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Issue 1725: Bluetooth File Transfer
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Status:  Released
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Oct 2009

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Reported by, Jan 6, 2009
This is more of a enhancement request.
I am not sure if it is Hardware or OS, I am assuming OS due to the fact that the phone has Bluetooth 
2.0 with EDT, would like to see file transfer and maybe bluetooth modem support so I can transfer 
files from computer as well as use it as a modem while I am on the go.

Jan 7, 2009
Bluetooth API is not yet in the SDK/Framework, caues it wasn't finished and need 
rework (they don't wanna add an unfinished and unflexible API on which they get 
stucked for years, cause of compatibility to already existing software)
Jan 7, 2009
So do we know if that will be something we will see in the next release of Android?
Jan 8, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
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Feb 27, 2009
i cant believe this isnt already possible. the cheapest of phones are able to do this
Apr 14, 2009
file transfare with bluetooth please. phone is capable. sort it out google
Apr 28, 2009
File transfer via bluetooth would be neat!
May 4, 2009
I was amazed after purchasing my G1 this was not an option.  Surely we take certain
things for granted, but this is essentially what most people *expect* from a device
that has Bluetooth...  I have a hard time recommending this device and the Android
platform because I know people expect this functionality out of the box with a device
that claims Bluetooth support.
May 5, 2009
When will be file transfer via Bluetooth available?
May 10, 2009
Yeah I must say I spent a good 10-15 minutes trying to figure out how to transfer a file via Bluetooth before I realised that 
Android just simply didn't HAVE the feature at all. Was very disappointed too as it's just such a basic piece of functionality 
these days.

I can fully understand why it hasn't been implemented yet as I wouldn't want Google to release a dodgy half done version of the 
Bluetooth API just so that we can transfer files now, but I hope that it's something Google has very high on their priority list 
because it is an extreme pain to not be able to do things like "take a photo and send it to someone" or "send someone a business 
card with your details" or even "send someone that funny mp3 ringtone" etc.
May 16, 2009
I would have thought that this would have been released with the latest firmware 
since it included AD2P, it's disappointing that it wasn't.  Especially now that 
technology like the Polaroid PoGo are out and way less advanced phones can use it.
May 29, 2009
has this feature been included in cupcake?  I just flashed my phone to tmobile 1.5
firmware and i am having difficulty getting windows to show my phone as an obex
drive.  I am not very familiar with windows so I may be messing something up.  What
is the current status of obex on cupcake?  What about doughnut?
May 29, 2009
It has not been included in cupcake, it has been rumored that doughnut will have it.
Jun 5, 2009
It's ridiculous that a phone like this htc magic I own does not have the simplest of features, every phone 
has bluetooth file transfer, please sort this out Google! 
Jun 6, 2009
I have to agree, I have the HTC Magic and I might go back to my E71 because of this. 
Jun 6, 2009
Can we use a2dp to fake the data embedded as an audio file. 

Sorry I am just typing in the question before doing any research on my side.

Jun 8, 2009
I can't believe this isn't possible!
Jun 9, 2009
- Why did you get this over an iPhone?
- It sports an awesome ypung OS full of possibilities
- Oh! I see! Hey send me that wallpaper please, it looks great
- Well, sendind wallpapers is one of those possibilities ...

It simply sucks.
Jun 9, 2009
Oh, here I thought that I was to dumb to figure out why I couldn't bluetooht my
contacts or calendar entries to my HTC Magic. BT does not work. Tada. Seriously wtf.
Jun 14, 2009
I'm also stunned to see that Android has practically no useful Bluetooth capabilities.
Transferring all my contacts, calendar, an other things from my old Phone to the new
HTC Magic was a pain.

Full Bluetooth capabilities would be really important for such an advanced phone. It
should be one of the top priorities to get them into android and distribute the
update to everyone.
Jun 15, 2009
I am absolutely furious that this basic function is only available after hacking the
OS and installing a 3rd party application.
My Ericsson T68 could do this!!!
Jun 16, 2009
It's rather shocking this functionality, as well as sending/receiving contacts, is 
not in the 1.5 release. I just got an HTC Magic and really like it, but this is a 
big minus.

We don't need an API (yet), please just add the functionality first.
Jun 17, 2009
Yes! I got my phone a week ago and first i thought i did something wrong because i
couldnt send or receive ANYTHING via bluetooth from my old phone. But i was shocked
to find out that its not possible!!! How is this even possible in such an expensive
phone in the year 2009???? Its the one thing of all that i want to be include in the
next release of cupcake. Please do something about this Google!!!! My mothers oooold
cheap phone from 2000 can do this! My HTC Magic cant!! OMG!!!
Jun 25, 2009
I also have the HTC magic and can't believe this is not included. Cuppled with a 
lack of dial up networking and hands free not working with my car, and it adds up to 
a really poor implimentation of Bluetooth.  Shame as I love the OS, but it's ebay 
for my Magic.
Jul 5, 2009
This is a joke. Just got my Dream today with Bluetooth support. Jay, it's like
selling a trolley that says it can do the Le Mans. I really hope this gets sorted soon.
Jul 10, 2009
Even an old cell phone like T68 has the ability to send files by Bluetooth.  I love 
the Magic except this big issue.
Jul 11, 2009
I thought I was seriously doing something wrong when I just couldn't receive any of 
the files my friends tried to send me on my HTC Magic. I even called the customer 
service hotline only to be informed that the Magic is not capable! 

I can't believe this, even my 2 year old HTC Magic could, and my $0 Motorola L5 could 
do this. 

To think I've been telling my friends how amazing this new Android phone is. Now I 
feel embarrassed telling them that it can't send or receive files via Bluetooth. 
Granted, it's not something I do on a daily basis, but seriously, it makes things so 
much more convenient when its possible! 

