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Context Menu with Icons

In Android, context menus (1) can't have icons (2) cannot be flexibly created and destroyed. With this embeddable library, you get a context menu that solves both problems.

Sample (from Hi-Q MP3 Recorder):

Consistency to Android platform is maintained by not using custom layouts, instead it uses internal layouts only.

How to use

You can easily add this project as a library project in Eclipse.

  1. Create a menu in XML as what you would do when you create a normal (options) menu. Specify the drawables as usual. You can also create the menu on-the-fly by using MenuBuilder which implements Menu.
  2. Create the Context Menu with Icons by calling IconContextMenu cm = new IconContextMenu(context,
  3. Create, and then set the context menu handler by calling setOnIconContextItemSelectedListener(IconContextItemSelectedListener).
  4. (Optional) set additional info to differentiate sources, e.g. the position of the item on the list that was clicked. cm.setInfo(position)
  5. Open the context menu by calling show().

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