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Issue 48: Utilization of existing Growl
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Reported by, Sep 8, 2010
Without looking at the code, I don't see a reason for using your custom application.  Most computer geeks worth their salt already have a notification system and Growl on Macs have a HUGE install base.

I humbly request that use utilize Growl's existing framework for the message.
Sep 8, 2010
Project Member #1
I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for - I *am* using Growl in my application.
Sep 8, 2010
Are you going from Phone -> Growl?   Or Phone -> Application -> Growl?   I'm interested in Phone -> Growl.

If you go directly to Growl, you don't need to worry about a PC/Linux client.  As Growl is already is a solidly built notification application.
Sep 8, 2010
Project Member #3
Right. So the Growl protocol is quite limited - I would be able to show text notifications, but the following features that the app provides would be impossible:
* Icons
* Bluetooth
* Notifying over TCP
* Encryption (future release)
* Commands (like replying to an SMS from the computer - future release)
* Filtering notifications by device

Given that, I can still implement it, but it shouldn't be the users' primary choice.
Sep 8, 2010
Growl's updated GNTP protocol allows for Icons, TCP, and encryptions.  Filtering is built in.  Are Bluetooth and Commands really the majority of the userbase? 
Sep 8, 2010
Project Member #5
Commands haven't been released yet, so I don't know.
About bluetooth, I'd say about half the users use it.

I thought GNTP were only supported in Growl for Windows, is that not the case? I don't see anything about it on
Sep 8, 2010
Well, FML.  GNTP has been "slated for the 1.3 release" for almost a year now.

Ah well, even though it's completely low on the list now, I'm politely requesting the minimalist approach here.  If you are smart, your WiFi is encrypted, and who has a firewall on their internal home network blocking TCP between their laptop and phone.
Sep 8, 2010
Project Member #7
I'll take the feature request, but I won't promise to do it right now (let's see if GNTP comes out in Mac Growl anytime soon).
Status: Accepted
Owner: rdamazio
Labels: Priority-Low Component-Communication OpSys-Android
Sep 10, 2010
Minimalist is great, but some of what we're talking about here make this attractive:  1) Pairing or limiting alerts specific machine(s) is important, even with home networks.  On my home network there are three of us, and a dozen devices using growl.  Not all of them need or want to see notifications from my phone.  In the office environment, there are several of this running this app, so it becomes even more important for both confusion and privacy reasons.  2) Bluetooth is important because in some locations (client sites, some offices) wifi use for a phone is not an option, regardless of whether there are privacy concerns.  

While in a perfect world, the receiver would only require growl, if the only way to deliver features is an app on the receiver, it's an acceptable trade-off to have to run that app.  
Sep 10, 2010
GNTP is actually slated for Growl's 2.0 release, and being that Peter and I are working on Growl in our spare time, we're looking at December at the earliest for the first beta.
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