Hopefully Google releases something to fix it soon :(
Jul 13, 2009
Hell !
THAT is the mere thing I considered "must have"!
I didn't imagine it can be provided without !
Really, really disappointed :(

I'd rather consider this issue as a real HIGHEST priority !!
Please, please, please !
Jul 15, 2009
I agree with many of the comments here. I have been really going to town promoting my 
new Magic to my friends, then last week I found out it couldn't transfer a photo or a 
tune, now i have stopped telling people how great it is, as I am now embarrassed that 
it can;t perform this basic function. Come on Google, sort it out, or else I am going 
back to my trusty Nokia.
Jul 18, 2009
I have few questions,
1. when will the new updated Android will be released
2. will it be compatiable with Htc Magic
3. Will i be ever be able to transfer files from/to Htc magic. if yes by when
Jul 20, 2009
#31 xzite200515
Bring Bluetooth To HTC Magic you know how stupid I sound when a friend says cool wallpaper send 
it to me and I say I can't work out I see bluetooth is on HTC Magic but as pretty 
much decoration. I would like to of thought Google or HTC or whoever would of implemented this 
function first before selling the phone.

My mate has a $199 phone and is in bluetooth heaven, he can send and receive files and yet this 
$1049 phone can't its like WHAT????

Please Google fix it....please
Jul 20, 2009
Please make a comment only if you have something substantially new to add. If you'd
like to vote for this issue, click the star in the top left corner.
Jul 20, 2009
I wanted to know why its not been included? I was search in google for the whole day
and could find answer to it any thoughts?
Jul 27, 2009
No bluetooth file transfer : no file management : no email sort and no trash delete:
No last number recall: no text message organisation tool: no I dont like this phone
at all.
Jul 27, 2009
@willy0045 : 
No bluetooth : OK
No file management by default : OK, but install Astro or OI File Manager
No email sort : ? really ??
No last number recall : are you kidding ?
No text message organisation tool : Ok, they aren't any except sorted by contact

But you're really right in one point, no bluetooth file transfer sucks ;)
Jul 28, 2009
Wait, so you just released a new version (1.5) of the OS for these phones and it

HELLO!? How can this version number even be above 0.9!?

What are you DOING!! THIS should have been sorted LONG before any android phones were
ever sold!
Jul 31, 2009
Also try to delete your trash emails: you can't. Try to sort your email contacts: you
can't.  Try to access your files: you can't.  Try to manage your messages: you can't. 
All of these are not possible with Android.  
Jul 31, 2009
@willy0045: You my good sir are truly an idiot. Stop telling me what I can't do, when
it is clearly you who cannot do those things. I don't even know what you mean by
"sort your email contacts". I know who I want to email so I type their name in the
'To' field and they magically appear.

Assuming you are talking about HTC Mail (Why would you care about the Gmail trash?):
Open 'Trash' folder click on menu, select delete, click on menu, select mark all,
click 'Delete (#)'. 

"Try to access your files ...": Try to access the Market.

What do you mean manage messages? Of course you can delete threads and individual

Get off google's lawn you twit.
Jul 31, 2009
is there anyway I can just star paal's comment?  I'd like BT file transfer, but
seriously, it's not the end of the world, folks.
Aug 2, 2009
adnobox seems to offer a partial solution for teh adnriod os search for it in market,
its is very poor that a simple function that so may phone users have been so used to
is left out of the package. worse still is the lack of feedback from on when this
function will be available.

but i still remember the days before bluetooth was on phones, and your only choice
for adding ringtones was to aimlessly type digits in to get a gay out of time
recreation of a well known tv theme, lol well until the infra red revolution of
course hahah :o)
Aug 6, 2009
BlueTooth function for file tranfer is needed in Android. Hope Google do not take too
long to release patch for the cupcake. Also hope to have function for sending contact
over SMS to another cell phone, Example Mr A asked you for Mr B number and you would
search in your contact list and then click on the Mr B contact and be able to have
the option to sms it to Mr A.

Android have to have all these function sooner as to give cell phone user a good
experience so to be able to really rally with other Symbian/J2ME and WindowsMobile
based cell phone.

Please push it out ASAP. Thanks.
Aug 7, 2009
Yup Its pathetic as this was EXPECTED when I brought the phone. 


Seriously guys

add it ASAP. Bluetooth file transfer is available in the cheapest of phones.
Aug 7, 2009
Please do not post your message whining about lack of Bluetooth. This is pointless
duplication and a waste of everyones time, including yours. Everyone subscribed to
this thread has no interest in your message unless its adding something constructive,
or presenting new information.

If you want to place pressure on Google to get them to fix this, star the issue. The
more stars, the more they will notice it and the more likely they will fix it sooner
rather than later.
Aug 10, 2009
Google seems to be very concern about security risks with its software, so I would 
think that the reason why Android doesn't support BT File sharing has to do with the 
possible phone's security risks.

I believe they are trying to implement something safe and stable, so that their 
phones are not critized about security issues. And that's going to take some time.

On the other hand, unluckily, it seems that on the new release (doughnut) there is 
still no BT file sharing (I know is early to say because they're on alpha stage). 
They seem more interested on CDMA as they have an agreement with Sprint to sell CDMA 
phones on the States, as you can see here:

