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This site hosts the LEGACY 1.x versions of VocBench (a.k.a. "The Workbench", "CS WorkBench", "AOS", "Agricultural Ontology Server" or "ACSW"), a web-based, multilingual, vocabulary editing and workflow tool.

The new main site of VocBench2.0 is:

To view our current VB2.x development, please go to:

Originally created to manage AGROVOC, a multi-lingual thesaurus with 32000 concepts in up to 22 languages, it now hosts an ever-expanding set of vocabularies.

Users can register and become trusted editors with admin approval. VocBench supports many different user roles, all with different and fine-grained rights.

VB 1.3 Production Release

  • Access the Production Version 1.3 (account required).
  • This is a stable version of VocBench, which provides full access to AGROVOC for authorized editors.

VB 1.3 Sandbox Release

  • Access the Sandbox Version 1.3 (common account)
  • Use this version if you want to have a sandbox in which to discover VocBench functionalities using AGROVOC as of February 2013.

Recommended browser for all versions is Safari, Chrome, Mozilla.

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