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Issue 12819: android - samsung epic 4g basic default issues
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Closed:  Jun 2013

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Reported by, Nov 27, 2010
NOTE: This form is only for reporting feature requests in the development
tools (Emulator, DDMS, Eclipse support, ant scripts...). Use the other
templates for issues with Android itself.

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1.  i can't make the calendar default to google calendar which means an extra couple steps for every appointment.

2.  i can't change the default reminder on a calendar event 

3.  i can't search calendar for keywords

4.  i can't get a home screen flash banner stating calendar appointments.  it only shows a tiny calendar icon on my notification bar with no details.

5.  i would prefer to have one more quicklaunch button to go to today instead of a two step workaround

6. i can't default my contacts to google contacts

most things are great by the way but since the calendar and contacts are two of the most critical phone functions these are rather glaring issues especially considering this is a google device and the most annoying issues are simply google default issues.   ?????? i don't quite understand
Jan 13, 2011
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Labels: -Component-Tools Component-Applications
Jun 16, 2013
This report applies to an Android-based device, and the issue tracker where you reported it specializes in issues within the Open Source source code of the Android platform.

We are not able to provide support for individual devices. Please report this issue in the support forum for your device, which might be hosted by your device manufacturer or by the operator where you got your device.

Status: WrongForum
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