For the time waiting, I hope they come with something really good and give us a good 
explanation about the delay, because otherwise the majority of users will be pretty 
Aug 16, 2009
the supposedly the most intelligent os can't do a simple thing cheaper phones can... what about phone as 
modem while at it ? dont know and dont care about the reason... just fix it.... you do wonder why this kind of 
thing happens..the iphone had this sort of problem in the beginning ... heck even android and the iphone 
couldnt copy/paste or forward sms at launch... am on the go a lot and phone-screen isn't large enough to do 
your work..and android's's inability to be used as a modem and data transfer have been stopping me from 
getting an android phone.. dont want to root and am just a regular user...
Aug 17, 2009
Aug 17, 2009
File transfer using bluetooth is a MUST HAVE within android, I have a HTC Hero with the 
HTC Sense on top of cupcake, but nothing there about file transfer using bluetooth, 
really disappointed me! Please fix this as soon as possible!
Aug 19, 2009
I also agree to it.
Aug 20, 2009
I cannot believe this is still an issue, Mobile Phone without Bluetooth file 
transfer!! I may as well pull my NEC P3 out again..
Aug 20, 2009
Why shouldn't people 'whine on' about the lack of data transfer...I have spent hours
on the internet searching out the answer to this problem before upgrading from my
awful Nokia N96 only to find that I will not be able to use the HTC Magic in my car
which has a modern hands free telephone system.  I agree with all the comments so
don't stop the complainers it is incredible to find this major lack of a standard
facility.  Other than this I would have the Magic tomorrow but I like my car phone
system too much. Vodafone couldn't answer the question about bluetooth data transfer
and nor could HTC who referred me to my car manufacturer !!!!
Aug 20, 2009
@colin - is that not obvious? Because it is not constructive, that's why. There are
50 comments, pretty much all of them saying "agreed", "agreed", "my mom's phone can
do that". Okay, I think people got the message.

Developers don't search the issue database sorted by number of comments, they search
sorted by stars. So vote with a star and you have a higher chance of getting it
bumped up in priority.

Every "agreed" mail sends a mail to people who subscribed to the issue, which is
annoying. YES, I think the message came across. Android needs OBEX. I'm sure it's on
Google's roadmap (along with tons of other features). They'll work on it with the
limited resources they have. If you want to, grab the source code and see if you can
help out.
Aug 21, 2009
@colin: The title of this issue is "Bluetooth File Transfer" - missing OBEX support. 
Hands free via Bluetooth and A2DP works fine with the HTC Magic. I am using mine with 
both a Bluetooth headset and my car's phone system, and it works flawlessly.
Aug 21, 2009
My experince regarding the car phone system (and with traditional bluetooth handsets)
is as larssg's: It works flawlessly. Let's return this thread to the file data
transfer issue.
Aug 22, 2009
Simbian and Windows Rocks man for their Powerfull Bluetooth Statcks, Android Sucks
Aug 22, 2009
i'm glad i have a rooted g1 and bluex, it was embarrassing when at work and someone
asks you to send a file and have to explain you don't have bluetooth.
bluex is a little temperamental though android should have this built in.

Aug 24, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
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Aug 24, 2009
Is it possible to upgrade the priority to high? I can't see how to do this or find 
any docs explaining how the priority flag works. 

Research by Microsoft and MTV shows (in Europe) 75% of youth (base: 16-24 yr olds) 
'Bluetooth stuff' to their friends and 60% use the internet on their handsets. Recent 
UK research by Orange (base: all) shows 63% use Bluetooth and 53% use mobile 

Hence this is more serious than the browser not working and should be a high priority 
fix for a top end smart phone.

Aug 24, 2009
I think Full Blown Profiles in Blue tooth like

1. Basic Printing Profile (BPP)
2. Dial-up Networking Profile (DUN)
3. Human Interface Device Profile (HID)
4. Object Push Profile (OPP)
5. Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN)
6. Service Discovery Application Profile (SDAP)
Aug 25, 2009
I do not know what is necessary to connect it to Lego Mindstorms NXT, but it would be
great if it would support it (Lego Mindstorms NXT is also an open source platform).
Aug 25, 2009
In reply to mmitar #59, that would be the SPP (Serial Port Profile).
I have a java library that talks to NXT over bluetooth from a PC, but should be able to support other platforms.
Not worked on it for a couple of years. If people are interested, I could add to it!
Aug 25, 2009
OK, so we also need Serial Port Profile profile to support NXT and similar devices.

It would be great to make it working on Android. ;-)
Aug 27, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
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Aug 28, 2009
Apple also doesn't allow bluetooth file transfer. I am guessing it is deliberate.
Firstly, it keeps the record companies happy by preventing people sharing their music
with friends. Secondly, it is probably a security precaution. Remember these phone OS
are almost as advanced as a desktop OS. Given that bluetooth is pretty unsecure then
there is the potential for hackers to gain access to the root using bluetooth.
Aug 28, 2009
In response to davidhughes23...

No, I don't believe that is the reason.  Let me explain.

First of all, Bluetooth is secure.  Note that all of the Blackberries, which are
generally considered to be the most secure phones, have full Bluetooth
implementations and good support for Bluetooth applications.  I've never heard of
this leading to a problem.

As for Apple - that's just how Apple is.  They have always eschewed standards and
preferred proprietary protocols that they can control, license, and charge for. 
Their Bluetooth implementation choices had nothing to do with security (or with their
customers, for that matter).

Google is the opposite of Apple in those respects, so I'm sure they will improve
their Bluetooth implementation soon.

Aug 31, 2009
yeah I doubt it's due to security - given that Bluetooth only works over around 10m (on 
mobile phones) it would be very hard for a virus to spread or for a hack to be 
effective. A much higher risk would be an email virus targeted at other android (or 
iphone) users as this has the potential to spread quickly - however email has not been 
disabled on android/iphone. 
Bluetooth has around 10 years of development behind it and is a mature and secure 
Aug 31, 2009
@davidhughes23 "Remember these phone OS are almost as advanced as a desktop OS." Yep,
but on my desktop OS (Linux and MacOS) I have a full Bluetooth implementation.
-it's not technical limitation
-it's not a resource or money limitation (we talk about google, one of the biggest
company around the world)
-So it's "politic". 
My think:   Google can't create a service hover bluethoot (like gmail, search,
etc...) so he can't aggregate your personal data or/and add ads to make money ->
bluethoot is useless for Google.

