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Issue 171: Spell checking resx files not working.
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Status:  Accepted

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Reported by, Mar 20, 2011
What steps will reproduce the problem?
Goto a resx file and it doesn't spell check. See below for more details

What is the expected behavior? What do you see instead?
should spell check resx files

What version of ReSharper, Visual Studio and Windows do you use?
Latest version of all

Please provide any additional information below.

Agent Smith doesn't seem to spell check RESX files although it says it does in the documentation.

I presume i need to open the resx file in XML mode so i have something like this but agent smith doesnt tell me its wrong

<data name="String1" xml:space="preserve">
 <value>spalt wring huz</value>

It works in code behind files but i can't get it work with resx files

Mar 20, 2011
Version of windows is windows 7.
Mar 20, 2011
Version of Vs is 2010 ultimate

Version of rehsarper is 5.1.3000.12 (but i tried with earlier versions)

Jan 27, 2012
Project Member #3
Not sure why this isn't working - the code is telling reharper to highlight the right things but resharper chooses not to (R#6.1).
Status: Accepted
Jul 4, 2012
Just "installed" AgentSmith (using R# and discovered that the spell checker completely ignores .resx files.

Since this is the one and only feature I'll trying to use (already using R#, StyleCop and StyleCop+ for everything else) AgentSmith is completely useless for me at the moment especially I found no way to deactivate it's Code styles features (already having StyleCop and StyleCop+ for that).

FYI: The FAQ aren't up-2-date!
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