lose a phone number or other
critical information. 
Jul 10, 2009
#34 luke.hutch
There is at least one gtalk-capable IM app in the market.  Has anyone compared other 
systems to see what part of this problem is server-specific and what part is client-
Jul 18, 2009
I just want to say that....
Gtalk is useless on G1... with this open issue...
This should be higher on priority...
Google Should resove this ASAP....
Aug 4, 2009
Same problem on HTC Magic, when google will resolve it?
Aug 12, 2009
Same problem with cupcake (Android 1.5) and HTC G1 running in Polish network "Era"
but I sometimes loose messages even while those widgets from startup page of google
load on - or when my linux mail client tries to log in - this is annoying - I have to
ask person to re-write again what she was saying or else I will loose it :/
Aug 15, 2009
Same problem.

With no other gtalk clients open at different places and a clean 1.5 rom with no
additional programs started, still happens after a while when chatting to a person. 

Messages notification shows, also shows the correct message. but in the chat window
the message won't appear. Sometimes when going to contact list and then back to the
conversation with the contact, it helps. Signing off and on will fix this problem for
a little while.

Of course, installing an other gtalk application from the market will help you. But
still i rather use the default application. Please fix this bug so the gtalk
application is reliable. This is btw the only real annoying bug i experienced with
the gtalk client and i hope this will be picked up asap.
Aug 24, 2009
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Aug 26, 2009
Myself, my wife, and three friends all of whom have the T-Mobile G1 have experienced
this problem.

My Firmware is 1.5-CRC37
Aug 26, 2009
same problem here, i started using Meebo IM instead of the native Gtalk app a while
ago, that solved the problem for me. But i would prefer to use the native app since
Meebo IM has problems loosing the connection.
Aug 26, 2009
Same problem on my HTC Magic running android 1.5 (kernel 2.6.27-00342-g1936dcd)

To reproduce the issue, just try to read some message from chat notification.
Aug 28, 2009
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Aug 29, 2009
I also regularly get seemingly random messages show up in my notifications for a
second, disappear, and not show up in the chat window. It happens way too often and
is basically ruining an otherwise amazing app :/

This has happened when i've been logged into google talk only on my phone, and also
when i've been logged in via gmail. Messages show up fine on gmail.

Basically, i can confirm what everyone else has confirmed, but with any luck the more
people who point it out, the faster it gets resolved!

I'm using an unmodified HTC Hero (G2 Touch - I'm on tmobile in the UK)
Sep 3, 2009
I am getting the same issue with my myTouch. I get notification that I have received 
new message and I am able to see part of the message in the notification but when I get 
to the Gtalk there is not message. This seems to happen when I switch from WIFI to 
network. When I restart the phone this problem is gone until next time i switch from 
WIFI to network. Hope this helps. Please resolve this ASAP.
Sep 8, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Sep 10, 2009
I feel i should mention that i get this problem despite never using my phone on wifi
networks - cellular data connection only (HSDPA)

Well, i have used wifi now and again, but very rarely and the bug appears without any
sort of wifi related activity for weeks.

Sorry everyone's gonna get an email :/ Change the notification settings on the
profile page!
Sep 15, 2009
I'm having this (or a similar) problem and it is very annoying. I've had it since day
one with my G1 across lots of updates. I'll get a gtalk message and it will show up
in the notification area, but when I go to the gtalk app, it is gone. I have to open
up the gmail app and go to the "chats" label to find it.
Sep 15, 2009
I'm having this (or a similar) problem and it is very annoying. I've had it since day
one with my G1 across lots of updates. I'll get a gtalk message and it will show up
in the notification area, but when I go to the gtalk app, it is gone. I have to open
up the gmail app and go to the "chats" label to find it.
Sep 15, 2009
These are, indeed, two separate issues.  (And I'll address a third at the end)

1) On the subject of discussions as they pertain to multiple presences (Pidgin,
Gtalk, Gmail, Gtalk on the G1, etc) it seems that received messages starting a new
conversation are sent to *all* active presences until such time as you reply, at
which point the conversation becomes "sticky" to that presence.  If you respond on
Gmail, the conversation will continue there until there is a sufficiently long gap in
communications for new messages to be considered a "new" conversation at which point
the messages will again be sent to all active presences.  A notable exception to this
rule seems to be when receiving messages from other G1 devices.  In my experience,
even when carrying on a conversation via Gmail or Pidgin, etc, if the person with
whom you are talking is using Gtalk on their G1, all of their messages will be sent
to your G1 presence *in addition to* the one with which you're holding the
conversation.  Not sure if this is intentional or not.