Sep 1, 2009
Can you please stop speculating and otherwise making noise? If you think this ticket
is important then please star it and this is it. Use some forum for chit-chat. Leave
comments for information concerning the issue.
Sep 2, 2009
Oh dear.... The supposed iphone killer cant send files via bluetooth. I have the HTC 
magic, brilliant phone in all other areas except this... im thinking of junking my 
magic and going back to my old nokia just for the convenience of having a feature 
which is included on all but the MOST basic of phones! 
Sep 2, 2009
All the people who've starred this issue, because they care about it and want Google
to prioritize fixing it, are getting spammed with unhelpful comments. Please, only
post here if you can offer assistance in getting this issue resolved.
Sep 3, 2009
Google Know how to do it

BlueX isthe open Source Library to do so and i enjoy BlueX in my Ubuntu Box and its 
flawless they just have to port the Library to Android which is 3 days Task,

But i Require Willingness and Focus which Google dont have for this Issue.
Sep 5, 2009
This did hold me off from buying the HTC Hero. And why is Google Earth on the iPhone,
not on Android? Does Google take their own plattform serious?!
Sep 8, 2009
Well its all been said above, but why have only 271 people starred this issue?
Sep 8, 2009
Because much of what had been written here is simply a complain and people get out
their own rage! Furthermore much of them is not able to distinguish between Android
(the Operating system) and the specific model of phone they bought.
Sep 9, 2009
Agreeing with all people above.
Seriously WTF?!
My 7 years old phone has that feature...
Sep 10, 2009
yeah.. even my grandad's phone has bluetooth!
Sep 10, 2009
FFS, how many times does it have to be said?  Do not add a comment here to simply
bitch about the current (rather surprising) lack of OBEX, etc. support.  When you do
that everyone who has done the right thing (starring the issue) gets spammed with
your repetitive whining.  The point that Android dropped the ball in omitting this
basic and much used phone feature has already been made plenty of times (most
persuasively by, we don't need to hear it again.  If you want to
see this fixed then the best thing to do is simply 'star' the issue by clicking in
the top left corner, posting comments along the line of "OMGWTFBBQ, even my great
great granduncle's phone could do this!!!11eleventyoneoneone1!" does not help at all.

I understand that by posting this I will also be spamming everyone who'd starred the
issue with things they already know, but I hope that it will help stem the tide of
clueless whining at least a little.
Sep 15, 2009
 Issue 3901  has been merged into this issue.
Sep 15, 2009
There a Paid Application name BlueX which can do the same thing

If a Paid Application can make GUI from Open Source Repository of BlueZ then why can
not Android can have this Facility in Built

I am feeling bad that all USA based OS generally missed this like iPhone and Android now
Sep 17, 2009
So i heard its not fixed in 1.6 donut, but you found time for another search bar and vpn stuff. The lack 
of priority is disturbing.
Sep 17, 2009
Bad News its still missing in 1.6 But Some Reports says that Android Eclair Edition
have BlueZ Latest Stack with this Facility

Google Are your Listening
Sep 18, 2009
(No comment was entered for this change.)
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Sep 19, 2009
its not there in 1.6, just hope bluetooth data transfer will be in 2.0... if still
not then god knows when... so irritating...
Sep 23, 2009
I was very surprised to find out that android didn't support BT file transfer. I
consider this to be basic functionality that is missing.
Sep 23, 2009
what suprises me most is no reply from anyone working on android
(btw there are 3rd party apps on android market that anables you to send files via BT
(doesn't work on hero..))
Sep 23, 2009
This is not a discussion forum, comments should be made only if they contribute
useful technical information for this issue.  It's the number of stars not the number
of comments that's used to rank the importance of issues so if all you have to add is
'me too' please just star the issue and don't comment.  Comments on the issue get
emailed to everyone who has starred the issue and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's
getting fed up hearing how surprised/irritated/disturbed everyone else is about this.
 I want BT file transfer support too, but if you're just here to vent please go to an
Android forum instead.
Sep 23, 2009
You can see me saying the same thing above on #69, but the real fault is Google's -
the issues system looks and works like a forum. It's natural for people to feel
welcome commenting on it. We're all kind of screwed.
Sep 24, 2009
Needs BT file transfer...
Sep 26, 2009
I downloaded the Bluetooth File Transfer" app from the market, but it only talks to
other people using the same app. Where I live, that means almost no one. Isn't it
possible to add a standard Bluetooth file transfer functions as a 3rd-party app? Or
do we have to root the phones? The list of reasons for rooting my phone is betting
pretty long. 
Sep 27, 2009
I am concerning on this BT file transfer too.  I've marked star to this issue as 
well.  I think we all know that yelling here is useless, but there is no place for 
us to express it BECAUSE we still expect Google to give a response to this issue for 
us!  A response from Google is important for their supporters.
Google's customer service team should be fired because this official forum seems to 
be useless and invisible to Google at all.  Do you think "marking star" could be 
useful?  i doubt.
Originally i think android would be a new successful story like linux in unix 
world.  If the BT file transfer can be worked around by Rooting.... If it is really 
the root cause, that means we need to have a long long patience to wait Google to re-
design & re-write android kernel, i.e. 2.0? 3.0? muffin? cinnamon roll?....  
So, yelling is useless.  Looking for another new mobile phone OS may be more 
Sep 27, 2009
@stanley.tse & others who comment to state your desire for this feature:

This is NOT a discussion forum. This is a bug tracking system. Comments left here are meant to 
contribute more information about the bug, such as ways to duplicate it, status/progress updates, 
or general information about the bug or its workarounds. This is not the place to complain about 
the issues. The issue tracker is not for customer service, it is for development & QA.

If you want to do that, you should go to the offical Android forums (they do exist!).

This issue has 413 stars, which means your complaints are getting emailed to 413+ people who either 
do not care or are not in a position to improve your concerns.

