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What Is This?

A fairly simple Android application to display the zmanim (significant times during the day for Jews).


In addition to my desire to do a little something with Android, I have a strong desire to do something that may provide some benefit to others.

If You've Read This Far

My 13-year old nephew, Shemuel Reuven ben Yehudit Rachel, lost his battle with cancer on October 21, 2009, just a few short days after celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.

I hope that if anyone is able to use this application, they will think of him.

Sam spent a lot of time at Seattle Children's Hospital during his battle. His care there was world-class, with the most caring nurses and doctors you could ever hope to meet.

I encourage you to make a donation to Seattle Children's Hospital: This is an amazing institution which does fantastic work each and every day.


The latest version contains numerous bug fixes, especially around location. Check it out: ReleaseNotes.


android-zmanim has now been featured on a number of different websites:


I can't say enough GREAT things about IntelliJIDEA. They've been nice enough to give me a license to use their amazing Java IDE for this project since it's inception. This fantastic development tool has a huge number of code refactorings, inspections, and short cuts built into the product. The debugger is second to none. Every coding project I take on --Java, Python, Android, and GWT...there's nothing better!

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