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Issue 18419: system/core/toolbox/mount.c
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Status:  Released
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Jul 2011

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Reported by arpruss, Jul 11, 2011
The toolbox mount command incorrectly checks for errors when starting up a loop device.  The code reads

        file_fd = open(dev, flags);
        if (file_fd < -1) {
            perror("open backing file failed");
            return 1;
        device_fd = open(loopdev, flags);
        if (device_fd < -1) {
            perror("open loop device failed");
            return 1;

The -1 needs to be replaced by zero on both if lines.  We don't want to be opening loopdev if opening dev failed.

While one's at it, it would be nice to add support for -oloop=/device , thereby fixing the "FIXME" comment in the file about how only one loop device is supported.
Jul 11, 2011
That does look wrong.  Internal bug 5016882.
Status: Reviewed
Jul 14, 2011
Notes from internal bug:

The -1 was replaced by 0 in both places, and a similar fix was also made in the umount command.

The old mount option "-o loop" still works and defaults to device /dev/block/loop0 like it always has.

The new option "-o loop=<loopback device file>" is now supported, and the umount command has been updated to automatically undo the loopback mapping to the backing store file when unmounting such a filesystem.

Status: FutureRelease
Jun 23, 2013
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Status: Released
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