If you care about this issue, mark it as starred and be patient. The Android developers have 
thousands of bugs to work on, in addition to pressure for new features. If you want to voice your 
concern over this issue, go to the links I've listed above. You'll be heard there.
Sep 27, 2009
Will anybody Listen on this Bug Site??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Nothing is Patched, Replied Back no Vision no Guidence on this SIte.

Only Googler Tag it and then ReTag it ???????????
Sep 27, 2009
Hero bluetooth file transfer its not rocket science google please fix in next update.
Sep 28, 2009
I appreciate that this is just a bug tracking page, and apologies in advance, but 
the problem is this item has the most stars of all the open issues, yet there is 
still no official response, so it seems as if adding the stars doesnt have any 

Understandably people are getting frustrated!  Why can't we at least have an 
official response as to when this most basic feature will be implemented?

Sep 28, 2009
Actually I'd like to know the current status.. Like, as far as I understand bluetooth
drivers are present in Android kernel, but Bluetooth stack (BlueZ) is missing.. also
theres no ui for using bluetooth of course. 3rd party solutions usually package bluez
with some Android interface.. Now.. what I would like to know is.. Why doesn't Google
integrate BlueZ by default ? Are there some issues with it ? Is there something
community can do to help? etc etc.. 
Sep 28, 2009
defufna: I thought Bluetooth was a proprietary protocol. Getting a stack into an OS
means money has to change hands and there may be licensing involved. This can cause
problems with an open source OS. I bought a Motorola Bluetooth dongle a couple of
years ago, but Windows Vista couldn't work with it as the software it came with had
not been licensed for use on Vista. I downloaded the Vista version, but it would not
talk to MY the licences weren't compatible.  
Sep 28, 2009
#96 zarkoh
Some statistics for the Google people here: This issue has the most stars from 4033 
issues in total here. It has been reported on the 6th of Jan and the status still 
remains "New". We all expect that Google assigns an owner and makes a move on the 
status at least.

For the rest: Go to  and adjust your own 
setting in order not to get notifications by e-mail once you've marked an issue with 
a star.
Sep 28, 2009
sbwithers: Bluetooth is an open protocol. See here:

other whingers: Android is an open framework. You are free to modify it and
distribute your code. See here The linux kernel has very
good support for bluetooth, see here: It should not take all
that much effort to integrate the remaining parts of bluez with the android
framework, and certainly not much effort to provide a GUI. 

If you think that by clicking a little star you are entitled to endless free features
you have missed the point of open source. 
Sep 28, 2009
A good FAQ on bluetooth support in android is listed here, for anyone who cares to
work on this problem:
Sep 28, 2009
zarkoh: You know, some of us use Google Code also for some real development and not
just for whining about missing feature and trying to add their two cents with "me
too". And would like to still get updates (like new information, workarounds,
status/progress updates and so on) on issues we have stared. So disabling
notifications only because some of users here are misbehaving is not an option.

All we, who starred this issue, are frustrated because of the lack of this feature
but proper way is to star an issue. Maybe for some this is not satisfying enough but
then write/complain to Google directly and not to us all others who cannot help in
any way (except star an issue). All those complaints as comments here are misdirected
and have no other purpose than to annoy all others who are already annoyed by missing
feature. If Google is not seeing all those stars what do you make you think they
follow all those comments? Or that they take them into any account? Probably they do
not even get a notification about it. If you want real change: star an issue, write a
complaint to Google, spam developers, whatever - but do that where it can have some
impact on decision makers.
Sep 28, 2009
5 months later and nothing much happened :/ It's a shame!

At least I get comment #100 :)
Sep 28, 2009
To complain about Bluetooth and demand a response, visit the mailing list(s), where
there are very real Android team members who regularly read and respond to emails.

If you're technically savvy enough to say with authority that supporting Bluetooth
file transfer would be "easy", then I guess that means you're savvy enough to write a
patch to do it.

The Android team presumably does not post here so that they do not encourage
unintended and obnoxious uses of the bug tracker like this.  They may give you an
answer if you try another approach.
Sep 28, 2009
I have starred this issue. The issue has been here for almost a year now! Google has
created useless new features in Donut (1.6) like gestures and YET ANOTHER search
thing which no one will use anyway. Why not get this bluetooth stuff sorted instead
of adding more useless features like gestures and crap like that. If it had 2 million
stars the issue would still be unsolved.
Sep 29, 2009
yes me too
Oct 3, 2009
it is terruble not to have this feature (along with some other basic features which
are missing too) on Android even in their third software release? iPhone mastered
everything by the third release! 
Google must look in to this
Oct 4, 2009
I require BlueTooth API for the core functionality of my app.  I will not be able to
make a release until it has been made available again.  Please look into this.
Oct 5, 2009
try bluetooth fileshare

itll only send, but not receive,unless you have a rooted g1.
hope it help.

