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Issue 220: Write notifications to a text file!
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Reported by, Oct 8, 2010
Messing around with AutoHotkey (a macro/script program), I was able to write a simple script to write the contents of your Android notifications to a text file!  

To do this; I use: Copy to Clipboard, and Execute Commands to open the file talked about below.

For convenience, I have converted my .AHK file into an executable (using Autohotkey's compiler). When the executable is run, it writes the contents of the clipboard to a specified Text file, and inserts a line break afterwords. 

For now, this is all I have. I will be continuing to screw around with this and other methods.
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Oct 8, 2010
Project Member #1
Cool :) Maybe we can create a wiki page with tips and tricks that people come up with.
Oct 8, 2010
Yes, I apologize if this was posted in the wrong area. 
Oct 8, 2010
Project Member #3
Well, currently you have only two ways to post this, as an issue like this one or sending an email to Android Notifier User group ( but people are not using it.
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