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Revision: r1669
Author:  andrew.kirillov
Date:  Feb 8, 2012
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Log message

 Issue 283 : Bilateral filter

Updating Bilateral filter implementation after code review:
1) Did some polishing of the code and documentation so it looks more consistent
to the rest of the framework;
2) Removed confusing documentation like “play with it and discover yourself”;
3) Fixed implementation of partial filtering, when a filter can be applied to
rectangle of an image (original implementation did not care much about it);
4) Did some minor improvements, which result in slightly better performance
(tests need to be done in Release build running a filter 100+ times to see any

TODO: Documentation for filter properties still might be updated to clarify

Affected files

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Modify/trunk/Setup/Docs Projects/AForge.NET.shfbdiff

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