root your g1. its super fast nowadays.
Oct 5, 2009
Amazing, how a G1 which is by far "a better" phone than a Sony Ericsson W580, is not 
able to receive files or send, just simply dissapointing on googles part, and ont he 
Oct 7, 2009
Is this why I can't send contacts to my Hero from my old phone?
Oct 8, 2009
Android needs a full bluetooth suite badly.  Freebie throw-away phones that carriers
give out can do much more with bluetooth than we can :(
Oct 14, 2009
The developers need a good BT API. It would be also perfect for Android, since the
next year BT 3.0 arrives. 
Oct 15, 2009
lack of bluetooth file tranfers means i cant port my contacts ringtones and files and
fotos from my older phone
this really cripples the htc hero
developers who worry about piracy should work on better drm protections instead of
disablig file transfer
hard to reccomend this phone to anyone
Oct 15, 2009
I gave up Iphone bcos it does support blue tooth file transfer in their first 
version and i was caught by surprice that htc hero ,which i got also does not 
support this function.
Is a big letdown!!! 
i will throw the phone into dustbin soon. 
Oct 15, 2009
#113 tdomhan
any information about when bluetooth file transfer will be available?
Oct 15, 2009
#114 willyeckaslike.LW
When will it be Done Look after the customers Google
Regards Larry
Oct 19, 2009
Bluetooth transfer was available using a program called Bluex, however it died with 
the donut update. Throwing in my star on here to get it natively available.
Oct 20, 2009
Of course this should be implemented! But on the other hand. More and more people are
getting smartphones and you can download and upload to eachother via FTP etc. But of
course this is still to advanced for general users.
Oct 21, 2009
Bluetooth file transfer should be native and shouldn't need to be feature requested. 
Oct 23, 2009
Please include Bluetooth capabilities to Android. Just got my Hero yesterday but is
really sadden that BT is not available in this powerful phone! It has all sorts of
powerful transfer protocol except bluetooth! Such a disappointment.

Please Google, sort it out asap.
Oct 23, 2009
Been making fun of my iphone friends for years about not being able to do file
transfer over bluetooth and look at me now. The hero, android and a step backwards?
Makes no sense. I'm sure there must be some reason wish I knew what it was.
Oct 26, 2009
It is possible -

Now how can we get this rolled into the main code tree :)
Oct 28, 2009
Isn't this feature enabled in eclair? I read some articles that were advertising it
Oct 28, 2009
Object Push Profile (OPP) coming with 2.0 - will this fix the issue?
Oct 30, 2009

just tried  and works a treat for file transfer. very easy
Oct 30, 2009
This is part of Android 2.0
Status: Released
Nov 6, 2009
@silverberg.odessa WROTE: 
Bluetooth API is not yet in the SDK/Framework, caues it wasn't finished and need 
rework (they don't wanna add an unfinished and unflexible API on which they get 
stucked for years, cause of compatibility to already existing software).

I think the fact they release software without proper functional BT profiles is more 
stupid. The best choice was to release the software/OS with all the basic functions 
working, if those dont work dont release it at all because this is the same way 
microsoft work they release and sell half made products and finish them while you 
already using it, so the buyer is the voluntarily beta tester and after a while 
you'll get 3 service packs and then... uhm (it's still nothing :P).

But the fact is people choose android because of the step by step approach creating 
an OS this means stability dont take the next step if last step was not 100% ok.

Damn what a story i think i was drinking to much beer. c ya 
Nov 16, 2009
Well, I guess Droid Doesn't do everything after all. How long before AT&T delivers a

Droid Does NOT Bluetooth 


Very disappointing and frustrating. Bluetooth file transfer is an expected basic
operation on every phone these days.

I think this falls under the topic "What were you thinking?"

Yes I did try an app from the app store and it didn't work either.

Nov 28, 2009
Just bought yesterday an htc tattoo (because i heard so many good things about
android) and when i first used it today i couldn't transfer files from a friend!!!
THIS IS UNBELIAVABLE IN THOSE DAYS and for what i've seen in this forum i want to
sell the phone RIGHT NOW!!! ANDROID SUCKS...
Nov 29, 2009
I was dismayed to find that my HTC Hero which I am absolutely loving does not have 
this most basic of functions. Initially I began to think there was a problem with my 
phone but after reading posts on Mobile Phone forums I could not believe it had been 
excluded. Even my pitiful basic of basic (no internet or camera) company mobiles can 
do this.

Come on guys. Get it on there please!
Dec 2, 2009
I just wrote a rather nasty blog about Android not having the most basic of features such as Bluetooth file 
sharing. I mean really, how can the developers leave out something like that. It's RETARDED. Any modern 
dumbphone can do a basic task such as send a file via Bluetooth, it's OUTRAGEOUS that a smartphone can't. 
Premium devices should include basic features and much much more, so I'm really disappointed in Google. So 
much for moving forward in technology.
Dec 3, 2009
Currently i'm working on a application in order to control an NXT device from
Android. Hope I'll have something ready soon... 
Dec 8, 2009
I Can Send On my htc magic i just cant recieve and it proper annoying SORT IT !
Dec 10, 2009
Does the Java API (SDK 2.0) support OBEX/OPP?
Dec 14, 2009
Believe it or not, people really DO print from handheld devices.  Apart from wi-fi,
which the majority of printers do not support (and NO truly portable printers
support), that leaves IrDA (unavailable) and USB host mode (unavailable) and
Bluetooth profiles that would support printing.  SPP is the least common denominator
and the most available for this purpose.  Need it NOW!

Dec 16, 2009
#135 xavipolo
no bt file transfers ... in-cre-di-ble.
please, write this in UPPERCASE in all Ads.
Dec 18, 2009
status "released", when ? part of 2.0 ?
Dec 25, 2009
Just went to send a file via Bletooth on my HTC Hero and thought I was being stupid
as I couldn't get it to work. Turn out that actually my brand-new phone doesn't
support Bluetooth file transfer. 

Get your arse in gear Google. 

Dec 29, 2009
This is a joke.. right? No Bluetooth file transfer!!! HTC ERIS wont do it either. Santa is ded!
Dec 29, 2009
Actually, there is an app for this from a 3rd party that I've heard works great. Of course its $18, but 
there is supposed to be a free one that works ok, but seems to be getting better with input from users. 
It's in t&e marketplace.
Jan 8, 2010
Just bought HTC Hero from Sprint with OS v1.8 and it does offer "Discoverable" mode, 
but only for 120 seconds and then turns itself off.  I assume this will allow some file 
transfers in - but not sure about transferring out - and it must be initiated by the 
user each time and only for 2 minutes?  What does this solve?     
Jan 18, 2010
#141 craigat
Please fix this, I'd love to be able to use Bluetooth on my G2 Touch, like those
people with basic Nokia phones.
Jan 18, 2010
Im using my nexus One which is paired to my Windows 7 computer. I have no problems 
sending files to my phone. If you have a N1, let me know what you did so far as set 
up. Most likely it is a com port conflict.
Jan 18, 2010
3 things that I dont like on my htc tattoo:
- Sync contact details from facebook and not from google's very own orkut..
- unavailability of other gmail apps like earth, doc viewers by default..