2) On the (more problematic) topic of disappearing messages on the G1's Gtalk client:
I have experienced this issue on a number of occasions, on many different versions
and builds of Android.  Generally the process goes like this:

* a message or series of messages is received; the notifications fire, the icon
remains on the bar, and the notification remains in the tray

* the user either opens the gtalk application or selects the notification from the
tray to switch to the gtalk application

* upon arriving at the active conversation, the entire chat log is empty, displaying
neither previous chat history nor the newly received messages

As was mentioned above, the fact that the messages were received can be confirmed by
opening the Gmail application and checking the Chats history, but the situation is
certainly less than ideal!

I did experience something recently that perhaps confirms that the application is
somehow clearing itself rather than just not receiving the messages at all.  Last
week I had the Gtalk application already active, and was in the midst of a
conversation.  I received new messages (and the notifications that accompanied them)
and actually saw the message window clear itself right in front of my eyes.  There's
clearly some event that's causing the clear to happen, I'm just not sure what it is.

3) One final note of interest regarding the Google Talk app: often times when I am
disconnected (moving from WiFi to 3G, moving in and out of service areas, etc), upon
reconnection my contacts continue to be seen by the app as offline, despite having
actually resumed conversations with them.  The small red "<contact name> is offline.
 Messages you send will be delivered when <contact name> comes online." message shows
continually in the conversation window.  When (or whether) the application recovers
and recognizes these contacts are in fact online seems to be inconsistent and random.
Sep 21, 2009
I can't say anything about numbers 1&3 in your above post, but everything in #2 is
correct with the exception of the last point in my case.

While holding conversations (both long and short) sometimes gtalk will randomly stop
displaying the messages in the chat window mid conversation. A quick sign out -> sign
in allows me to receive messages again (old missing messages don't show up) but its
inevitable it'll start doing it again. I don't know if i'm imaging it but it's
getting worse as of late.

Can we *please* have a comment from google here? Are you looking into it? Have you
already fixed it and it's going to be released with donut? Anything! Just let us know
you're paying at least a little bit of attention to our highly annoying bug report!
With gtalk in it's current state it's becoming unusable for me and probably many others.
Sep 22, 2009
#53 bart.crijns
I also have the issue that messages appear in the notification area, but when I tap
on the notification to go to the chat, sometimes that message doesn't appear there.
Sometimes, I do see subsequent messages in the chat window appear, sometimes I don't.
The only reliable fix for when this problem occurs is to log out of google talk and
then log in again.
Oct 16, 2009
Im also having this problem. Messages appear in the notification area, but are not 
added to the relevant chat window.

Makes it really hard to have a conversation.
Oct 28, 2009
Am having the exact same problem.
Nov 2, 2009
Steps to reproduce (Android 1.6 build DRC83):

1) Log on to gTalk on the phone

2) Log on to gTalk on a desktop

3) Hold a chat conversation with some contact on the desktop

4) Log off of gTalk on the desktop

5) Future instant messages from the contact will not be delivered to the phone

NOTE:  This is also broken in the other direction (i.e. interchanging the phone and desktop)
Nov 3, 2009
I think there might be two or more underlying bugs here, the handoff between
different clients is one (as per the comment above) and can probably be explained by
how XMPP works (see XMPP JID resources such as Google
talk probably needs changing to redirect a resource to the phone when it's logged
off... i think. Most likely not a problem with the chat client itself.

