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Issue 1646: Only "mobile" numbers appear in sms app
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Reported by jmejiaa, Dec 25, 2008
The messaging app only shows contacts with "mobile" numbers assigned to 
them, this looks like it was by design but it has caused some confusion 
with me and other members of

- Steps to reproduce the problem
Add a contact with no "mobile" number, instead only add a "work" number.
Open messaging app and select create new, type the contacts number. That 
contact will not appear.
- What you think the correct behavior should be.
I believe all possible contacts should appear, as sometimes in a rush some 
contacts will not have "mobile" numbers. Sometimes this happens when 
copying numbers from SIM card. 

Dec 27, 2008
#1 jmejiaa
When a contact has multiple numbers they all appear, Maybe the same behavior should
hold for every situation? Then let the user decide whether a "home" number is really
a "mobile phone?
Feb 3, 2009
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Jun 5, 2009
jmejiaa, yes, this is really annoying for me too :(
Aug 26, 2009
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Aug 31, 2009
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