I read in many sites that android 2.0 shall solve atleast the bluetooth problem. Any
idea when its gonna be released???
Jan 31, 2010
Bluetooth transfer please...
Feb 2, 2010
im seriously thinking of selling this phone and getting myself an n96. seriously...
what meeting were these developers in where they decided, "hey, all if not most
phones have bluetooth file sharing running. why not lets release a phone, WITHOUT
FILE SHARING..." <applause...> as in wtf? its like nokia releasing a mobile phone
with a color touch screen and a 20 mega pixel camera, but it only displays in black
and white. 

doing this with a new PHONE and platform may turn around and bite them in the ass.
despite charting new territories, the customer is expected to not BT stuff between
phones. ridiculous really..
Feb 2, 2010
Guess I'll have to wait until, HTC releases 2.1 for the Hero in March then...
Feb 10, 2010
Just found out this limitation.

Feb 14, 2010
things i could do w/ my last 3 dumbphones that i cant w/ my new mytouch: use phone as
a remote control, switch to a bluetooth headset in the middle of a call, & of course
transfer files. feeling like i have a "sucker" sign on my back now...
Feb 19, 2010
I can't believe this doesn't work. I mean $530 for a phone that doesn't do BT?  I just 
spent 3 hours to get my contacts from my old phone to the nexus. Messed around with BT 
and a file transfer app for an hour and a half and then spent another hour and a half 
reconfiguring the old phone ( which does BT without a flaw) to sync with gmail, so I 
could thsn edit them in gmail and then sync them to the nexus. I mean c'mon!! Get it 
done google. I am starting to feel like a beta tester that had to pay $$$ to do the 
Feb 22, 2010
I made a really good ringtone for my wife that she wants on her phone too. I just 
can transfer it to her Q9C! This Android is the best but please fix this little 
problem and get us all of your backs!
Feb 23, 2010
Pleae add Bluetooth transfer or I will never buy any android phones ever again. I 
cannot believe yall left out BT which many phones have. Even dumbphones have the 
bluetooth transfer option. Please add it ASAP!
Feb 28, 2010
I cant believe this has not been addresed yet. This is a default feature on all OS. Even the Instinct had it 
for transfering pictures... this is the only thing I cant do with this phone. Even my wife's cheap Nokia can 
do this.
Mar 1, 2010
This is unfrigginbelievable. I just got my nexus one and I can't do this???? WTF.
Good thing I have 14 days, this is a show stopper for me as I used to (with my SE
phone) swap pictures and songs and ringtones and all kinds of crap with my buddies.
this is crap. iphone kind of crap.
Mar 2, 2010
Holly Crap...

I have had my Nexus One for about a week now and I can't believe this. I was finally
going to transfer all of my contacts from my G1 and come to find out bluetooth isn't
supported. That is just unacceptable. This needs fixed now!!!
Mar 18, 2010
What's the status ? Has anybody any idea when this is going to be fixed ?
Mar 21, 2010
Incredible... I can't transfer files via Bluetooth... I must have all the time the 
cable ? Should I call myself the "cable guy" ? Jesus Christ, you've to put some effort 
to fix this problem. 
Mar 24, 2010
#157 acassis
Google fault!

Bad guys, really really BAD!

Even mainline Linux kernel has bluetooth A2DP support:

Go Google Go! And get it working!
Mar 24, 2010
Bluetooth file transfer is possible using Ubuntu 9.10, Blueman applet from BlueZ and 
Bluetooth File Transfer App from Medevil Software (available via Market). 

Many attempts to use the BT stack that comes with the phone doesn't work. Won't pair 
with headsets either. Very sad....
Apr 1, 2010
This is crap, I would have never bought this $500.00 phone if I knew that this was an
issue.  I will no longer advocate android.
Apr 4, 2010
got my SE Xperia X10 (1.6) and found out that it is not possible to use Blue Tooth to
do file transfer from phone to PC. PC to phone works fine. Any idea when this will be
released? I hope it does not mean waiting for Sony E as that will take the next century. 
bodotpalmer, have you got this working with the suggestion?
Apr 13, 2010
Sony Ericcson P900, a 10 years old smartphone could do this.. how is it possible 2010 
HTC hero can not?
Apr 24, 2010
I have an HTC Desire brand new and an iMac. I can send files from iMac to the phone but nothing else. This 
sucks! I want a solution. I've been trying Bluetooth File Transfer from market but doesn't work either. I don't use 
BT often but I would hope this works in so expensive phone.
May 1, 2010
Gosh...guyzz, it would be disheartening to know tht android 2.0, even 2.1 has been 
launched, that claaims to have FTP thru bluetooth, but in my galaxy, its still not 
available as an OS update where i live.. its disgusting on google's part, that in 
this era of smartphones, the basic feature of FTP is missing....wake up google 
developers...through some light on poor android users...
May 10, 2010