But the other bug displays a notification (thus the phone has received the message)
but fails to put it into the chat window. This is the one that really pisses me off,
it happens seemingly randomly, annoyingly often, and completely ruins the chances of
having a normal conversation. If the chat window is active then you don't know if
they've replied or not because the notification is never posted, but neither is the
message. This is certainly a software bug in the chat application.

Should this bug report be split? The whole client handoff thing is sorta hijacking
this and it's making for a lot of conflicting messages. 

Google, please give us some feedback on either bug!
Nov 6, 2009
Hi I am gettting the same issue on android donut build drc83
Nov 8, 2009
comment on sethgregory comment from 15th September 2009. I'm facing exactly the same
problems on G1. 

Google folks, is there a date for this fix yet ?
Nov 8, 2009
i think the google talk in android is an unreliable service. i am gonna give it up.
Nov 9, 2009
#61 luke.hutch
I don't think anyone at Google is seriously looking at this.  jbq has changed the 
status of this bug a few times (and the other one that is about the same issue, 
 Issue 1221 ) but has taken himself off the CC list on both bugs.

In general I get the impression that bugs reported here are not tracked closely by 
Google employees, they seem to be too busy with their own internal priorities.  It 
is sad when an open source project is not considered a community project.  

An alternative hypothesis for this particular bug is that Google is ignoring this 
because they are internally developing a completely new system for IM that will 
integrate with multiple services, similar to the new sync framework in eclair.  I 
guess you can only hope.

Nov 9, 2009
#62 luke.hutch
For the record, another thing that may be causing this issue is that Android kills 
background processes when it gets short on memory, and it doesn't restart them until 
they are manually restarted.  This seems to be a bigger problem on cyanogenmod, but 
could happen on any version of Android when memory gets tight:
Specifically this wouldn't be causing the problem of messages appearing on the 
notification bar but not in the conversation, but rather would stop messages coming 
in at all after some point in time.
Nov 9, 2009
#63 terveer
Happens to me as well - it doesn't matter whether I am using an additional client or not.
Nov 19, 2009
#64 mfilippa77
I have the same issue, HTC Eris from Verizon.
Nov 19, 2009
This problem has gotten really bad on my G1.  I see the notification, but when i 
open GT the message is not there...I see this issue has been going on for quite a 
long time.  Until it's fixed, I'll stick with regular text. 
Nov 28, 2009
This is pathetic. I am having the same thing happen all the time. HTC MTG3. 
Why was this not fixed months ago??
Dec 8, 2009
#67 crazydelta
I can confirm this issue on my HTC Hero. It seems to be getting worse on a daily
basis. Wasn't always like this.
Dec 8, 2009
Same issue on my HTC Hero international version. Can this be caused by the chat buffer 
being full on the hero? Signing out and in to clear the buffer took the problem away 
for least the few times that Ive had it
Dec 9, 2009
Ditto here happening on my Hero (Telus).  Getting worse by the day.
Dec 13, 2009
I have the same issue as reported in Comment # 56 above on Motorola Droid running 
Android 2.0.1:

1) Log on to gTalk on the phone

2) Log on to gTalk on a desktop

3) Hold a chat conversation with some contact on the desktop

4) Log off of gTalk on the desktop

5) Future instant messages from the contact will not be delivered to the phone

NOTE:  This is also broken in the other direction (i.e. interchanging the phone and 

These problems have been reported for 10 months now -- updates to the OS have occured 

Dec 15, 2009
#71 luke.hutch
There's a fix (including patched .apk) posted here:

You might need root on your phone to test it, I'm not sure.

Can several people who have this problem please test, and post their results here.  

Dec 29, 2009
Having the same issues on my HTC Eris from Verizon. I can send a chat message from 
my phone, but all replies are only recieved on the desktop client. Doesn't do me any 
good when I'm not at my desk.
Jan 20, 2010
luke.hutch, I'd love to try the fix in #71, but I have no idea what to do with the
file or if it will work on my Motorola Cliq.  Should I download it directly to my
phone?  And when I get it there then what?

