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Issue 13: Maximized window size incorrect on Windows
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Reported by, Nov 14, 2007
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Maximize window on Windows
2. The maximized window takes the whole screen including the space of the
task bar

Expected to just take the work area of the screen and leave alone the task bar.
This is acme-sac 0.9.9 on Windows XP or windows 2000.

According to MS Platform SDK help, to get the size of "work area",
SystemParametersInfo() with SPI_GETWORKAREA should be used.
/sys/emu/Nt/win.c uses GetSystemMetrics(), which will get the full size of
the primary monitor screen.

Feb 2, 2010
#1 blufox
Also, there is no way to resize the window. It would be a nice thing to have.
Oct 26, 2012
I use acme-sac 0.13 on windows 32-bit and see similar issue with maximizing window and resize issue.

On maximizing window, the lower portion goes behind taskbar and leaves gap on the right side.

Jan 27, 2013
#3 blufox
Confirming this issue on Linux. Resizing the window of acme in linux does not resize acme desktop. 
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