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Summary Album art search is a rhythmbox plugin which searches the web for the album art of the currently playing song using google search apis. From the resulting images, one can then choose an image to set it as album art.

Update for Rhythmbox 3.x Luqman Aden has ported the plugin to work with Rhythmbox 3.x. The port is available at

Inspiration The project heavily draws from the context panel plugin for rhythmbox (

Dependencies The project is written in python and requires pywebkitgtk and mako template engine. The project assumes that the cover art plugin is already installed.

Installation 1. Ensure that the dependencies mentioned above are installed. 2. Download the tar ball and extract into the rhythmbox plugins directory (~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins) 3. Enable the plugin by going to Edit->Plugins->Album Art Search Panel

Features The album art search plugin uses google image search to fetch images matching artist name & album name. The user can then click on any of the images to select it and then click on the button below to set it as album cover. The plugin stores the image in the gnome cache i.e. ~/.cache/rhythmbox/covers with the name artist name album name.

The plugin also has the option of searching covers based on only artist name, only album name, artist and album name (default option) and song tile & artist name.

New Version 0.2 adds the option of specifying search keywords in case the combination of artist, album and title does not yield useful results.

Use case Album art search is not a plugin that the user will keep constantly activated. Once installed you can use it to find and set album covers for your existing music collection. Afterwards as you add new songs/albums to your collection you may use it to find album art.

Debug reports To submit a bug report, please run rhythmbox from command line: rhythmbox -D albumartsearch and report any issues in the issue tracker of google project

Screenshot See the album art search pane on the right

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