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Issue 16904: Calendar Item Removal Issue
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Reported by, May 16, 2011
I created a recurring event in my calendar (recurring weekly) to represent my work schedule. Now I am at a new job, and have a new schedule. When deleting the items from the phone, I chose "Delete this and future events". The events then repopulated later (about an hour later) even though they had been deleted. To make them stay deleted, I had to log into Google on a computer, go to my calendar, and remove them the same way.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Create a calendar item which repeats weekly (Mine had no reminders set)
2) Choose an event a few weeks into the recurrence, and select "Delete this and Future Events"

Expected Result: The event, and all future instances of the event, should be deleted permanently.

Actual Result: The events appear to delete, but reappear in the calendar later.

I am thinking that what is happening is that it is deleted from the phone, but not from my Google calendar, so when a new sync occurs, the items reappear.

This is occurring on a Droid 2, and it has happened on the stock Android 2.2.2 as well as a custom ROM based on Android 2.3.3
May 17, 2011
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Labels: Component-Applications
May 17, 2011
Have encountered a variation in 3.1. Moved an appointment on my Xoom tablet calendar, short time later after returning to the calendar program, I found the appointment that was moved back in the original location. I know it was saved and showing correctly on the date in month view. I also noticed a new appointment I created did not sync with the online calendar, even though it was showing on my tablet's calendar. 
Nov 23, 2011
Seeing this same issue on Honeycomb, but deletion on the google calendar is not clearing the event.
Nov 23, 2011
Looks like a duplicate of 11892 (and 17792.)
Jun 18, 2013
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Status: Assigned
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