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An unique Human Computer Interface with functionality of a Windows Mouse and flexibility of writing your own Windows Driver. It uses tilt to move the mouse on the screen.

You can call it Air-Mouse, we call it Pigeon! :)

The objective of this project is:

  • To understand and explore using an accelerometer
  • To make a Human Computer Interface / Human Interface Device
  • Having fun!

Video: Google Maps with Air Mouse


  • Use it as a regular mouse. The Video demonstrates using air-mouse on desktop, a windows application, Internet browsing with Firefox and Google Maps.
  • Super cool experience to play games with it. I play Blaster-ball 3 :)
  • Immersive, intuitive interaction for 3D applications like Google-Earth (partly implemented)
  • Like an Inertial Navigation System
  • Future: Use it as an aid for the disabled
  • Future: Can provide an Immersive Virtual Reality experience
  • Future: Use it to guide a quadcopter or a car.


  • Platform Independent Python port of the application driver.


Earleir Version

  • A Windows application driver is also available written in Visual Basic 6
  • The microcontroller was programmed using Arduino IDE


Earlier Version

  • Micro-controller: Arduino.
  • Freescale Accelerometer: MMA7260QT
  • Physical Interface: USB


See Construction and Working

News and Blog

  • What's keeping us busy? Check out our general discussion page.
  • Videos and more on project blog.

Get Involved

The Air-Mouse project is a completely free, developed by people with different skills but with a common ideal that software & education should be free for everybody. If you believe that too and you wish to contribute:

Drop us a mail:

airmouse.iitb at gmail dot com

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