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Wiki pages is a framework for the library It which makes it very easy to make sites interactive using AJAX technology. All the javascript is laid out on beforehand, so the user can make his or her site interactive only using Python. makes a layer between the normal classes and's call to those classes. It routes the calls which it knows is ajax calls to those functions which it specified, and the normal calls to the get() and post() methods as usually does.

The way it works is heavily based on the principles of php's xajax, which I personally have used a lot. xajax howver doesn't really fit my php coding style, you need to restructure a lot of your code to make it logical. Because of the way is structured, ajax just comes naturally. It really a lot of times makes it easier to use ajax than not to.

NB: Because it implements its own GET() and POST() you will need to use lowercase version of those methods.

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