Sorry, never messed with this stuff too much before, but willing to try anything to
get this #$%&*#$ program to work.
Jan 20, 2010
My testing confirms that the fix in #71 works on the G1. Now how do we get it merged
Jan 20, 2010
#75 luke.hutch
pincheandres: you probably need to root your phone.  Then you probably need to 
uninstall the current ImProvider (not sure what the actual command is on the G1 
because I don't have a G1 anymore, look in /system/app for a .apk that is hopefully 
called ImProvider, and delete it).  Then install the replacement by copying it into 
the same place.

himitsu.monban: there is no way this patch will ever make it upstream.  jbq and 
romainguy have made it very clear that they neither see it as the right solution to 
the problem (the "real fix" requires Google to fix their server), nor do they (or 
at least romainguy, when I asked him on IRC) see this bug as super-high priority.

Also, it didn't fix the problem for me when I tried it.

Jan 20, 2010
OK, *where do we pressure Google to fix it then?*

This has gone on for way too long. Workarounds aren't pretty because
installing other apps to do IM drains the battery on my Android phone
much faster than having only GTalk on.

How do we bump up the priority?
Jan 20, 2010
#77 luke.hutch
Google unfortunately doesn't take pressure too well.  They have their own internal 
priority lists and bug lists.  Some of them work closer with the community than 
others, and those that do are trying hard to increase the open-source nature of 
Android, but the reality is they are all maxed out with their internal priorities.  
I know because I used to work there.  This particular bug is annoying because the 
patch can't even be submitted by the community, it's a serverside issue.

The best thing you can do is get on IRC channel #android and discuss it there -- 
though be prepared to be told "everybody's pet bug is the most important bug to 
fix".  That's what happened to me.

Jan 22, 2010
Same problem with HTC Magic 1.6. 
A conversation log will help a lot  and couldnĀ“t be very difficult to implement.
Please Google, hear the voice of yours users
Jan 22, 2010
Same problem with a Samsung Galaxy, Bouygues Telecom (France)
Makes its use difficult :(
Jan 30, 2010
I'm having the same issue on my HTC Hero (Sprint). Hoping for a Google Talk app
update that will fix the issue.
Feb 2, 2010
When I kill the app it still doesn't work.
Only when I restart the phone it works again for a while.
Feb 3, 2010
Same on the Cliq. Noticed that if I have the talk window for the given chat, that the 
conversations are received just fine. But if I'm anywhere else and the notification 
pops up in the top bar the message is missing.
Feb 3, 2010
#83 luke.hutch
Look at  Issue 1221 .
Mar 31, 2010
One point in this issue - I am not sure that it comes from switching between differen 
clients of GT - I am using GT *only* on my HTC Magic and it also can be reproduced by 

I also would agree that this issue should have higher priority... GT is unusable with 
that bug... :/
Mar 31, 2010
Another thought... One year evaluation of such a defect is a pretty long time... I 
guess that even Microsoft can do it faster... and here issue even has no assignee :/
Apr 13, 2010
Same problem here, on HTC Magic (Android 1.6).

As sethgregory says:

The notifications fire, the icon remains on the bar, and the notification remains in 
the tray.

If you open the gtalk application or selects the notification from the
tray to switch to the gtalk application... the entire chat log is empty!! displaying
neither previous chat history nor the newly received messages...

Please, fix this :'(
Apr 14, 2010
I believe this is fixed under 2.1, I've had my nexus one for a few weeks and haven't 
seen this issue the at all when I used to see it a lot on 1.6 on my G1
May 21, 2010
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Jun 15, 2010
Same problem on HTC magic I can see the messages I send but the messages received don't appear in the app just in the notifications. I have to log out and back in to fix it.

Thanks for fixing

Aug 23, 2010
I have a Samsung Galaxy S, the latest phone with Android 2.1 installed. The GTalk issue is especially weird on my phone, I can not see anything, not even a notification when my friend sends me a message. He is using a HTC Aria, while he can see every message I sent out to him via my phone, both on his phone and the computer. 

I logged out from GTalk on my computer but it did not do any good. 