Jun 21, 2010
Just to try and eleviate some frustration, can I suggest looking on the market for SwiFTP.  It's a tiny app, and all it does it allow you to make your Android device an FTP server, so you can transfer files to and from the device.  It's pretty quick (since it's wifi rather than BT), and really easy to use.  It saves me the hastle of using the USB cable, and acts as a nice workaround while this 'bug' is dealt with.
Jul 4, 2010
Yes Yes Yes... Please make Bluetooth work...
Jul 14, 2010
you that means i was so excited to get my magic this morning just to know that this fone doesnt have any bt file trfx capablities.......what the FFFFF!
Jul 25, 2010
Yet another sad discovery of lacking functionality in Android. No bluetooth file Transfer??? Come on! This is embarrassing.  Had it with Palm TX... Have it with old Samsung slider phone, but... not Android?  I believed that getting a Droid Incredible would be stepping into the world of smarter smart phones... sad disappointment.  At least it doesn't take over like Iphone mandated software from apple, which I dispise, but... android is just missing so much still. Please get this most basic of functionality working, before the flashy BS.
Jul 27, 2010
it s a SCANDAL!!!!! No other words!! S C A N D A L !!!!!! 
Aug 4, 2010
Wow this is really sad to see that such an advanced platform lacks such a simple, standard feature
Aug 6, 2010
SwiFTP in the market is great, but if your phone isn't rooted, it is severely limited in what it can do unfortunately (blame google still, not the swiFTP authors).
Aug 11, 2010
If this was fixed in Android 2.0, then how in hell I can't use it in Android 2.1 (Eclair) on my Motorola Milestone? I need to install a 3rd party app to be able to send files by bluetooth, default OS setup doesn't allow me to do that!
Aug 13, 2010
Bought a new a Motorola Dext/Cliq and so annoyed that I can't to Bluetooth File Transfer
Sep 5, 2010

 A notification to all android users. Use market and type in "Bluetooth File Transfer" and voila!!! You can transfer it. Reason why not included in android; two Android phones don't have Bluetooth
Sep 21, 2010
Ok we all know that android phones dont come with bluetooth. 
Is there a programme to download where files can be received
Via bluetooth?
Sep 21, 2010
it s a SCANDAL!!!!! No other words!! S C A N D A L !!!!!! [2]
I will no longer advocate android. [2]

and by the way "Bluetooth File Transfer" doesn't work on my LG GW620f (Android 1.5).
This really sucks.
Oct 20, 2010
This problem is solved - simply download Bluetooth File Transfer from the marketplace, and you can send and receive files by bluetooth on your HTC Magic with Android 1.5 and above.  Its a free app and it works perfectly.  I happily send photos to my Polaroid PoGo printer now - and it couldnt be easier..!

So stop worrying and enjoy Android..!
Oct 21, 2010
I have an android phone, a Sony Ericsson X8. It's a nice phone for girls. Bluetooth works only for mp3 and photos, it's doesn't work at all for documents (doc. and pdf files). I can view them with a document to go application, but I can send a apdf book, for example from my laptop to my phone.
This phone comes with a 1.6 android version. I downloaded Bluetooth file transfer and it works fine, but only for pictures, video and music. For documents no.
How can I solve this problem? I'm very dissapointed af the android platform. Previously I had a symbian phone and I had no problems with bluetooth transfer. If I knew about this, I wouldn't had bought a android phone.
I also called at Sony PR departament and a very stupid lady answered me an she didn't even know about this problem. She sens to me this a distinctive feature of the phone. I hang the phone, I thought it's a waste of time trying to explaine her this is a feature of the android platform and not a telefon feature.
Oct 21, 2010
a little correction:) I can't send a pdf book, for example from my laptop to my phone
Oct 21, 2010
We have to get rid of those file types limitation.
LG GT540, Android 1.6

Nov 4, 2010
I think that google wants to simply addict the users to useing their SW. Everyone who is "happy" useing android do not complain about the BT cause of any other function. Please try to imagine how usefull it can be for them, home you know what i mean. If not please ignore. I guess thet is the part of their policy same as iPAD have no USB connection... How do you think? Do i'm right?
Nov 23, 2010
Recently i had purchased MOTOROLA's BACKFLIP  (Without MOTOBLUR) in  India with the OS Android 1.5 (cupcake). Shockingly i found that this device has Blue Tooth functionality menat only for the Earphones nothing else- No file(doc, mp3,picture)  can be transferred to any detected& paired device.
i installed Blue Tooth File Transfer Application from Market-No use.
some times the Android  Handset sends files to other devices  BUT IT HAD NEVER RECEIVED ANY FILE EFFECTIVELY.  it shows that it had received the file(s) but always  with 0KB (ie zero kb)
i donot know when the OS will be updated in INDIA & not sure even after that this BASIC & MINIMALK functionality will be enabled?
v ganapathy
Dec 1, 2010
This is still not resolved?

Make with the fixing. My ancient Nokia could send files
over bluetooth.
Jan 12, 2011
Its Works.. I have tried.. Install Blue Tooth On-off software from Android Market and then you can enable the Blue tooth in your phone.
Jan 14, 2011
#185 chandlerding
well, we agree that imcomplete api should not be included , but for how long will android to support this kind of basic function.
yes, there are 3-rd party apps can do this, but it is 3rd party... 
Jan 27, 2011
well i found it also very disappointing to see no bluetooth file transfer bt got a solution for it....
follow this link below.

im sure this will help! 
Apr 28, 2011

Use following code for Bluetooth File Transfer

			ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
			values.put(BluetoothShare.URI, "content://" + uritoSend);
			values.put(BluetoothShare.DESTINATION, deviceAddress);
			values.put(BluetoothShare.DIRECTION, BluetoothShare.DIRECTION_OUTBOUND);
			Long ts = System.currentTimeMillis();
			values.put(BluetoothShare.TIMESTAMP, ts);
			Uri contentUri = getContentResolver().insert(BluetoothShare.CONTENT_URI, values);

for more details refer following link

Jul 20, 2011
Would be nice to have bluetooth support in android, cause it's like 2k11 and they stopped putting IR ports in mobile phones :p
Dec 24, 2011
pls help nokia n900 installer pls help me
Apr 7, 2012
So, even Android didn't have bluetooth transfer feature at first! 
It's giving me hope that WP7 can add it too later! :D
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