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Comment by, Jan 6, 2011

Great little application, thanks! :-)

Comment by, Jan 13, 2011

Awesome, just awesome.

Comment by, Sep 13, 2011

Hey, very useful. Thanks

Comment by, Oct 26, 2011

Great app and very usefull, thanks a ton :)!

Comment by, Nov 14, 2011

Just awesome.

Comment by, Dec 4, 2011

Awesome application, makes everyday life so much easier when working on Windows - thanks a bunch!

Comment by, Aug 22, 2012

This must be the most awesome Windows application, that I've been missing and searching for the last 10 years

Comment by, Jul 9, 2013

This application ROCKS.

I wish I could convince everyone I know to use this...

They don't know what they're missing!

Comment by, Sep 11, 2013

Even with the LowLevelHooksTimeout? set to 0x1388, I still see AltDrag? quit occasionally if I have locked my computer which I do Very often here at work as we are required to do so any time we leave our desk. Juts letting you know. Not sure there is much you can do about it.

Comment by project member recover89, Sep 11, 2013

@redbean, try increasing the value even further. Try 10000.

Comment by, Sep 12, 2013

good one, many thanks!

Comment by, Sep 13, 2013

awesome! thanks

Comment by, Jan 9, 2014

Very responsive and has a nice, subtle presence. Very nice job!

Comment by, Jan 22, 2014

Very odd...

I've put up with this beeping thing for perhaps a couple of years ... most noticeable in Open Office when scrolling long pages.

I just found this thread and, as my system sounds are always disabled ("No Sounds" under Sound Schemes) I pressed on with the registry edit and services change but no joy.

This morning I thought I might as well try muting system sounds from the systray and hey presto!

So clearly the beep I was getting in OO is something not present in Sound Schemes and neither is it related to the Beep service. Curious.

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