I wonder is there is a fix for this problem.
Aug 26, 2010
It still happens on my Acer Liquid Android 2.1. GTalk looses connection and some times does not receive messages untill will be restarted.

Aug 26, 2010
Hey, support, I can't find public issue tracker for GTalk! Does it exist.
Aug 26, 2010
i have samsung acclaim with us cellular and about 12 hours ago, i stopped receiving messages on my android.  I can send messages to other people and they see them, but when they send them to me my phone doesn't receive them.  If i am on my pc and sign into it, i get them alright on my computer, but when i sign off, i still don't get them on my phone.
Aug 26, 2010
#96 luke.hutch
The underlying data provider issue is supposedly fixed in Android 2.1.  However there is another issue that could be causing this even on Android 2.2: when the system is low on resources (either RAM or MTD, or additionally because of other triggers that I haven't figured out yet on my Nexus One), the system shuts down services and doesn't always restart them until they are manually restarted by launching the program that started the service.  So anything and everything that launches a service ceases to work: Google Voice, Gmail, etc.  I gave up on Google Talk on my phone a long time ago because it was too flaky (even after upgrading to Android-2.1) but I'm sure that is affected too.

In fact if it's MTD (system storage) space that is low, even manually starting the services can fail -- manually starting a Gmail sync does nothing at all when the "system is low on space" indicator is in the address bar, it doesn't even try to sync.  As soon as the indicator disappears (e.g. by uninstalling an app), sync works again.

I don't have nearly enough services running on my phone to warrant critical things like GV notifications being shut down, especially when they won't start themselves up the way they are supposed to when there are more resources available.  Dianne (who wrote the services stuff I believe) wrote a blog post about how this is all supposed to work, but in my experience it has never worked as intended.

Aug 26, 2010
i got a new replacement phone to fix the problem, but it hasn't.  this is rediculous.  Google says they are not responsible to fix it, then who is?  Someone needs to get things together!  Android will be deadroid if they don't start getting a grasp on their problems.  Even the technicians didn't know what was going on.  At least the email push feature from google got fixed by getting a replacement phone.
Aug 27, 2010
Good Lord!!!This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard with Google...This is their software and they are not supposed to fix it?????
I downloaded a 3rd-party software that mimics the "GTalk", it works perfectly fine. So what does Google say about that?!

Oct 23, 2010
Today,i was chatting with my friend on gtalk on phone and i noticed strange string.

Here is how the chat looks
Max : M cool.
Max : Hello
Me : Hi
Me: How are your ?

Instead of 

Me : Hi
Max : Hello
Me: How are your ?
Max : M cool.

I had reset my phone to factory default , still the problem persist.

Firmware Version : 2.1-update1
Baseband Version : I900DDJG4
Kernel Version : 2.6.29

Help me guys, what to do now ? Same happens when i am on data connection from phone or even from WiFi.
Oct 23, 2010
here is what i did
Go to settings, go to date and time, set date and time to manual and select your zone. If the time is wrong set it up again. Check the date as well,the am pm factor too. Now log off and log in again, your prob would be solved. 
its a matter of time stamping. If even this doesn't help then set your time 3 mins back the standard time.
Nov 14, 2010
Hubby's android stopped receiving google talk messages and we tried resetting to manual timeclock as suggested and it worked perfectly. We realized it wasn't installing google voice that made him stop getting the talk chat, it was when the clocks changed. 

Thank you for the fix :)
Nov 14, 2010
@oceanwhisper1: glad to see that my post helped you. 
Dec 7, 2010
After changing from googlemail to gmail account, I have now lost my contacts when I sign into my google account and shows no contacts. When I chat on gtalk, it deletes my.messags, then sends me old chat messages, pings when nothing there. If invited to group chat it says I am private, let's me type, and send, but doesn't show my messages, but I can read othrers, and then I can't deleted the group invite gtalk banner :(
Mar 7, 2011
I am also facing similar issue with android Google talk. messages doesn't appear in order as they sent or received. New IM messages received just got appended below the last IM message received instead of bottom.
Mar 8, 2011
here is what i did
Go to settings, go to date and time, set date and time to manual and select your zone. If the time is wrong set it up again. Check the date as well,the am pm factor too. Now log off and log in again, your prob would be solved. 
its a matter of time stamping. If even this doesn't help then set your time 3 mins back the standard time.
Apr 12, 2011
thanks all... i am able to solve the same problem on my galaxy with your solution.... 
May 21, 2011
I have a Samsung Galaxy 550 on which my Google Talk Application stop working correctly. 
In the window that I am talking, my lines and the persons I`m talking to lines don`t flow normally, intercalated.
So I always have to scroll the screen up to the top to be able to see what the other persons is writing. 
I don`t have to say it`s very annoying.

Any ideas how can I fix this ?

Thanks :)
May 21, 2011
o to settings, go to date and time, set date and time to manual and select your zone. If the time is wrong set it up again. Check the date as well,the am pm factor too. Now log off and log in again, your prob would be solved. 
its a matter of time stamping. If even this doesn't help then set your time 3 mins back the standard time.
Dec 5, 2011
This issue is killing me.  Id at least like to know whats going on with it?  Or an acknowledgment that something is amiss and that we should switch to another client.
Mar 9, 2012
I was using a Samsung intercept and now a Samsung galaxy s2. On both phones I've had problems with GTalk. This is how my husband and I communicate when one of us is at home and the other is out/at work/etc. 
     Only, communicate is perhaps the wrong word. Many lines of txt randomly get lost in transit and are never sent to gmail. This happens from both the PC and the phone. It's as if they were never sent. 
    When on my phone, I have to email screenshots of my chat to avoid retyping everything, since there's also no copy/paste function in the chat. This is the most frustrating bug for me, as it happens with every use. 
    The disconnecting from the server and showing the other user offline when they are actually online is also annoying, but not nearly as big a deal breaker as just losing messages.
     This app is extremely frustrating. I've gotta find something else since this has been a problem since 2009 and not fixed yet?!  
Mar 29, 2012
You know a piece of software is pathetic when Microsoft's program beats it hands down.
Apr 27, 2012
I'm having problems with gmail & gtalk as well. I see my bf keeps going available in computer. when I message he does not reply and when I ask he says that he was not been online in computer but online on an android phone. even when I see him online in android phone I sent a message and he does not reply coz he is actually idle and not using his phone. its confusing, could you do something about this to show really what is the availabilty status of contacts using gmail or gtalk. It creates doubts on a long distance relationship. i understand that android is sensitive and makes u go online on phone then idle then online but not with a laptop. Is it possible to be online in android phone then go online again in laptop without you being online on laptop but only on mobile.
Apr 27, 2012
You can be online on Phone as well as desktop. No matter where you are , you get notification. So assuming that a person is on phone, he will get sound and/or vibration notification as per his/her settings. They wont reply unless they miss it. If they see that they got notification and still dont reply , it means they are ignoring you. 
May 31, 2012
There is a real problem with the notifications on the phone.  I can sometimes see a notification is sent to the desktop, and when this happens, quite often no notification is made to the android phone.  This appears to be a serious bug, as I may have walked away from my desktop (or gone home from work where the desktop showed the message); I rely on the notification always coming to the android phone.  I get in real trouble when my wife sends me a message that I don't see until I go to work the next day.  She (too) thinks I'm ignoring her ;-)
Jan 29, 2013
I am in the same boat, even posted a question at

I will repeat my message from there here to get help here too if possible:

Is there anybody who successfully uses Google Talk on several devices:
a) android phone
b) Windows desktop client/s, either Google Talk native cleint, Pidgin, Miranda, Trillian, etc (NOT A BROWSER logged into GMAIL chat window)

Basically I would to find out if I can use Google Talk the same way as Skype.

If this functionality is not available in Google Talk, i would consider it as a bug. If it is not a bug I would like to see an office Google explanation where the messages go, when there are multiple points of login.
Thank you
For now - using Skype only. Google talk is too dangerous - it looses messages on the desktop clients

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